Monday, May 30, 2016

A rose garden in the middle of a big city

Nakanoshima Park is Osaka’s first public park established in 1891
and is an urban oasis full of greenery.
It features the Rose Garden which is located at the eastern tip of the park.
(Osaka is the second largest city in Japan.)

A walk through the shady street between the City Hall and the Tosabori River

In the photo above, can you find out an architecture lower than the surrounding buildings 
behind the clock? 
It is one of the Nakanoshima landmarks, Osaka City Central Public Hall
built in 1918 and restored in 2002.
It is a neo-Rennaisance architecture with red brick walls and dome-shaped bronze roofs. 
The hall’s interior design and fixtures are a preservation from the Taisho era (1912-1926)

As its name shows, Nakano-shima (shima is “island”) is in fact an island 
between the Dojima and the Tosabori rivers in the middle of the city of Osaka. 

My walking route: "START" →1 → 2 → 3
image via website
Roses are displayed along the Dojima River

When Osaka was called “Kitchen of Japan” from 17th through 19th centuries,
Nakanoshima was the center of commerce.
It was once a city of river traffic and the matrix of waterways still remains
thoroughly connected with the rest of Osaka by wide bridges, 
multi-lane roads with sidewalks.

When roses are not in season, how about viewing buildings?
There are many historical classic architecture of unique design from the last century
as well as modern skyscrapers.

Clockwise from the upper right:
 Tosabori River with Nakanoshima Park on the left side
 Yodoya-bashi Bridge
Barazono Bridge
Osaka Prefectural Library, built in 1904, restored in 1922 and 1974
The side of Osaka City Central Public Hall built in 1918 and restored in 2002
and its facade

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  1. Beautiful flowers. Botanical gardens and parks are my favorite places in the cities.

  2. Such a gorgeous and beautiful open space. The gardens are so inviting.

    Thank you for linking in with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. This is most beautiful, the roses, the buildings and the bridges. Thank you for a lovely post.

  4. A much-needed oasis in amongst all that concrete and steel; the only surprise is that there are not more people enjoy the tranquility.

  5. 中之島公園はいついっても落ち着いた良い所ですね。バラ縁には入ったことありませんが、こうしてみると全く歴史の町、大都会のバラ園だという事が分かります。どのバラも太陽の光りを浴びて豪華です。随分長い距離を歩かれましたね。写真スポットが溢れてる場所だと思います。

  6. Dear Yoko - I think that we must both be on the very same telepathic wave lines, as I too have posted about the first public park in England today - they say great minds think alike don't they♡?
    Nakanoshima Park is glorious and I can imagine the heavenly scent from the roses on a warm balmy day, and the inspiration that it must give the artists you have shown.

  7. That's very interesting. When I come to Japan again I want to go to Osaka, and so I will certainly look at this park and at the other things you mentioned. I do love to see roses, and a rose garden is one of my favourite kinds.

  8. I was delighted to read this post. So much information and history. Osaka has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Love all the different architecture, especially the old Central City Hall. But your floral photos give new meaning to the word, beautiful! As usual, you have captured well the elegance and fragility of these many different blossoms. Thanks so much for sharing all of these pictures with us!

  9. What an amazing and gorgeous park! Your photos are beautiful, I enjoyed the park, flowers and architecture. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour. :)

  10. What a nice contrast of the arch of roses encircling a skyscraper in the distance. The city hall is like a rose among the more modern buildings. The rivers flowing through the city add to the charm and remind me a little of the canals seen in European cities. It also makes me think of Montreal in Canada that is also an island separated from the mainland by rivers.

  11. SÅ där fina och stora parker måste det finnas i varje stad tycker jag för natur gär människor glada och att vi mår bra. Det är en fin park med så mycket fina blommor. Kul att få se kartan hur det ser ut. Det är lte svårt att föreställa sig annars.
    Ha nu en fin och skön Juni som snart är här.
    Kram Meta

  12. Wow!! How wonderful to have such a beautiful park in the middle of a large city.

  13. I liked seeing Osaka through your lens, Yoko. In every city I visit, I seek green belts and gardens such as the ones you've shown. Those roses are perfection. I bet the scent was wonderful as you strolled through the gardens. The architecture of the city looks varied and interesting - a photograher's dream.

  14. Yoko, you paint a beautiful picture of nature in the city. The roses are fabulous!
    A few days ago I listed to a jazz programme on the radio, coming from Osaka, and the presenter said how much he loved the buzz of this city.....and the fantastic food!

    Enjoy your week,

  15. Beautiful roses in the center of the city !!!
    Gorgeous photos too !!!
    Thanks for sharing !

  16. Hi Yoko! Thank you very much for all your nice comments on my various blogs! What a great surprise. And it prompted me to come back here and browse through the photos on this post and once more taste your delicious photography. I hope that all is well with you and your family. Re the temperature: You were reading our temperature when it was 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. We've been in the high 80s or low 90s every day for the past week. Those are our normal summer temperatures. But we do get down to the low 70s during the night, or even in the 60s sometimes. :)

  17. Dear Yoko,
    thank you for a welcome break in scribbling reviews of students' papers. Complete Déjà vu. You probably remember, on this day last year I published
    мысли о мироустройстве на исходе весны
    History repeats itself……………………….
    I loved both the pictures and the commentaries. The one with a couple (drawing?) wearing hats is the nicest reminder of how wonderful your country is. I am tempted to plan another trip to Japan including Osaka. And do you know what Oscar Wilde said about temptations? “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it”!!!
    Thanks again, dear Yoko. Your blog is a marvel!

  18. こんばんは。こちらの薔薇は素晴らしいですね。全ての薔薇はノイバラの茎に挿し木して育てられていることは、何となく寂しいです。薔薇は上から鑑賞するものと言われていますが、日本には日本の鑑賞の仕方で楽しめます。 sunk garden 沈床花壇という言葉もあります。

  19. I love how gardens are created, cherished and enjoyed where you live. Yes, the buildings are also wonderful to admire and consider. thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

  20. Splendid photographs. I like the way you framed some of the buildings through the roses. It is interesting, also to see the many architectural styles.

  21. Ahhhhh .... I can smell the roses! That was a lovely walk through Osaka, looking at the architecture and learning a little bit of the history of the city. One day perhaps I shall see it for myself!

  22. Olá Yoko que imagens lindas;
    As rosas são maravilhosas; o parque e tudo mais...

  23. thank you for your kind comment today.

  24. Oh my goodness...I must visit this place someday! Looks like a dream :)

  25. Fantastic photographies and it is that the models were not asking less, so the roses are extraordinary. If we add this entry to the previous one, it is clear that Nara is a city overturned in being careful and offering, beyond the predominance of the cement and of the asphalt, green spaces to his inhabitants and visitors, for what a great plaudit deserves.

  26. Hi Yoko, the pictures are so beautiful! ♡ The flowers are very gorgeous! It looks like a paradise!

  27. Yoko, I love the red ones! So nice it is in the city!


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