Monday, May 2, 2016

Wild Azaleas at the Rokko Mountains

ヤマツツジ. Rhododendron kaempferi

At the Rokko Mountains,
mass of small flowers of the Wild Azaleas with their tiny fresh light green leaves
in the sunshine, in the cool shade of trees, or in the spring showers
from April through May.

小葉の三葉躑躅, コバノミツバツツジ, Rhododendron reticulatum
In the mountains, they grow into quite high.
Wild Azaleas come in various many colors
from pure white to pink, salmon, orange, and purple
and grow into 1 to 5 meters high.

フジツツジ, Rhododendron tosaense

白花雲仙つつじ, or Rhododendron albiflorum

I like to walk along the mountain path viewing at the wild azaleas 
basking in the fresh shades of green. 

Azaleas pair perfectly with the light greenness of this season.

Fresh greenery is gentle on my eyes and makes me feel refreshed.

So free and comfortable that I feel like my heart gradually mellows into a pink shade.

 I also like Azaleas at the edges of the pond.

 Not only Azaleas but also Rhododendrons are in bloom.
Like Azaleas, Rhododendrons belong to the genus Rhododendron of the Ericaceae family.

My third grandchild and first grandson Y,
who came to this world with the rebirth of leaves,
 is growing so quickly
with a blessing and a wonder.

At 2
He turned 3 on the first day of May.
I look forward to seeing his growth including more clearly budding personality
 and newly skills learned.

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  1. My eldest granddaughter almost had a May Day birthday but she arrived during the last moments of April. We always think of her as our little Bluebell because it is now that the woods are filled with their blue magic and perfume.
    What a magical experience it must be to walk along the mountain pathways under such a wonderful canopy of azaleas in so many soft shades of pink and white.

  2. Oh my, the azaleas and pond reflections seem to be sprinkled with fairy dust! But as always, it is the special perspective of Stardust that finds the magic. Happy Birthday to your grandson … he looks as bright as a spring daffodil in yellow!

  3. Here in central Florida, we are blessed to be blessed with a bounty of azaleas. They aren't "wlld" azaleas, though, but still very pretty. The really come into their own in early March. I was stunned by your photos. They have a light, airy, lacy and ethereal quality that takes one's breath away. The detail is ubiquitous and makes the blossoms spring to life. Thank you so much for sharing.

    And your grandson! What a fine-looking young man. You can see the spark of intellect and interest in his eyes, along with a sense of humor! Lucky you! And lucky him for having you as a grandmother!

  4. I wonderful collection of floral images

  5. Wonderful blooming azaleas and rhododendrons. It looks fabulous. Happy Birthday granddaughter. Regards.

  6. Such beautiful photos of the azaleas, and what a beautiful area! I especially like that photo somewhere at the end with the water. Lovely!

  7. I really love azaleas and rhododendrons! Thank you very much for sharinf your wonderful photos !!
    Happy May !

  8. お元気にしていらっしゃいますか? 日本から戻って、すでに2週間が過ぎようとしています。 旅の大方は息子の家族(さいたま市)と過ごしましたが、主人と2人で、軽井沢、長野の上田へ温泉旅行に行きました。季節はずれに寒かったのですが、楽しかったです。特に上田は真田幸村の影響で、大勢の観光客でにぎわっていました。桜も見れました。 今度はいつ日本に行けるかしら? つつじを見にいくのもいいですね。最高に美しい写真の数々、ありがとうございます。 お孫さんも可愛いですね。誕生日おめでとうございます。ちょうど連休にあたって、ラッキーですね。 今はブログをやっていませんので、 で、コミュニケーション可能です。 

  9. Oh Yoko, such profusion of blossom is divine! The reflections image is very beautiful and as I have said before like a Monet. You are so so good at this!
    Your grandson looks a bundle of fun and joy!

    Happy May!

  10. Happy birthday to your grandson!

    Such a beautiful photos!

  11. Love azaleas and your photos are a delighful for my eyes !!!!
    Your grandson is a lovely little guy ! Happy Birthday to him !
    Have a nice week !

  12. Such magical and gorgeous shots of the flowers! And your grandson is a sweet flower too...

  13. こんにちは。ツツジの素敵なポストですね。日本にはツツジとサツキで交配が起こり、いろいろな園芸種が生まれて目を楽しませて呉れます。

  14. What a beautiful rainbow of colours! The flowers are so delicate and so plentiful. And what an adorable grandson you have. Enjoy him.

