Monday, September 30, 2019

Indigo dyeing and goldfish

Frames of goldfish scoops with indigo-dyed papers as ornaments
Yamato-koriyama City, several minutes train ride from the Nara Park area,
 is a small town with the Koriyama Castle as its center.
Two of the specialties of the town is indigo-dyeing and goldfish cultivation.

The area with a stream running down along the main street used to be 
full of dye houses.
You can try indigo-dyeing at the Konya, the indigo-dyeing studio 
which was renovated from the oldest house in the city.
How about dyeing handkerchief or stole with your own indigo blue?

Yamato-koriyama City is one of the top goldfish-producing cities of Japan.
Goldfish were mainly raised by almost jobless samurai warriors as their sideline business
during the mid-Edo period (18.19C).
The improved species were exhibited at a U.S. trade fair in the early 20th century 
to become a worldly-known industry of Yamato-koriyama.
Goldfish scooping, a popular feature at summer festivals, has become

Don't you feel bizarre to watch at the live goldfish dancing in an old TV set?
A public telephone booth is another unique goldfish tank in this town.

Goldfish motif is widely seen around the city.

 Summer heat is still lingering with autumn in the air.
It's great walking up a good sweat.
Perfectly lovely when I indulge myself with some refreshments after the walks.
Chestnut sweets are my favorites this season.

a cake, chestnuts and custard cream wrapped in the crepe
a "manjyu", chestnuts and smashed red beans wrapped in dough of grated yam and rice

Until next time!

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  1. This blog post is very interesting as I had my hand and experience in dyeing cloths and rearing gold fishes when I was a teenager. I should have chosen indigo blue instead as my :tie & dye" cloth came out dirty looking for mixing too many colours.

    I saw lovely & very huge Goldfishes and Koi fishes in some ponds in Japan. That was an eyeopener for me as we are not able to rear them in the natural open ponds in my country unless they have skills and some gadgets to keep them alive.

  2. Hello, the clothes are pretty. I do love the indigo blue. I am sure it fun finding the goldfish all over the city, they are colorful and pretty. The cake looks yummy. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  3. This is brilliant! I will be in Japan at the weekend for the World Cup rugby, so I'm (even more) excited now having seen your post! I can't wait to be in Japan will be on the lookout for goldfish!
    Wren x

  4. Oh, seeing goldfish swimming live in what looks like an old television set IS unique. They are such beautiful creatures inspiring wonderful art. Also, it looks like dyeing cloth is a very tricky business to get the shades of blue just right …. I would definitely have gone for that indigo umbrella I see hanging on the ceiling. :)

  5. Lovely post !
    Yummy too ;)
    Have a shinny week !

  6. That's the best thing that's been on TV for ages!

  7. That looks like an interesting area to explore. I love dyes in these colors.
    The food looks yummy too! We got our first dusting of snow yesterday, early.

  8. All of those items dyed with indigo blue are so attractive - it is one of my favourite colours.
    I love chestnuts too, but I usually make them into something savoury - a delicious soup or some stuffing to go with chicken.


  9. 藍染の品物はどれも趣があり、長く使えそうなものばかりです。傘の柄が可愛らしいですね。


  10. Stardust - your first photo is a very apt combination of the two themes of your post, and I love how the rings and paper cast interesting shadows on the wall. I had never heard of the Goldfish Scooping Contest - I went to the link and was quite amused to learn about this serious competition! Those chestnut sweets look so good - I can see why they are a favorite. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. this is unique and elegant post my dear friend Yoko :)

    totally unfamiliar but then i clicked on the link and was easy to understand :)

    i have always loved blue and i still do ,it is theme of my house either ,it is soothing and special to have blue around indeed
    hope your air get chilly my friend and you can enjoy your walks more
    your cake and sweet look tempting :)

  12. Bizarre? Just a bit. Gripping mostly! Another interesting place with traditions and specialties. I love that umbrella in indigo! I would wear it willingly.
    In our region autumn has past leaf fall period. The same time zone, remember, Yoko? Close in altitude, too. I wish you bright and quiet autumn.
    With warm memories of Nara,

  13. The manju looks delicious! Love the goldfish in the old TV set with the cat watching!

    1. Thank you, LadyFi. My comment to your blog seems to be dealt as a spam. “Stardust” can’t send a comment to you like in the past. I wrote ; Happy Birthday! Simmie is so photogenic. The pumpkin sky with gold tints and its reflections are magically beautiful.

  14. Indigo dyeing results in such beautiful colour. I did a little bit of it once and thoroughly enjoyed trying shibori and dyeing. The gold fish in the television set is whimsical!

  15. What a fun visit to Yamato-koriyama City! I love the color Indigo so I might be in trouble in the dye shop. The goldfish motifs and creative display of goldfish make me smile. Your treats look delicious - it would be fun to sit with you and talk. Enjoy a cooler season now. It's below freezing at night here in Breckenridge.

  16. Me gusta el color azul Yoko, es preciooso y elegante. Por aquí también tenemos buen tiempo.
    El postre se ve delicioso.
    Buen octubre.
    Un abrazo.

  17. Yamato-koriyama City looks most fascinating. I think someone had a sense of humour to put the goldfish in an old TV. Maybe it is specially designed for cats :) My sister in law's cat loves watching TV but this would be her favourite. The chestnut sweets look delicious. I always prefer sweets if they have some form of fruit or nut in them. Indigo is a charming colour. T. has some Nigerian fabrics which are also dyed in indigo, of course in a different style but also very striking. Enjoy Autumn, Yoko!

  18. Great idea! No one would have an idea to use a TV set for goldfish. The cat is cute, too.

  19. For sure Indigo suits your blog very well.

  20. Hello Yoko!
    Great fast and delicious food.
    Blessed week.

  21. 私も藍染め大好きです。

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