Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fairytales from Nara Park

I hope you welcomed in a wonderful New Year.
Wish you a healthy and peaceful year filled with smiles.

In Nara Park, time passes slowly or briskly in accordance with the visitor’s heart.
Strolling around, you’ll find sights that look straight out from a fairytale all the year round.

When warm wind blows to wake up the buds of cherry blossoms, …..

 .. photographing of a happy wedding to commemorate is taking place here and there.

At dusk, familiar places look different.
I felt like that I strayed into a parallel world to Sagi-ike Pond.


Inari Fox of the gods with supernatural power is always on the side of good people.

A water spirit comes to the surface to play with the colored leaves.

 Winter  (January 7th, 2016)
Along the Path of the Whisper in the grove of Kasuga on a cloudy winter day,
you might feel like Hansel or Gretel wandering in a grove.

Winter, two years ago

I long for the dusting of snow which transforms places into winter wonderland. 

 From my living room

As a starter of my eventful 2016,
I was happy to share the Nara Park with my Russian friend Irina and her husband.
The experience made me come up with the composition of this post.

My life has already restored its livelier beat.
I'll try not to get lost in a daily rush but to keep smiles, compassion, and love
to make the people around me feel happy and comfortable.  


  1. Nara Park it's really a fairy tail in every season! Thank you for sharing your always stunning photos. Your blog is a dream place for my eyes.
    Wishing you a year full of creativity and fun projects!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. It is a fairy tale in reality, Ana! I have always been inspired by Yoko's stories in pictures and recently I have visited her fairy land. Memories of this visit will warm my heart for ever.
      With best wishes from Russia to you and dear Yoko,
      Let us hope that the year ahead will be peaceful and prosperous for all of us!

  2. A beautiful park in all seasons !!!!
    I wish you all the best for 2016 for you and your family !

  3. it is a magical place! thank you for sharing it. happy 2016!

  4. Beautiful park any time of year, but the most beautiful in the spring. Magnificent 2016 years!

  5. Your photos of Nara Park through the seasons make me long to walk the lovely landscapes. There is so much change and something different to see around every bend. I'll send you a dusting of snow so you can enjoy it this winter in the park! I just love that leaf and water shot, Yoko. Happy 2016!

  6. Happy New Year and may you have a beautiful and healthful 2016. I haven't stopped by for long so it was lovely to be inspired once again by your awesome photography and breathtaking cherry blossoms. Of the many blossoms I see in photos, I think yours are my favourite as they are always presented so artistically and beautifully.

  7. beautiful and superb photography

  8. Happy New Year! Lovely photos!

  9. What a beautiful post...!
    Excellent pictures...! Yoko, you are a genius in writing exquisitely beautiful posts and this one is no exemption. Nara park is an awesome place and thank you for sharing info about this heaven on Earth.
    Yoko, by the way, I would like to know from where we can get Macha green tea, ie ceremonial green tea in Japan? I would prefer organic. Any information would be appreciated...
    Thanks in advance, great post...

  10. How wonderful you were able to show your Russian blogger friend some of your world in person. W.B. Yeats said, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” We sense there is something amazing beyond our human senses. Whether real or imagined or in spring or winter when the heart is quickened or slowed, there is always wonder to behold … especially when visiting your world, stardust!

  11. Your pictures of Nara park are lovely, and how wonderful to be able to share the beauty of the park with Irina and her family. Irina, you are very lucky!! One day I will visit Japan in cherry blossom time, it looks so magical. I am sending my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016!

  12. Your pictures of Nara park are lovely, and how wonderful to be able to share the beauty of the park with Irina and her family. Irina, you are very lucky!! One day I will visit Japan in cherry blossom time, it looks so magical. I am sending my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016!

  13. I always enjoy your photos of Nara park. It seems to be a place of peace and tranquility. All the best for a healthy and happy 2016.

  14. Thank you so much for introducing me to Arrietty, stardust. I absolutely love the drawings and checked out a video about the little character. She definitely would have been on my mind during the Enchanted Forest event had I only known of her existence. Everything was just her size! :)

  15. Dear Yoko - Nara Park is such a wonderful facility that you can all enjoy and share with one another so readily throughout the year. Each season is more beautiful than the last putting them all on an equal footing.
    Greetings to you and your family and wishing you a happy and healthy 2016.

