Monday, November 26, 2018

Picture postcard from the To-ji Garden

The autumn landscape of the Toji Garden becomes a single picture postcard.

紅葉 is pronounced as both “koyo” and “momiji”; 
the former refers to the phenomenon of changing autumn colors of deciduous broad-leaf trees, 
while the latter means Japanese Maple which is traditionally thought 
to be the most beautiful of the autumn leaves.

As the autumn foliage proceeds into the final stage,
I strolled around the Toji Garden to be inspired by the final blaze of fire of life.

Japanese Maples were turning colors with individual speed.

Brilliant red is not only the matured Maples but also the berries of Pyracantha.

Various different colors makes up the landscape in harmony
including the fallen leaves and the reflections.

The five storied pagoda of To-ji is the tallest pagoda in Japan, 57 meters high. 
As a symbol of Kyoto, it can be seen from many places across the city. 
When your travels to Kyoto by railway from south or east. it welcomes you first.
(A little more about To-ji, here.)

November 15th is the Shichi-Go-San (meaning 7-5-3) in Japan.
We paid a visit to Kasuga Grand Shrine for the happy and healthy growth of the boy Y.
Hakamagi-no-gi rite is for five-year-old boys; 
they wear traditional formal attire, hakama (loose pleated trousers) 
and haori (formal coat) for the first time.
To have the child photographed in ceremonial finery is modern trend.

See you next time!

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  1. The last gasp of autumn is always the brightest it seems. Where I am at this moment, it’s raining heavily and the fading of leaves has begun. But oh, my goodness … how fresh and bright the children are too. In the eyes of loved ones as welcoming and welcomed as the pagoda wherever they be.

  2. Hello Dear Yoko!
    Your autumn photos are beautiful. At first I thought they were pictures.
    A wonderful ritual in the sanctuary
    Hugs and greetings.

  3. How beautiful colors there is! Looks like a fairy tale world. Have a nice day

  4. I don't think you got my last comment, but if you did, you can delete one of them.

    Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I love how you make a collage with the leaf pics. I think I"ll try it with mine sometime.

    Thank you for sharing your customs with us. I like to learn about rituals and how other people celebrate life passages. The children look so happy!

  5. Oh, my, he does look sweet with his missing teeth! The ceremonial clothing is very fine. I am always sorry that there aren't any trees here that grow wild and which have that wonderful fiery red colour of the Japanese maple. It is quite amazing when seen in real life, as I have discovered during the two occasions when I have been in Japan at this time of year. I hope you are enjoying the autumn colours. Like fire to warm the winter!

  6. Beautiful maple leaves. Our trees lost theirs over a month ago. Now the cold and rain drip from their bare branches. - Margy

  7. You said it well - that first picture could be/should be a postcard - such color, such composition! I also like the reflection photo - gorgeous! I truly appreciate your sharing the beauty of your country and its traditions with all of us at Mosaic Monday!

  8. Colourful and amazing!

    Now it’s time for reading… MosaicMonday times! Each Monday a great pleasure.
    I enjoyed your post.

    Heidrun xxx

  9. Gorgeous pictures !!!!!!!!!!!
    It's always a delight visiting your blog !
    The children's smiles are very sweet !
    Have a lovely day !

  10. Undoubtedly all the images of this post are postcards that invite to live the autumn in this place of the planet or, at least, to wanting to visit it in this epoch of the year. If it was obtaining such a desire, with pleasure I would send any of them to relatives and friends.
    A tradition that guards over the well-being of the future generations is a good tradition. To put the children in touch with his roots and the cultural and spiritual exchequer of their people, surely it enriches them. Congratulation to the boy of five years, to his family and, especially to you, that as you transmit, you live intensely and emotionally these rituals.

  11. Dear Yoko - the leaf colours that you have shown on this post are absolutely fantastic and are a feast for the eye. I always love to see your grandchildren - grandson Y looks delightful in both of his outfits, and I am loving his smile.

  12. Dear Yoko, you are a magician! Why do you pictures look alive, dimensional? They give an impression as if you can feel the texture and smell the aroma. I don't know how you do it and I don't want to. I just say: Thank you!
    Our warmest congratulations to Y and all the family! He looks wonderful. And most lovely with his little sister.

  13. My gosh! Your world is raining colors. I once had a Japanese maple tree. After seeing your photos, I think I will again.

  14. こんばんは。奈良の紅葉も全盛期ですね、東寺は新幹線の車窓から五重塔が見えていつも気になります。御孫さんも元気そうで何よりです。

  15. こんばんわ。

  16. It's the station that I like the most, Yoko. The photos I love
    Also Béjar is beautiful full of color everywhere is a pleasure to walk among those colors.
    The children are very handsome, kisses for them.
    Buen fin de semana.

  17. こんにちわ 




  18. Your sweet grandson Y is definitely a very handsome young man dressed in his traditional robes, and I love his smile with the missing teeth. My Max has the same smile at the moment! The colours on the trees are so beautiful. All of your photographs could be prizewinners, and my favourite is the photograph of the reflection of the trees in the water, with the leaves floating on top.

  19. Hello Dear Yoko!
    It's beautiful, colorful for you.
    For me, gray, cold and cloudy.
    Hugs and greetings.

  20. Thanks for sharing these magnificent Autumn photos.
    What beautiful colors and fantastic landscapes.
    Kind regards.
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  21. autumn colors.
    have a great day

  22. Those Japanese Maples are gorgeous but the children steal the show. What a little man Y is! I love seeing him in traditional garb, and he looks handsome in his dress-up clothes, too. That baby sister is very cute!

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