Monday, May 6, 2019

The blue sea of Nemophila by the Sea of Osaka

 Nemophilla Festival was held for the first time this year at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park 
located right in front of the Osaka Bay.

In 2014, I posted about flowering lilies at this place. 
Unfortunately the lilies got salt damage extensively caused by the typhoon 24 of the last autumn.
 Nemophilla replaced them this year.

The blue sea of Nemophila by the sea of Osaka.

 Nemophilla reminded me of “Sky-blue Flowers” by Misuzu Kaneko 
when I saw them for the first time in 2011.
Sky-Blue Flowers
(Misuzu Kaneko/translated by D.P.Dutcher)

Listen close, you little flowers,
Color of the blue, blue sky.
Around here there used to be
A pretty black-eyed girl,
Always looking at the sky
Like I was just doing now.
Dawn to dusk the blue sky
Shining in her eyes,
They turned one day to little flowers
That even now watch the sky.

If what I say is right, why,
Flowers, you must know
More about the real true sky
Than wise professors do.

I’m always looking at the sky
And thinking lots and lots
But what’s real and true I don’t know.
I bet you see it all and do.

Wise flowers don’t say a thing,
Just keep looking at the sky.
Those blue eyes, sky-dyed,
Still aren’t tired of watching.

(Original Japanese  空色の花 here)

The wise sky-dyed flowers don't standout when with other flowers,
letting others draw attention.
still keeping their uniqueness and originality.

A Mascot Character, Nemo-mew

Millions of Nemophila bloom from late-April to mid-May
as far as the eye can see.

The blue colors of the sky, the sea, and Nemophilla,
each blueness enhances the hues of one another.

Amagasaki, Nishinomiya, and Kobe Cities are spreading beyond the sea, 
surrounding the Osaka Bay.

Maishima, one of the three man-mad islands in the Sea of Osaka, 
is a possible site for the proposed casino development.
As it is called Sports Island, there are stadiums for baseball and football,
 tennis courts, playing grounds, sites for auto camping and barbecuing, etc. 
I’m not sure if such a place like casino is necessary to boost the place.

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  1. Such a delicate shade of blue. I've never seen such a sight before. Beautiful photos.

  2. 素敵、素敵!春満開ですね。
    Driving Miss Daisy やっと明日終わります。

  3. Such a stunning site. I absolutely love the sea of blue lilies. At first I thought they were blue poppies. It's even better that the lilies are planted on a walkway by the sea. Were these photos taken this year? BTW, I was looking at the Transiberian railway line route last night and I learned that there is a proposal to extend the line commencing in England and going all the way to the northernmost tip of Japan. From there one can take a train to Tokyo or other parts of Japan. Have you heard of this? As always I enjoyed your post. Have a wonderful week.

  4. It is hard to believe that this blue sea of Nemophilas is real! Absolutely fantastic. The Nemophila-mew is cute too. I loved to see your photos & post. Wishing a beautiful week Yoko.

  5. A few red blooms popping out from a big sea of blue create a stunning scene of contrasts. Business is always trying to push more casinos onto local populations in my world, too, but such activities cannot hold a candle to a magical walk amid wildflowers by the seaside.

  6. Dear Yoko - That blue sea of Nemophila is exquisite - Oh! how I would love to see it too.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing those beauties !!!!
    Have a lovely week !

  8. Hello Dear Yoko!
    Great photos.
    I am delighted with them.
    Hugs and greetings, Yoko :)

  9. Stardust - I have never seen anything like this. Truly, it looks like a sea of flowers. The random tulips and poppies add a pleasing contrast to the blue and white. (I looked at the previous post about the lilies and I think I like the nemophila better.) I am so grateful that you linked this with the Mosaic Monday community today. Enjoy your week ahead!

  10. What an amazing "sea" of blue flowers! Your photos are beautiful!

  11. Hello Yoko,
    What an amazing sight the blue sea of nemophilia is. I've never seen anything like it. The phrase "sky-dyed" flowers from the poem is a lovely image that I will think of when I see other blue flowers. Thank you for sharing,

  12. Breathtaking, Yoko, both, the poem and pictures! And the blue. Looking at the sky is one of my pleasures, that’s why it sounds so close.
    Regarding the proposed casino development, this may have grave conse-quences. Apart from obvious economic benefits, the unique character of the site should be taken into consideration, it’s my firm belief.

  13. This is truly awesome Yoko - a flower ocean of Blue!

  14. Yes, sky-dyed.... I will remember that phrase. This is so very beautiful! Absolutely a stunning view of the blue flowers beside the water.

  15. こんにちわ。

    最初見て、一瞬「絵」かな?、それともHDR加工かな? と思わせられるくらいにくっきりと濃厚な描写ですね。


  16. What beauty! The "sky-dyed" Nemophilla and the scattered red poppies create a stunning scene. The photo where you blurred the edges is dreamy and wonderful. It looks like many people were out enjoying the flowers and the fine day. Who needs casinos when they can have natural beauty like this?

  17. Wow wow and more wow! It's as if I have entered a dream world of blue.

  18. A beautiful sea of blue flowers to enchant our look, absolutely wonderful.
    I loved seeing it.
    Superb photos.
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  19. How amazing it must be to see this. I love to see massed blooms of a single colour. I would, though, be constantly comparing the blooms of the sea, sky and flowers, and it might make me feel a little uncomfortable - I don't quite know why! Perhaps I also like to enjoy them without thinking at all! Have a good weekend, Yoko.

  20. Those waves of sky blue flowers are amazing. I hope they don't over develop the island with a casino.

  21. It looks spring is on it's peak in May dear Yoko :)

    thank you soooo much for sharing these blessed sights of your magical land!
    i am under spell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think that this extension of blue flowers near the sea is enough to make a visit to the island. I would not need any casino to enjoy the experience. Thanks for sharing, Yoko.

  23. Niesamowite i obłędne zdjęcia. Ciekawe czy moja córka to widziała, mieszka w Osace.

  24. Wow! I'm totally blown away by this. This is gorgeous and although I've seen a few of those flowers before nothing like this. A whole sea of them. I need to show this to my husband.


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