Thursday, September 5, 2013

Panoramic views at the "Sky Walk" from dusk to night

The Umeda Sky Building is one of the high rise buildings in Osaka, Japan’s second largest city.  It is a landmark in the northwestern Osaka. 

Umeda Sky Building was chosen as one of “The Top 20 Buildings Around the World” by Dorling Kindersley in The Times in 2008.  The design, a pair of skyscrapers connected in midair, is rare in the world. “In terms of high-thrill buildings, you don’t get much more of an adrenaline rush than the Umeda Sky Building. Two gleaming, high-tech, 40-storey towers stand side by side, reflecting the sky, joined only at their top two storeys. The enormous void between the towers is crossed by bridges and escalators, and a rooftop observatory, open to the elements, offers unparalleled panoramic views of the city to those staunch enough to brave the vertigo.” (The Times)

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"Sky Walk" is the circular part on the top.

The escalotor which connects 35th to 39th floor "Floating Garden Observatory" is the longest, the most beautiful, and the most thrilling escalator I've ever riden. I felt like that I was ascending to the sky through the catheral-like dome.  The sky and the city below can be seen from the escalator, but be careful if you feel dizzy.

“Sky Walk”, the rooftop corridor of the "Floating Garden Observatory" which connects two main towers, is open to the sky.  Let's enjoyy the fresh air and 360-degree panoramic views.  

Up and down escalators in midair

The sun is softly setting behind the Rokko Mountains dyeing the cities in purplish hue.

The north side is still bright in the softened light.

When placed on the right side of the first photo, this photo and that will make a panorama.

These are some buildings towering above its neighbors in the east. 
Over the mountains is Nara where I live.

  The sun is emitting its dazzling final glow.

The Yodo River flows into the sea in the south.

Electric lights start to be lit up here and there.

The whole corridor is paved with phosphorescent stones that absorb ultraviolet rays. When the darkness is fallen, those stones start emitting light on their own to produce a fantastic promenade.

Under your feet

Lit-up escalators and the city below seen through the void from the Sky Walk

  The city is transformed into the sea of light.

The brighter the city becomes at night, the less visible the stars are.  While I think there's nothing like clearly visible starry sky, I like to see the twinkling sea of the city light.

Each light looks to show miracles and wisdom of human mind. I wondered where we would go when we climb up the civilization, while admiring the man-made twinkling beauty in the cool breeze.  I really hope these lights not be extinguished by human follies.

These are two of some bridges I cross by train or by car when I go back to my hometown, Kobe.

I saw more foreign tourists from various different countries than Japanese on the observatory. 
Umeda Sky Building is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Osaka. 


  1. What an amazing, breathtaking views ! When I watch it, begins to spin at the head :).
    Great pictures! Thanks for the good emotions :)


  2. excellent view, i love to be there and captured the moment.

  3. When you observe such an impressive vista as this it brings home to you the immense ingenuity of man. A completely manmade scene. In its own way it competes with the great natural scenes - soaring mountains, deep valleys, meadows full of flowers.
    It must have been wonderful for you to travel to the top of this building and witness it all, and capture these great images.

  4. Excelentes panorámicas urbanas!

  5. こんばんわ~~。

    Green Tomato

  6. Beautiful city, pictures and text !
    Big cities are far from I live...

  7. 夜景は私も好きですが、大都市の電気の消費量は気になってしまいます。日本の夜は(100万ドルの夜景で有名な場所はよそにもありますが)特に明るいですよね。安全ではあるんでしょうけど。

    1. 奈良とはちがった眩しさですね。この景色を撮ったのは夕方から午後8時くらいまででしたが、まだビルで働いている人々、マンション・家で夜の食事・団らんをしている人々を想い、感謝と平和な気持ちに満たされていました。ネオンサインは省エネモードと聞きますが、電力不足が懸念される中、街はまだまだ明るすぎますね。震災以前はどんな明るさだったんでしょう。

  8. I'm awed by this magnificient piece of architectural work. The phosphorescent stones is truly stunning.

  9. Stars under your feet … how magical and exciting! Your blog is the best testament I have seen as to why Japan makes a great tourist destination. I share your hope for humanity that the lights sparkling at night within each apartment will not be destroyed by our own folly. Each light has a story to tell and could be an analogy for mankind’s potential for inner beauty.

  10. beautiful views from a lofty perch! awesome!

  11. Yokoさん こんにちは。
     前回はまるで印象派の絵画のように、花々にお水をあげる愛らしいお孫さんの輝く姿を 愛情溢れ撮られていて感動しました。素晴らしいです。

  12. es increíblemente bello,paisajes realmente cautivantes ,un abrazo desde la patagonia

  13. I also love big cities that make their own light and black starry nights with light provided by the heavens. That cityscape is breathtaking. Your photos show the sequence of night overtaking the day. I totally enjoyed your visit to this architectural marvel.

