Friday, September 2, 2016

Memories of the summer、2016

Hello, Friends!  Nice to see you again.
How have you been?
I've enjoyed idleness and casualness that summer affords.

By the way, do you know deer look the most beautiful in summer?
Their antlers are the finest and their coat is brighter with clearer white spots.

My part of the world had been gripped by the terrible heat wave 
about a month till the last weekend.
Hot, hot, too hot!
But summer isn't all that bad.

The burning red flowers of Japanese crape myrtle bring coolness 
when swaying on the water surface.

Sunflowers bring delight with their yellow round faces under the scorching sun.

This image of sunflower without ray florets looks like praying
and reminds me of the hard-work of seeding for future.

Winged visitors flit around the small sunflowers in my garden.

When high temperature warning was issued, my three grandchildren stayed at my home.
Their cheerful shouts sounded inside and outside the house.
They especially liked splashing.

They also enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, card games, and fireworks in the evening.
Two three-year-olds simply enjoyed being together with their cousins.
The eldest F braved the heat to practice walking on stilts and served shaved ice.

I went to Tokae Candle Lighting Festival during Obon.
Obon is the time when the spirits of the late people are believed to come back to their home.
The last day falls on the Memorial Day of the WWII which was ended by the two atomic bombings.
I can't help being somber and appreciative for the peace we have now.
I pray for the peace of the world

Kagami-ike Pond, Todai-ji Temple

Sarusawa-ike Pond and Five-storied Pagoda of Kofuku-ji Temple

The dangerous heat still continued for a while after August 23, 処暑 (meaning "limit of heat"), 
the 14th season of 24 divisional seasons of Japanese old calendar.
Now that August is over,  mornings and evenings have gotten cooler
and I sense subtle changes in the color of water or the smell of air.
My favorite season is on its way.

At 5:30 p.m. at the Sansha-ike Pond


  1. have captured some of my favorites: the deer, sunflowers and reflection!

  2. Amazingly beautiful photos! So glad to have found your blog through Weekend Reflections! Now following!

  3. I am sad to see the summer pass, it is my favourite season


  4. Great reflections.I love the Deer. Have a good weekend.

  5. So many beautiful photos! The deer are so cute and I love the reflections.

  6. Oh those beautiful Grands! I think you had your hands full with 3 at once, but I see from the photos that they'll have wonderful memories of their visit. Our Sam turns 4 in a few days. The deer in Nara are the cutest I've ever seen. (Also, the tamest!) Your watery reflections are lovely. The bright yellow sunflowers make me smile. I'm hoping you'll soon enjoy some cooler weather. I would have trouble with heat and humidity.

  7. I remember when my grandchildren would stay when they were young - it is such a delight to have them. So many delicious photos here Yoko - the deer, the wonderful reflections and the beautiful sunflowers from your garden clad with their orange winged visitors.

  8. How lovely to see your post!!! The deer are adorable and I absolutely love all your photos...and the reflections in some of them are gorgeous! Welcome back! Hugs. :)

  9. Nice to see you back, stardust! The red flowers reflected in the water look like a Monet painting of broken light, shadow and color. The pictures you took of the children playing are a delightful collection of summer fun. But like you, I prefer less heat and look forward to autumn. The coolness and shades of brown, yellow, burgundy and orange will soon overtake the green. :)

  10. Dear Yoko,
    Welcome back! Having read your comment and then the post I realized how much I missed that subtle and refined view you possess. It is a gift to be able to catch the fleeting moment of life in pictures and words. I did love both above. The deer made me long for another trip to Nara; sunflowers part impressed by beautiful tropes (“sunflower without ray florets looks like praying” captures the eye of a philologist); “winged visitors” reminded of glorious summer time that passes so quickly… And the kids are just a marvel! God bless you and your family.
    Do you know my favourite season? Autumn! See you soon, Yoko. And thank you!
    With best wishes from the two of us,

  11. So glad that you're back after your summer break and that your eye for beauty is as sharp as ever. I was interested to see your last post about Beatrix Potter; I always wondered why so many Japanese tourists gravitated towards her cottage in the English Lake District - I hadn't realised that Peter Rabbit and friends were so popular in your country.

  12. こんばんわ。

  13. I'm glad your are back with an other beautiful post !!!!!!
    Have a lovely September !

  14. Oh, that first shot is lovely! What a beautiful series of shots - I love the glimpses you show me into your magical world.

  15. Greetings, Yoko. I hope you've had a good summer. You certainly took some magnificent photos. Photos which exemplify well your desire for peace. It's been hot here, also, but I can usually get cool when it's too hot but when it's too cold, I have a hard time getting warm. Best wishes to you!

  16. You are right, deer are beautiful in summer. Their antlers newly grown and in fresh velvet. New coats and lots of food.

    It looks like you had a wonderful summer, but for the heat. So lovely to have you back blogging with us.

