Friday, August 30, 2013

Delights in my summer garden, 2013

Sunflower (Helianthus cucumerifolius) and Geranium are long-lasting and vibrant flowers in my modest garden on dog days of summer.


Oxsalis is also long-lasting and robust over the seasons.

Blue Salvia flowers profusely all summer and is wonderfully drought tolerant.

Usually the sound I hear in the garden is that of Indonesian bamboo chime wafting from the next house or the vigorous chirps of cicadas alone. 

In the daytime, flowers look tired in the scorching sun and half asleep in the lullaby of the bamboo chime which sounds melodious but dull and lethargic.

When my two-year-old grandchild stayed with us for a week in July, the garden was lively with  the sweet, cheerful voices of hers.

She helped around the garden as always.

She was pleased with the harvest of her favorite cherry tomatoes.
She played with water every day.
The neighbor's flowers were curious what's  going on.
She enjoyed watering the garden......., and me!
The California Roses which were thriving when she was with us are now in the miserable state due to the fierce heat wave of August.  The highest temperature recorded was 41 degrees C (about 106 F) at Shimanto at mid-August.
in early July
It has been a long summer, terribly hot and humid.  Thanks to the rainfall over the last weekend,  I could catch my breath and the water level of the some resovoirs was restored.  It has been much cooler this week and I'm looking forward to my granddaughter's return in the next month.

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