Monday, October 25, 2021

Cosmos flower viewing in and around Nara City

Autumn has crept in through gradual cooling and changing.
After various subtle signs of autumn since late August.
 full blooming cosmos flowers here and there tell me, "It's autumn at last!"
Cosmos is written 秋桜 meaning "autumn sakura/cherry blossoms".
The waving shades of cherry pink in the breeze means full arrival of autumn to me.

Yagyu Village

In the morning of one hot summer-like day in mid-October, my husband parked our car
at the roadside along the cosmos fields in Yagyu Village, the outskirt of Nara City.
I think we were there 10 years ago, too, though the scale was much smaller this year.

We stopped by Hannya-ji Temple on our way back from Yagyu.
Hannna-ji Temple is called "Cosmos Temple" for its autumn cosmoses
and many other flowers attract people from season to season.
It was so hot and the mid-day sunlight was dazzling different from 
the crisp air and blue autumnal skies of the time when I visited in 2017,

Hannya-ji Temple

There were artistic display of cosmos flowers like that of hydrangeas and 
summer cosmoses in June this year. 

I like bokeh in photography. Especially light bokeh is fantastic!
Have you known that the etymology of bokeh is Japanese word 
"惚け/boke (noun)" meaning "being blur or senile"?
I'd like to think clearly and take care of myself as long as possible.
I wonder how I can "bokeru (verb)" gracefully without causing troubles.

In one late afternoon, I was at the cosmos fields around the Hoki-ji Temple, Ikaruga.
It was mostly overcast, not with the colorful sunset like Cosmos fields before sunset
or like the blessing of blue skies like Earth laughs in cosmos flowers at Ikaruga.

Three-storied Pagoda (National Treasure) and the cosmos flowers in the fallow paddies surrounding it.

Regardless of the weather, the wispy flowers always look dreamy.

The next day, temperature dropped by 10 degrees 
terminating the persistent abnormal heat of October.
Autumn has accelerated to progress toward the final blaze of lives of leaves.

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  1. Benvenido!! Y que colorido tan hermoso trae Yoko. La tierra es generosa, que nunca deje de reirse así amiga. Bellísimas fotos.
    Te deseo buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Love cosmos ! And with your pictures, you made my day :)
    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos !
    Have a lovely and shinny week !

  3. dear Yoko what a fulfilling post ,like i visited the heaven before even die :)

    the first image of village where you visited with your husband few years back wow i must say that this is heaven on earth . it must be hard to leave the place .

    you are brilliant photographer as these flowers enriched my being to the deep!
    you are skilled enough to create such splendid patterns with mixing of light amazing!

    health ,peace and joy to you and yours!

  4. Cherry pink! That describes them perfectly. They are so delicate and pretty. I'm going to try some bokeh on my sunflower photos! Thanks for sharing this. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Floating in a bit of water or attached to roots in the ground, cosmos flowers are refreshing and lovely reminding me of a slender ballerina moving gracefully to the whims of the wind. When seen through your eyes, stardust, they are magic!

  6. I have a large urn full of Cosmos flowers in the garden but they pale into insignificance besides the wonderful displays to be found in the fields around the Hoki-ji Temple, Ikaruga.
    The last photo is my favourite, so beautifully captured by you.
    Thank you Yoko for your very thoughtful comment on my last post which was very much appreciated.

  7. Yoko - my cosmos died at the hands of Jack Frost several weeks ago, so it is delightful to see them still blooming so profusely in your part of the world. Planted in large groupings, they have such a profound impact. As always, you have captured them so beautifully. As for aging gracefully, I think I will be one that causes more trouble than grace!!! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  8. I always appreciate the fall cosmos bloom in Japan! I love your focus in these shots, Yoko, and I can even feel the heat in a couple. Be careful how you "bokeru" - I will too!

  9. Hi Yoko,
    How colorful, delicate and beautiful these flowers are.
    The autumn has been very hot here too, only today did the temperature drop and it started to rain.
    Thanks for coloring my day with your photos.
    All the best for you

  10. What makes a sign of autumn in Japan is a midsummer flower in Russia. You live in incredible climate, Yoko. In our town autumn is already creeping out, though October turned out warmer than usual. No foliage or grass, not even yellow. Probably that's why I love looking up? At stars, moon, clouds? Thank you for sharing part of your autumn luxury, dear Yoko. Keep safe.

  11. Dear Yoko!
    A delightful blaze of colors during the October season.
    I love Kosmosa, they are beautiful, delicate and very romantic. As always, your photos are perfect and they amaze me.
    Greetings from autumn Poland.

  12. Υπέροχη ανάρτηση, η οποία δημιουργεί ευγενικά συναισθήματα στη ψυχή.

  13. Love the beautiful blaze of colours and the gorgeous captures.

    Happy Wednesday, Yoko.

  14. Stunningly Beautiful - Well Done



  15. 一面のお花畑が、「夢か現か」華やかですね。


  16. Hello,
    I love your bokeh images, the Cosmos is just beautiful. Lovely blooms.
    Take care, enjoy your new week!

  17. 初めまして、山田都と申します。 Eileenさんの所にされているコメントからから 拝見いたしました。 奈良にお住まいなのですね。 ブログ名にぴったりの素敵なblog ♬
    I LOVE your bokeh image as well. I wish I can learn about it more, haha.

  18. 柳生からぐるっと般若寺に回られたのですね。コスモスが見ごろでラッキーでした!


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