Monday, September 16, 2019

Images from the mid-summer, 2019

Japan’s summer is notoriously sultry.
 The weather of this summer went to extreme in a different way from the last year's 
long life-threatening heat wave.
This summer's specialty was humidity.
Even when it was "sunny", the humidity hovered around 65-70. 
I felt like that I was choked in sauna.

Victoria Cruziana at the Kusatsu Aquatic Botanical Garden

A feel of coolness

Butterflies flit around the flowers which adorn Stone Buddhist statues 
at the Gangoji Temple in the late July.

Mid-august is the time to appreciate peace and the sacrifice of the past people.
Also the time to welcome our ancestors back to this world for a couple of days.
Hope we are sowing the seeds of peace so that our future generation can harvest.

The bamboo lantern ornaments at the Tokae Candle Lighting Festival.

Sunflowers and blossoms of Crape Myrtle are two of my favorite summer flowers.
They were complementing each other at the Umami Hills Park
when my husband and I stopped by after paying a visit to our ancestors' grave.
Being sun-drenched is no sweats for them,
while as for myself I was gasping for fresh air perspiring.

Y's interests towards insects have deepened. 
He observed a larva of cicada climbing a tree in the early evening to shed its nymph exoskeleton at night.
He caught another cicada the next day.
Before flying away to freedom again, the cicada climbed up Y's leg.
He let it do as it likes.

I enjoyed being entertained by my grandchildren.
Summer ends soon enough, and childhood as well.
Wish them the best and exciting childhood as long as it lasts.

Evenings and mornings have gotten cooler,
while daytime temperatures were still high hovering around 35C the past week.
I hope cool, crisp air sooner.

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Our world Tuesday

My washing machine stopped working suddenly this morning 
after 12 years' working.
Luckily I finished making this post last night.
I'm in the middle of something for a new machine.
Excuse me for not visiting your blog sooner.


  1. Victoria Amazonica only grows in very humid glasshouses here. If your weather is anything like that then you have my sympathy. Many children find insects fascinating.

  2. As always you have fabulous nature photos. I do not like humidity or heat so your summer would have been hard on me. Summers everywhere are hard on me these days as I get older it seems harder. I'm sure you had fun with your grandchildren. They grow quickly. I hope your get your washing machine issue sorted without problems.

  3. A beautiful post full of beautiful pictures of nature and grandchildren !!!!
    You are a lucky woman to be surrounded by them ;)
    Have a cooler week !

  4. Hello, the grandchildren are cuties. I love the lanterns and beautiful gardens. Beautiful blooms. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead!

  5. I hope you get a new washing machine. The new ones are nearly as good as the older models here though. Love the effect with the children's photos! And we saw a cicada shell yesterday for the first time in years. How neat! Hugs!

  6. It's still a bit humid here. I did so enjoy your photos! Especially the sunflowers and butterflies! Thank you! Wishing you well!

  7. También aquí sido un verano extraño Yoko.Calor y diás más fríos de lo normal.
    Me encanta el reportaje que nos dejas.Preciosas mariposas.
    Disfruta mucho con tus nietos.
    Buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

  8. Your grandson is a brave and inquisitive little boy to let such a big bug crawl up his leg. It sounds like it has been a very hot and busy time of the year in your world. Perhaps your washing machine had been working overtime. Some of the newer machines with updated technologies look like they could fly to the moon as well as do laundry. :)

  9. I hope the humidity is easing now that autumn is arriving, Stardust. Humidity saps my energy, too. Your grandchildren are delightful and I'm sure they love spending time with you. I think it's wonderful that your grandson is so interested in the natural world of bugs!

  10. Stardust - welcome back to Mosaic Monday! We moved to the dry climate of Montana to get away from humidity! It can produce beautiful plants, but can be miserable for humans! So glad to hear that Y likes insects. We need children who are interested in nature if we are to survive as a planet and a human race. You clearly enjoy your grandchildren - bless you!

  11. Ah - so nice to see you hear! Gorgeous shots!

  12. Hello, Yoko, welcome back!
    Fortunately, your state in summer did not tell on your pictures. They are mesmerizing! Your grandchildren must have enjoyed summer, swimming and playing doctor-patient. And Y is very brave to let this creature climb his leg=) God bless you and your family.

  13. First time visiting you, gorgeous photos.


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  15. The flowers have obviously loved your tropical humid heat from their appearance - I don't think many humans like humidity though as it completely saps your energy.
    I love those water lily flowers with their large leaves - I have only previously seen them growing in Brazil and also in Kew Gardens, London where they live in a large glass house.
    Hope that you managed to find yourself a new washing machine - we are so used to our mechanical aids that we are lost without them.

  16. i am sorry for you washing machine dear Yoko !

    quite long companionship indeed ,it can take time to be get used to of new one ,best of luck for having best for you my friend

    it seems your summers are not much different than our's here ,so extreme and humid weather starts from August and lasts till November
    hope winters approach bit close so you can find some coolness around my friend!
    visit to graves of ancestors always bring mixed feeling of sadness and peace , flowers are so beautiful
    here we can have sunflowers in winters mostly as summers are more than 50 plus often .

    your grandson is very intelligent and daring :)

  17. Thank you for a wonderful virtual journey to your beautiful country!
    Great photos !

  18. Wonderful pictures. My favorite is the first, what a beautiful lake.
    It must have been great to be with your grandchildren, I'm very sorry that I can't be with my grandchildren, but they live in Macau and I far away in Portugal.

  19. Some very beautiful images of the gardens. Everywhere looks serene and peaceful.

  20. 暑い暑いと言いながら,明日からいいよ10月を迎えますね。早かったような遅かったような、一日一日がアッという間に過ぎ去ってしまうなあと特に思うこの頃。

  21. こんにちわ、ご無沙汰致しております。

     水生植物園、濃い緑が眩しいです。 蓮の池に花が咲くと綺麗でしょうね。



  22. I would have trouble in the humidity, but I'm certainly enjoying your gorgeous photos of the flowers and butterflies. I agree that children should enjoy happiness and carefree wonder - they will soon enough grow and need to assume more responsibilities. I'm so glad you got to spend time with them this summer, Yoko. I send peace and love from my family to yours.

  23. UAU. Perfect.
    ps. Carinho respeito e abraço.

  24. It seems to me that despite the suffocation of those days, you have offered us a post of the most refreshing and life-giving.

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