  15. Hi Yoko! So nice to hear from you and I thank you for the plethora of lovely comments!

  16. Beautiful place to walk, Yoko. A great pleasure to see these wild azaleas as diverse color. Cute photos !!!
    Congratulations on the three years of your handsome grandson ♥ :))
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. お孫さん、目がパッチリされててとても可愛らしいですね。 


  18. So good to be back and see your beautiful photos! I have to admit I would love to post a couple of your pictures on my FB and save them. Of course I will let everyone know to visit your page and who the photographer is of these amazing flower pictures. It was so pleasant to visit today! Hugs...

  19. ✿゚ه° ·.
    São preciosas nas cores e nas fotos!!!

    Ótimo domingo!!!
    Ótima semana!!!


  20. I get to see the purple variety here!
    Your captures are so beautiful, so dream like!

  21. Dear Yoko,
    I haven't been to you for a while and missed it. Please accept my belated congratulations on your grandson's birhday, he is a charming little miracle!
    The wild azaleas colours plunge me into your spring. It is a fabulous time, Everything is awake, full of new life and filling us with bright expectations.
    Have you seen what slender half-moon we have now? Have you ever made photos of it? With your artistic approach you could create unique views!
    Have a great week, and take care!
    I've been sick for a while, and I do wish you would be safe and sound.

  22. Dear Yoko-san - good morning from Germany!

    Thanks a lot for your kind comments under my latest posts! Spring has sprung already in Germany and all the flowers, bushes and trees are flourishing currently, the birds are singing. This is definitely the most beautiful season of the year!
    And it looks like it's the same in Japan! Some of your flowers and blossoms look familiarly to me, other's don't!
    Soon my wife and I will have some days off and we intend to spend them at the coast of the Baltic Sea in the northeast of Germany. We both are looking forward to having some days of rest and recreation with long walks along a beautiful sandy beach.

    All the best for you and your family,

    your friend Uwe.

  23. What a happy little boy your grandson is! It really is such fun to see little personalities start to develop. I think he looks like you, I see a definite resemblance and I suppose others must have mentioned it? I like all the pictures on your sidebar.

    I didn't know that wild azaleas came in different colours. They're related to rhododendrons, which grow wild here (in fact, I think they were imported a few hundred years ago and have rather taken over in some woodlands) Rhododendrons make a stunning show and even if they are overwhelming, I still like to see them growing in woodlands and on heath. BUT the wild ones only come in purple. So I suppose I sort of expected the azaleas to be similar. It must be incredible to see them in the wild in so many different colours.

    I don't think any azaleas grow wild here. Like rhododendrons, they require an acid soil so don't grow well everywhere, but in gardens that specialise in them they make a dazzling show.

    1. I’m glad you saw a remembrance between Y and me. Those who know me say Y looks like me and my daughter, those who know his father say Y looks like him. The characters of Y and my first grandchild F were very much alike, but gradually they have changed.

      I didn’t know azaleas grow on acid soil and now I understand there’s no wonder about wild azaleas at Mt. Rokko. The mountain is composed of acidic soil from granites, which makes many bright, deep blue wild hydrangeas bloom.

  24. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, and your grandson is precious! Thank you so much for sharing. Warm hugs and much love. :)

  25. so much beauty you share. your grandson is adorable. :)

  26. oh my goodness, so pretty.
    you have presented the spirit of spring.
    a lovely time for your grandson to be born.

  27. Y and I share a birth month - he is happiness personified. I melt at your photos of the azaleas and rhododendron. My favorites are the pale colors against the new leaves of spring.

  28. 乙女のような愛らしいつつじの写真ですね。洋子さんらしいと感じます。お孫ちゃん、特に一枚目の左側。三輪車に乗ってる笑顔は洋子さんにそっくりです!

  29. Your grandchildren are just adorable!

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  31. I have had azaleas in pots in some occasion and always they have made me happy and I have had a good time watering them with children and chatting about them with their families. Nevertheless, these precious photographies that show them in his natural environment exceed any image that of them I can have.

    1. The photos of your grandson are also fantastic. They demonstrate without words all this illusion and I satisfy for accompanying his growth and enjoying his progresses. Congratulation.


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