Saturday, February 2, 2019

Reflections and patterns in winter

Here are some reflections and patterns I captured with my camera
during my walks in late January.

I like the moment when a pond comes alive suddenly with light,
mirroring the surrounding forest.

I like to see the reflection on the glass roof of a greenhouse.

Potted peonies are reflected
I like it when I see fantastic water wave patterns in the glare of the sun
through a telephoto lens.

I like to find something attractive in the winter pond. 
It was the reflection of the thatched roof of the Japanese architecture
and the azure sky. 

The front garden of the Isui-en

Other reflections from Isui-en 
I like it when pine needles are spread over the mosses artistically.
It enhances the elegance of the winter garden
and reminds us of the gentle cares by the gardeners.

Patterns made of pine needles
I like it when winter leaves pop out making patterns.
The backdrop was fresh mosses.
Mosses can thrive bright and fresh even in the frigid cold.
The pine-needle covers seem to protect them not from frost but from footsteps.

Leaf patterns with the backdrop of fresh mosses

What caught your heart during your walks recently?

Monday, January 14, 2019

Reds in the landscape of early January

In the pale wintry landscape, something red is especially eye-catching.
The red things below is some of them which captured my heart
when I took walks during the New Year.

At the Umami Hills Park, trees around the pond were bare.
The lingering red berries of "Sanshuyu", Japanese cornel, were adding colors
to the bleak landscape.

The cherry-red color of the oblong Sanshuyu fruits will be changed 
to the bright yellow of flowers in spring
The berries were shining red against the blue sky in the bracing air.

The withering roses were still shining red, too, 
though weathered, dried, and darkened,
posing a question what beauty is and how to pass away gracefully.

Carried by the wind, some of them might have been rested in eternity by now.

Sasanqua Camellia blooms from late autumn into winter.
One of the most popular plants for its winter flowers of lovely, tender color and graceful form,
and evergreen leaves.

Most of the Shinto shrines are vermilion-colored.
Many people pay a visit to a shrine customarily during the New Year
wishing their well-being throughout the year.

One of the shrines in the precinct of Todaiji Temple
Last but not least, 
hope you had a joyous start to the year 2019.
Wish you a healthy and prosperous year.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

"Progress and Harmony for Mankind"

"Tower of the Sun" by the late Taro Okamoto welcomes visitors 
at the entrance of the Expo' 70 Commemorative Park, Suita City, Osaka.  
It was built both as an entrance and a pavilllion for the exposition.

Expo' 70 Image via here
Some of you would raise a question; why does it have such a grimace 
instead of cheerful smiles when welcoming people?  
Taro Okamoto used to say; “Art is an explosion!”; “Art is a mystery.”  
He was much more attracted to the primitive beauty of the Jomom Period.

As his saying, the Tower of the Sun has been a mystery in spite of its popularity.
It has three faces; the past (back side), present (middle part), future (the top face) of the human race.  
The sun is an entity as a life-giving source throughout the history.

The Black Sun of everything past
The theme of the Expo' 70 was "Progress and Harmony for Mankind." 
The exposition was held during the time of Japan’s rapid economical growth. 
Have the world and Japan realized progress and harmony?  
Okamoto once stated that the slogan was a contradiction in terms.  
What is thought to be progress could be regress
when not in harmony with nature.

- From 自然文化園 Natural and Cultural Garden of the Expo Park -

Inside of the “Tower of the Sun,” he exhibited an artwork titled “Tree of Life,” 
which depicts the evolution of the humankind from bottom to top.  
Instead of exhibiting portraits of world heroes, as had been planned, 
he chose to decorate the tree with masks, statues and everyday objects from all over the world. 
There was also the fourth face, the Sun of the Underworld, as inner spiritual world of humans, 
which disappeared right after the end of the exposition.

Incidentally, there is another sun in a huge mural “Myth of Tomorrow”,
which was created approximately the same time with the Tower of the Sun.
 It had long been thought lost, but was discovered in the suburb of Mixco in the autumn of 2003.
 The another sun is the momental sun on the earth, or tragic man-made flash.
 The mural is about the atomic-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
which reminds me of Guernica by Picasso. 

Back to the talk of the Tower of the Sun, in spite of the claims to be demolished
due to deterioration in long years, it was preserved and the repairs ended in 1995.  
The inside of the renovated tower was opened to the public in March, 2018.
 More details; here

- From the Japanese Garden of the park-
By Waterlogue

The pond surface is beautiful both mysterious and delightful.

Some of the plants along the path around the pond
I’m thankful to the technological advancement but some of them could destroy 
not only nature but also all the living things including human species. 
 Our lives have gotten merrier richer, and more convenient on one side 
but filthier, more miserable, and more dangerous on the other.

My youngest grandchild M turned one-year-old yesterday.
When Expo 2025 takes place in Osaka once again after a half century, 
she'll be eight-year-old.
How will be the world and Japan for the young generation?
We must earnestly and intently sow the seeds of peace and well-being
 so that future generation can harvest.

The Golden Mask of the future Sun is staring at you.
I'll end this post with the excerpt from “Progress and harmony” (1979) by Godiego.

We took off gloriously
For progress and harmony
Like a giant silver spaceship
Lifting up on all our hopes
Our eyes look up to see
The promise of our future course
What a grand beginning it was
Waving flags of every nation
But as it lifted higher
We lost communication
We took off gloriously
For progress and harmony

Where did that spaceship go?
And are we looking for it now?
Can we trace it to the beginning?
Is it still floating around?

This is my last post of this year.
See you in 2019!

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