Monday, May 27, 2019

Roses and May weather

The Rose Garden of Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park

I wrote about the sweeter and fresher air of May in “Wind fragrant May, 2018”.
It is the wind blowing though the exuberance of young foliage.
Roses give forth scents to the air.

May is the time of sunshine.
Roses are sparkling under the bright blue skies.

Warm sunlight showers on the roses.

May is also the time of refreshing showers.

From the Rose Garden of Ryosen-ji Temple

On a rainy day in my garden…

.... a rose was captured in the water mirror on the deck.

Roses in my garden are mostly climbing or small flower type 
which are easier to take care of.

The former half of May was blessed with such a typical lovely weather.
The latter half, however, we have experienced unseasonal too high temperatures.
In northern part, Hokkaido, it recorded 39 degrees C (about 102 F) yesterday,
the highest on record in about 120 years, much hotter than real summer.
Here in Nara, it was 32.
Fortunately mornings and evenings have felt cool due to the dry air,
 which makes difference from Japan's notorious muggy summer.
Roses are not likely to last long due to surging temperatures.

Roses in my garden

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  1. Stardust - welcome back to Mosaic Monday. This post is a feast for the eyes. My only wish is that I could sink my nose deep into the petals of these roses so that I could inhale the aroma … aahhh. The first picture caught my eye with the shape of the heart made by the rose plant. Was that deliberate on the part of the gardener? And the light in the third shot, framed against the sky, is a million-dollar picture. So GORGEOUS! I hope the weather allows these roses to hold on as long as possible for all to enjoy!

  2. Hi Yoko,
    Your first photo is stunning, like from fairytale princess's paradise <3 You have it really hot! I wish it gets cooler, so you can enjoy your roses longer. You had also an earth quake, I hope not too severe. Wishing you a lovely, scented week.

  3. Gorgeous roses !!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures !!!!
    Have a shinny week !

  4. Hello, gorgeous roses and images. The colors are lovely. Beautiful mosaics and post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  5. A rose drenched with raindrops is a beautiful sight indeed. In my part of the world near the shoreline of the beach pathway, there are many great bushes of wild roses blooming this time of year. When the breeze blows, whiffs of lovely perfume float in the air.

  6. What can I say - I do love roses so much. Beautiful post.

  7. Hello Dear Yoko!

    Roses already blooming? Beautiful flowers and great photos.
    Hugs and greetings.

  8. Dear Yoko - these rose pictures are incredible, I absolutely love them - if only I could smell them too.

  9. Roses are a symbol of beauty and love in every culture it seems. The fragrance also must be amazing. It is staggering to read of the temperature in Hokkaido.

  10. Dear Yoko,
    I can't help wondering how different our climates are at the same altitude. You enjoy roses blooms while in our region lilacs and apple trees blossoms are just coming to an end. Your pictures are wonderful as ever.
    Take care in this heat, in your most unwelcome season.
    With best wishes,

  11. Wundervoll !
    Die Rosen bei uns in Deutschland sind erst noch kleine Knospen
    Mein Rot...

  12. I can smell the roses from here! Stunning shots - especially the one with the raindrops on it. Beautiful!

  13. Wonderful, roses.
    Great photos, I especially liked the rose with the raindrops.
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  14. Thank you for sharing these glorious roses, I love the first photo where the roses form a heart shape.

  15. Me encantan las rosas Yoko. Este post es una belleza, los colores son impresionantes. Gracias por compartir y por tus visitas.
    Te deseo un buen dfin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  16. ハート型に作られたバラフェンスが可愛い。大阪にこのようなバラ園があるのですね。

  17. Your roses are very lovely and so aromatic. It's a shame that they will not last long in the very hot weather. So far this spring we have had cool wet weather, and the trees and flowers are loving it.... and I love it too! I really do not like the hot, humid, 38C days of summer. I think I am a northern person!!!!

  18. Oh dear Yoko, I can smell your roses, and the scent is gorgeous, so is the sight, how beautiful they are!

  19. Enjoying roses is always a pleasant experience. When the experience is only virtual, important things are lost, but photographies and texts like these make those losses compensate in some way.


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