Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A crisp and snowy walk through Nara Park

General Frost 冬将軍 gripped Japan last week.
The winter climate of  the Western Japan is usually mild
but  his attack was more intense than the one in January.

Snowfall is a rare present from heaven in Nara. 
If it snows, it’s unlikely to stay on the ground for long.
I treasured this special opportunity to take pictures of snowy Nara Park.

Deer suffer shortage of foods in winter,
especially so when the ground is covered with snow.
Some of them try to reach to the leaves, jumping and standing on their hind legs.

This is the place people appreciate beauty in silence.

A maple leaf was hanging in there adding color.

Blossoms of “Ume”, or Japanese apricot, floral harbinger of spring, were iced.
It is interesting to see representations of different seasons intertwined.

“Kan-zakura” is winter-blooming species of cherry blossoms which blooms in February.

The colorful oil painting of autumn turned into monochromatic Indian painting.

Yoshiki River
Buddha Hall of Todai-ji Temple
It felt so cold though I was bundled in the coat
armed with breath-thermo water-repelling pants and snowboots.
I heard the footsteps of Spring, however, in the midst of the snow.

See you!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My first month of the year 2017

Hello,  my dear Friends! 
Hope you started healthy, happy new year with peace of mind and smiles.

Now that the first month of 2017 is going to be over, 
I'd like to  share how my January has passed with you.

Isonokami Shrine surrounded by holy cedar trees
I-Phone photo edited by Waterlogue
Year of the Rooster started in sunny, warm weather in my part of the world.
(Chinese Year of Rooster starts from 28th of January.)
My husband and I paid our first visit to the local shrine on the 2nd
 to get purified to start the New Year afresh.

We also visited Isonokami Shrine in Tennri City.
Isonokami Shrine is one of the oldest extant Shinto shrines in Japan.
 There are many roosters roaming around the shrine grounds.

Rooster and Hen walked in formation as if posing for me like models.
They looked caring for each other, which made my heart warm.

A good luck charm, earthenware bell in the shape of rooster from the local shrine

New Year days were mostly spent with my grandchildren.


Cat's cradle, painting, kite-flying, pla-rails, card game, etc.
I’m happy with some lovely colors when the land is the least colorful.
Assorted Ornamental cabbages with pinkish -purple leaves is one of the New Year ornaments. 

I-Phone photo by Waterlogue
Also happy with the colors of tree blossoms blooming in the middle of winter.

Sazanqua Camellia
Two weeks in the middle of January, much of country had the coldest days of winter. 
Heavy snow fell in northern Japan and Sea of Japan coastal areas
but only a little here in Nara.
The snowiest and coldest days made me lazy.

Snow-melt on the moss in my garden
Lastly, these are paper cranes for well-being of family and world Peace.
I hope the days filled with smiles for each person 
and the world free from tyranny of leaders including lies, distorted facts,
and inhuman and destructive action.

At Nigiwai-no-ie in Naramachi
Wish you a lovely February!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter illuminations and reflections around JR Osaka Station

At this time of year when darkness falls so early in the less colorful part of the world,
I like to go out for winter illuminations. 
I strolled around JR Osaka Station feeling the warmth of the city’s hospitality.

(Old post: Night stroll at the Grand Front Osaka, 2013)

I am so thankful to electricity, light bulbs, and recent energy-saving LED lighting 
as I imagine how awfully dim the world was before electricity.

With so many serious problems arising as the civilization has come so far, 
people are concerned about the future world and generation
but these lighting made me feel hopeful that there must be brilliant creative minds
who will work enthusiastically to solve the daunting problems of the time in each era ahead.

Multi-storied passage ways connect the station and the South and North Buildings 
of the Grand Front Osaka Complex.

From the bridge passage-way connecting South and North Buildings.

A graceful, majestic Christmas tree changes its color from white to rose and blue
in the light reflected from the mirror-ball.

Now I moved to the Toki no Hiroba (Time & Space Plaza) of Osaka Station City.

Osaka Station City's landmark is a large glass roof that spans over the railway tracks.
Toki no Hiroba is right under the big glass roof.

Image via here

Multidimensional reflections are seen from the open space Toki no HIroba
overlooking the railway tracks.

The small Tsurun Tsurun Skate Rink is across from JR Osaka Station. 
The rink can operate in warm temperatures and consumes no electricity
because it is not made of ice but a type of plastic with wax coating 
which is 90% as slippery as ice. 

This post is my last one in 2016.
Many thanks for your kind comments, thoughts, inspiration, and encouragement
throughout the year.
See you in 2017!

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