Friday, June 16, 2017

Green reflections at 瑠璃光院 Ruriko-in

Enveloped in rich nature at the foot of Mt. Hiei, 
Ruriko-in shines emerald both inside and outside,
though "ruri" of Ruriko-in means lapis lazuli.

A brook flows around the ground of the temple with rustling sound.

Ruriko-in Temple is a place for quiet contemplation and reflection.
It is also a place of enchanting reflection
as you see the reflecting greenery on the tables in the photo on the top and below.

Greens are reflected on the glittering clean floor, too.

The reflections on glasses, floors, or tables are fluid 
changing subtly according to light
but not so fleeting like the reflections on water.

The mezzanine corridor
Traditional Japanese houses are designed to cope with hot and humid summer.
As you see, the house is raised approximately 50 cm above ground level 
to avoid moisture from the ground and eaves are deep.
In the humid air, you feel like that you are bathed in dripping green shower 
due to the lush green and its reflections on the windowpanes and floors.

The polished wooden floor looks greenish reflecting the garden greenery.
Have a seat to look at.....

The tea room at the ground floor
a moss garden "Ruri no Niwa" meaning lapis lazuri garden ....

other garden things including a nicely displayed roof tile,

....or carp in the pond and reflections on water.

To cope with hot and humid summer, ventilation is more than enough.
The whole structure is almost entirely opened to the free flow of air. 

These are “shoji” windows with translucent white paper 
mounted on the outer side of a wooden lattice. 
Shoji doors, windows, and screens are made by special craftsmen, tategu-ya.
Japanese papers diffuse light and absorb humidity.
The white papers look greenish in the soft diffused light.

Light flickers through leaves outside.
Rainy season set in about a week ago officially.
Since then, however, it has been sunny and breezy so far.

Thirteen-story stone pagoda

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I prefer the rainy season to the intense full summer.
These posts are about why and how I like and enjoy the rainy season of Japan.

Monday, May 29, 2017

English Gardens by the Lake Biwa

Hello, Friends!
How have you been?
Today, I'd like to share the English Gardens of Yanagasaki Lakeside Park
on a bright summer-like day in late May.

On entering the park, an English garden unfolds before your eyes.
Poppies, cornflowers, delphiniums, lavenders, daisies, geraniums....., 
there is a whole spectrum of colors.
The palette is soft.

The mud or gravel paths are edged with a wide variety of plants that serve as a border.

The other side of the brick wall is a rose garden.
So exciting to imagine what can be seen.

Roses are rambling on the trellises, arches, or fences.

Facing right on the lake, the landscape looks open and airy.

A small water lily pond with an arched bridge.

The view of and the breeze from the lake make this English garden so special.

A paddle-wheel boat Michigan is cruising the south part of the lake.

 Michigan is docked over the hedge, where you can start cruising.

Yanagasaki Lakeside Park located on the south-eastern shore of the Lake Biwa features about 5900 meters square English Gardens and the municipal cultural property Biwako-otsu Kan (former Biwako Hotel).

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Freshly verdant vegetation of May

Spring has been deepening as trees come alive with newly sprouted foliage.

Grass grows lush and bountiful fast.

I am partial to reflections on the water.
These are reflections of viridity of grass or leaves.

During the Golden Week, I went to Tofuku-ji Temple for 青もみじ Aomomiji, 
young green maple viewing.
Tofukuji is so popular for its colorful display of Japanese maples in late-November.
I prefer much quieter temple grounds during the off season.
The view from the Gaun-kyo Bridge where I stand toward the Tsuten-kyo Bridge 
over the ravine is a sea of green. 

Azaleas dot the freshly verdant garden.

An exuberance of young foliage!
An exuberance of joy!

Below is Japanese maple “Nomura”. 
The brownish red leaves become very bright red in autumn. 

After or between exploring, 
there's nothing like sitting on veranda to view the garden for a while,
enjoying the stillness, feeling the balmy breeze of May.

At the 一華院 Ikka-in, one of 25 sub-temples surrounding Tofuku-ji

Other time in Nara Park, I enjoyed creative vegetable cuisine with my friends from college years.
We have cherished friendship twice a year, spring and autumn, to keep it sparkling.

6 dishes out of 8-course dinner including dessert
Not true vegan because eggs, heese, yogurt and the likes are used.
Wish you joyful May, whether springtime, early summer, autumn, or everlasting summer,
depending on where you live.

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