  17. Puhh så varmt. det är inte bara barn som år dåligt av den hettan alla äldre måste ha det jobbigt med.Här har det varit både sol värme och rusk i sommar inte lika varmt som hos dig. Det är viktigt att minnas de bra saker som sker och så fina bilder du visar från ljusfesten. Här har hösten åxå börjat göra sig påmind lite för tidigt tycker jag.
    Ha nu en fin och skön söndag
    kram Meta

  18. Hello Yoko! Lovely to see you back blogging. Your photos are beautiful,especially the night scenes.
    Children always find ways to play even although they would rather be outside!
    And your happy grandchildren are growing so fast!
    Hope you are well again.

    Wishing you a happy week,

  19. I love your photos of reflections. And the photos of your grandchildren. They look like they are enjoying life. It must be fun to have them around. As always, I find it interesting to learn of your customs and holidays. We certainly do need peace everywhere.

  20. Greetings and welcome back! You have such a gorgeous series of pictures! It must be so lovely to photograph deers from so up-close... Your memories from this summer holiday are amazing. Many thanks for sharing them with us. Best regards and a happy september to you!

  21.  おはようございます。東大寺や興福寺の写真、地元の人でないと中々見る事が出来ませんね。とても素敵です。 お好きな季節がやって来て良かったですね。

  22. Dear Yoko, thanks so much for taking the time to comment on Ocala! It is always good to hear from you and it sounds like you are doing OK except for that slightly seasick thing. I spend too much time at the computer, also, and I can tell when that happens as my eyes get weak and watery. Wait, maybe that's just 'cause I'm so old! I looked through your photos on this post once more. What a delight! Those deer photos and the night photos are my favorites. You are a superb photographer, my friend! Please take care and fall is soon upon us with cooler days and lovely nights.

  23. Preciosas imágenes. me alegro de tu regreso y que hayas tenido unas felices vacaciones. Besetes.


  24. It is very solemn Sarusawa-ike Pond.

    Someday, I hope to actually see the sights.
    The ancient capital, Nara.

  25. happy almost autumn to you! beautiful deer, butterflies, views, always. sweet grands... :)

  26. I don't like extreme heat, but I do love the brightness of summer. It's nice if there is shade, and water to see and listen to, (and paddle or swim in, as your grandchildren demonstrate!) My favourite season is always Spring, full of promise of new life, but I can't help enjoying the more subtle colours of autumn too.

  27. ✿⊰ه° ·.
    Que lindo!!!
    Fotos maravilhosas, principalmente as fotos noturnas!...

    Ótimo fim de semana!

    ⎝✿⊰ه° ·.

  28. Hello Yoko! Your summer memories are absolutely stunning! Your photos always touch my heart! I love deer and butterflies so much! I see that chidren had so much fun. I also am so happy that autumn is comming soon.
    Have a peaceful September.
    Love from Portugal
    Ana (from Ana Love Craft)

  29. Hello Yoko!
    Thank you very much for your visit and left a comment.

    Your pictures are excellent. I can not take my eyes off of them.
    The whole time I want to look and admire your wonderful grandchildren.
    Happiness and love guests on their mouths.

    I wish you and your family blessed days.

  30. Hello, Yoko! Since you ask it, I will say to you that I also have enjoyed of the summer, without many pretensions and with special calmness. The whole pleasure.
    The flowers, the park, the deers, the Obon night... are beautiful in summer and in a special way when you show them to us in images as beautiful as these.
    Ends of August and beginning of September are here also very warm and I long for the rain that penetrates the land and calms the thirst of the plants.
    Congratulation these days shared with your grandsons and granddaughters. They seem to be very entertaining and transmit great vitality. It has had to be a fantastic experience for them and for you.
    From here I add my prayer to your prayer for the world peace; this exchequer that should be a heritage of all.

    1. I have just read your previous post and am glad very much of your return. I hope that your inconveniences find stopped and that you have rejoined to the blog with new vigor and restored. Certainly, precious place, Peter Rabbit's garden. What surprise to find this so British place that so often we have seen in books and videos in a Japanese mount! I assure you that so much my pupils since me we would be been charmed with of visiting it. You must have happened a phenomenal day in it.

  31. Yoko, fantastic images, my favourite is the Deer.

  32. I like the photographs of your beautiful grandchildren. So nice to see them playing together. Very brave to try walking on stilts, but I suppose not very far to fall!

  33. It looks to have been a good summer. Good memories to keep, Yoko !!
    Preciosas fotos.

  34. Looking at your last picture of the lake, it looks so peaceful and cool it is hard to believe that it can be extremely warm there. I like the pictures of all the children – it must have been fun to have them around. Here, it is also staring to cool down, but it is slow coming.

  35. 可愛いお孫さんの写真を見て元気を頂きました。キャンドルライトフェスティバルの荘厳な雰囲気に平和とご先祖様への感謝の念を災禍認識することが出来ました。私は暑がりなので夏は苦手なのですが、一番好きな季節でもあります。

  36. Yoko olá!
    As fotos estão maravilhosas, para encantar a alma.


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