Monday, April 18, 2016

Tulip time at Umami Hills Park

When Sakura was almost going to be over, Tulips were in full bloom.

♬"Flowers in bloom, in bloom
Tulips are out
Lined up, lined up
Red, White and Yellow.
Every one of the tulips is really beautiful."♬

Tulips have come out!  
Why don't you come out to enjoy the springtime?

About three hundred thousand tulips bloom on the rolling hills 
of the Umami Hills Park (馬見丘陵公園). 
The Tulip Fair was held from April 9th to 17th.

Orange, red, pink, white, yellow, ....
row after row、
far and near,
numerous tulips!

Dogwood flowers started blooming while cherry blossoms were ending.

Curving streams of soft colors

A maelstrom created by a flood of colors!

Only this photo is from the Tulip Fair, 2014

It was a lovely tulip time. (I went on the 9th of April.)
If you missed it, why don't you come next year?

Large scale earthquakes(the biggest is magnitude 7.3) occurred directly underneath the land in Kumamoto prefecture on the 14th of April. I’m in a somber mood to see frightened or panicked people in the many big aftershocks continually happening. Kansai region, where all my families live, is not affected. I reexamined the backpack filled with emergency provisions. In Kansai region, a great earthquake of plate boundary type is overdue which will cause massive tsunami. My home is far from the coast line but it's uncertain where I will encounter the earthquake. I also think of Ecuadorian people hit by another massive earthquake. Prayers for all the victims and the trapped in any disasters both natural and man-made.


  1. Oh my what a beautiful park. It reminds my of Keukenhoff on Holland.

    I am sorry to hear about all the earthquakes happening in Japan.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (

  2. This is a symphony of tulips and other blooms, among cherry trees!!.. Wow... it's incredible to see all this beauty displayed on hills or along alleys of the park in a sunny day! Gorgeous shapes of petals, colors and nuances... Many thanks for let us to observe these aspects in photo instants so amazing captured! And hope that these earthquakes to stop!
    Greetings to you!

  3. What a riot of colour Yoko - it is lovely to see all of the people taking time to enjoy the tulips, eating their picnics and relaxing together.

  4. Wow vilken mängd med tulpaner så häftigt och vackert. nästan som i parken Kykenhof i Holland.Det skulle jag vilja se som älskar tulpaner. Hos mig äter den fula sorken upp dom så jag har slutat att plantera. det får bli andra växter istället.
    Ha en fin och bra vecka
    Kram Meta

  5. I'm actually shivering in color-induced happiness over your tulip photos. Such beauty flowing over the hillsides! Now, I will have to switch to dogwood blossoms to replace my gently falling snowflakes! It looks like you went to the park at the perfect time to see the blooms. As soon as I heard of the Japanese earthquake, I was worried. I know that many people have lost lives and homes. It's good to keep emergency supplies handy. In wildfire season, we also pack a knapsack that we can quickly grab if we must evacuate. Stay safe, my friend.

  6. Tulips are so beautiful! And your photography is stunning. What a plethora of floral pleasure! I'm amazed at the variety tulips, all gorgeous in their own way! I worried about you when I read about the earthquake and hope that you and your family are safe!

  7. おはようございます。馬見公園のチューリップですね。見事です。オランダのチュリップよりすごいかな。

  8. おはようございます。馬見公園のチューリップですね。見事です。オランダのチュリップよりすごいかな。

  9. These rows and rows of bright tulips are a happy sight! They are in stark contrast to the images shown in the media of the earthquake victims in Japan and Ecuador. Hopefully, the earth will settle into calmness and the aftershocks will be minimal. I recently heard that some scientists are saying climate change also plays a role in earthquakes. I will read these articles with interest but like many, I too have a knapsack at the door!

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh wooooow really, THAT is SO awesome! I am stunned by this firework of colors and textures - what feast for the eye and senses, so much beauty!

    And yes there is always the bad in life, the unexpected, the uncertainty, the deadly occurrences. Nature gives us both, the joy and the sadness - we have all to cope with both. I am thankful for each good day...

  11. So many flowers! Gorgeous!

    Sad to hear about the earthquakes

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous !!!!! What a beautiful garden full of tulips !!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing those pictures !!!
    Have a nice day !

  13. These are just beautiful - the different colours are lovely to see and those rows of tulips are lovely. I heard about the earthquake the other day, it's always very scary and worrying and I hope you're OK. Beautiful photos! - Tasha

  14. Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post too! - Tasha

  15. They bloom even cherries and so many beautiful colorful tulips. Fabulous views. I'm very sorry because of the earthquake in your country. Regards.

  16. so beautiful .... this looks like an ocean of flowers.

  17. Fabulous tulip beds! I see by the clothing that your weather is very Spring like.
    You live with danger of possible earthquakes and typhoons in a beautiful land of contrasts.
    Wishing you and your family a safe time....

  18. Hi Yoko! Thank you for your many interesting and insightful comments. It's always good to hear from you, and it was especially good to hear that you and your family are safe. Obviously, I do not know the geography of Japan very well, so sometimes I might get unduly concerned. Best to you and your family!


  19. Imagens de impressionante beleza.
    Impressionante o poder da Natureza que tem imagens tão belas e tão tristes como nos terremotos.
    Orações para as vítimas.

    Bom fim de semana!
    ♫♬♪ه° ·.

  20. Thank you again for the kind words on my latest post! - Tasha

  21. prayers indeed to all the people of these earthquakes and other challenging and frightening experiences. so good of you to mention this.

    your photos are entirely lovely. to witness them is to change ones heart forever.

  22. Wow - delightful shots of the dreamy tulips!

  23. your world and all you share from it is so beautiful. spring or fall are astounding.

  24. Your photos are absolutely awsome!I can almost imagine the fragrance in the air:)
    Thank you ror showing us such a beuty!

  25. As it says the song that you have put here all that is "really beautiful."♬; an explosion of color. After seeing it I am arranged not only to singing without also to dancing.♬♬♬♬♬

  26. I too was so sorry to hear about the earthquake, it sounds very frightening and I was specially sad that people were having to stay in tents in the rain becuase they were too scared to be inside their houses. I hope they have been helped now in Japan. I think things are more difficult in Ecuador, unfortunately.
    I loved your tulip pictures. I like tulips and always try to have one or two. I appreciate them very much when they are with other types of plants, as well as when they are all together in a big block of colour.

  27. Thank you, thank you very much Yoko, for sharing all this wonderful beauty !!
    The renewed nature again and again give us a lot of color and life.
    Buen martes ;)

  28. Wow - what happy pictures - the flowers seem to dance with joy. What a contrast to the sombre comments about earthquakes. Nature brings us great pleasure and great sorrow.

  29. Colorful beauty! We had 5-10 cm of snow this morning. I plan to go skiing on Sunday.

  30. Wow, what a beautiful place! Your photos bring me much joy. I love your photography. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  31. Ohhh that tulip garden will give the tulips in Netherlands a run for their money! So beautiful!

  32. The pictures are wonderful, a real spectacle for the eyes and soul.
    The photo of tulips with small blue flowers is magnificent. Congratulations. Kisses.


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