  14. That's a great view. It's different from Tokyo. I especially like the night view.

  15. Hi Yoko,

    How beautiful and what an architectural delight! I love watching cities from a height. Thank you for taking us there, I think I would enjoy the escalator ride, it sounds fun. Your views are breathtaking and the description aptly fitting, love the panoramas and the play of the sun. Everything is simply so beautiful up there, it's a different world altogether.

    Wish you happy days ahead. :)

  16. Breath taking captures, Yoko!
    So beautiful... well done!
    Warm greetings from Holland, Anna

  17. Oh wow, those shots are gorgeous! I've been to Osaka many times but I've never really paid attention except to Universal Studios. Thks for showing me around!

  18. Hello, stardust.

    It is the night view such as the jewel.
    The tower seems to be popular with foreigners.
    However, I am slightly scared.

    I look forward to the development of Osaka.

    The good weekend.

  19. stardustさん、こんにちわ。



  20.  こんばんは。とても素晴らしい写真で感動しました。梅田もどんどん変化していく様ですが、高層階からの景色がこんなに素晴らしいとは知りませんでした。 

  21. Oh, my goodness! What a fantastic series of photos! I've not seen a picture of these twin towers so I'm glad for this post. They are quite amazing. Incredible panoramas and I especially light the night shots. Digital photography really shines at night!

    I give you credit for you are a very brave woman. I do not like heights. I would have a hard time going to the top of these buildings by any means. Just thinking about it makes my stomach quiver! I don't think I was always this way; I think my phobia has gotten worse as I've grown older! :)

    Perhaps at some time I'll get a chance to visit Osaka and especially Nara. I can see why you're attracted to the city and to the smaller town. Each is very special in its own way.

    Best wishes to you and your family!
    Thank you so much for your comments on L & L Photography. I've been on a hiatus from photo blogging, but decided to post occasionally on the L & L blog page. And yes, L & L does stand for Lowell & Lois! :)

    Hope are doing well. I would love to visit

  22. My comment got goofed up. In the second sentence I meant to write that I "like" the night shots, not "light." :)

    That last sentence is redundant so you can ignore it! :))

  23. What an amazing series of photos. So beautiful. It's like a future city. I've never seen anything like this before.
    Have a nice week-end, Yoko.
    Grethe ´)

  24. 私も一回行ったことがあります。その時のスリルを思い出しました。カメラを持っていたとしても、こんなに素晴らしく捉えることは到底できなかったでしょう。きらびやかな大都会の夜を撮っても、Yokoさんの写真には優しさがありますね。

  25. A very nice post....great views....i like these pictures very much.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  26. some breathtaking views, thanks for this amazing walk! happy weekend from me:-)

  27. ♪♫° ·.
    Paisagens noturnas maravilhosas!
    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ♪♫° ·.
    º° ✿✿ ·.

  28. Spectacular cityscapes. I admire your courage in going up to the top and via those escalators. I love the way you caught the city in different light.

  29. 梅田もどんどん変わっていきますね。最近も新しい商業ゾーンができたそうですが、まだ行ってません。大都会の夕方から夜の輝きをとてもきれいに撮られましたね。まるで、宝石箱のよう。11枚目の写真が、大阪駅も入っていて、好きです。
    Have a nice day!

  30. Belíssimas imagens, e como as luzes nos encantam! apesar de ser uma preocupação com o consumo de energia possui todo um magia envolvente.
    Parabéns pelo blog, estarei aqui mais vezes para apreciar seus posts.

  31. What a stunning view of the city. Such great architecture and your photos show it so well. The sunset over the city must have been extraordinary because on your photo it already is.

  32. I have been to Skywalk and it is a trip I will never forget. Great pictures !

  33. Fantastic photos Yoko!
    The architecture is all so interesting - spectacular panoramic views of the city. I love the sparkly walkway.
    Thank you for the tour.

    Enjoy your week,

  34. What wonderful photos and gorgeous views!

  35. Just breathtaking photographs, dear Yoko!
    I wish I could have been your photo companion the evening you captures the evening scenes from Osaka!


  36. There is something special about big cities, day or night.
    But I don’t think I could use the stairway to heaven, high up in the sky between the skyscrapers. I would get far too dizzy!

  37. Hi, Yoko, glad to hear from you! The views are really "unparallel" when talking of urbanistic top views. Very impressive! But... Have you been to Venice, Italy? Having seen a lot of beautiful cities from high above, I claim there's nothing comparing with it. When you stand on top of Campanile in San Marco, you see the views to die for! With your artistic world-view you'd make amazing pictures there! And I sign under your words: there's nothing like clearly visible starry sky.
    Your 3-month-old is adorable, he looks straight into your eyes. What is he thinking of, I wonder? Have a gorgeous September!


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