  16. こぼれる様な春の桜の花びらから雪景色の奈良公園まで、素敵な写真のコレクションですね。一年はおそろしく早く感じるけど、このように写真を眺めてると、ゆったりとした季節のうつろいを感じることが出来るのだなあと思いました。

  17. こんばんは。今年も宜しくお願いします。一年の風景ですか。どれも素晴らしいですね。鷺池がとても素敵です。

  18. In accordance with the visitor’s heart... It seems to me that in this park any troubles bothering you will evaporate. Nothing but tranquility and harmony. From now on, your town, Yoko, will have this soothing effect for me.
    I was about to reply to Rajiv that I know where to buy excellent Macha green tea, but checked myself, for it would sound teasing.
    Have a nice warm Sunday, Yoko. And I should go back to students' works; fifth course is having their school practice, on Monday they will give their first lessons. Thank you for a relaxing break.

    1. Thank you for your concern. I answered his question in my comment to his post. I introduced Amazon and online shop of Japanese tea brand Ippodo and Fukujyuenn. I’m interested in where you buy excellent Matcha green tea. Maybe from France?


    2. Hi, Yoko, nice to hear from you.
      A friend of mine used to bring me Japanese tea from Vladivostok. But it cannot be compared with that I bought during the trip! These blends are a marvel; I'm savouring them and refill my cup again and again.
      I hope you are fine and haven't caught a cold. Are you?
      I am pretty busy having three lectures a week and ten students at school practice. My voice became hoarse, and it is only the beginning of the term!
      Yet, I published the first part of impressions from our travel. Not Nara - Tokyo came first. I guess, Nara will come last as splendid dessert. I read your post on Wabi-Sabi trying to structure my thoughts on Kyoto and Nara. They still need some time.
      Have a nice warm week end.

  19. Beautiful park in the four seasons. I love the spring and fall. by their smell and colors, Yoco.
    And thank you for your visits. Have a good weekend. ;)

  20. I always like to see the seasons changing on your blog, and now they are changing in just one post :). Great that Irina was able to visit, I hope she had as good a time as we did!
    It has been strangely warm in England until a few days ago. We went to Kensington Gardens and stopped to look around and it seemed so spring like. There were even bees buzzing around a plant, but that made me rather sad because now the weather has suddenly become colder and the bees really shouldn't be out in it.
    I hope they managed to get back to their hive and sleep...

  21. Thank you for this beautiful walk in your wonderful park. Your photos are so pretty and you always find lovely words to accompany them! Hugs for you Yoko and greetings from Israel. :-)

  22. I enjoyed your magical words as much as the beauty of your photos. Thank you.

  23. In your second picture showing the cherry blossom, there is a couple dressed in traditional Japanese costume.... do a lot of people dress in traditional clothes? Very beautiful and elegant.

  24. Yes, many people wear Japanese traditional kimono on each special passage of life including first visit to shrine by 30-day-old baby, 7,5,or 3-year-old celebration, coming of age day, graduation, wedding, mourning for parents, and so on. Recently more and more young ladies stroll around Kyoto and Nara in their kimonos and summer festival is full of ladies in simple summer cotton kimono.

    1. Thank you, I would love to see the young ladies in their kimonos. So elegant and colourful!

  25. お元気ですか? 何だろう? ブログを辞めても毎日忙しく過ごしていて、なかなかお邪魔する時間が取れなくてすみません。 この桜の写真はいいですね。今桜の見える観光地を捜していて(4月に日本旅行する予定です)、特に感動しました。 斎藤実さんが、奈良の吉野山が素敵と推薦してくださったので、旅館を捜してみたのですが、どこも満室か、あるいはお値段が高すぎて、結局長野の方に行こうかと思っています。東京からも結構近くて、温泉もあるので、今回は吉野山はあきらめます。 他の写真も素晴らしいです。 いつか機会があれば、写真も撮り方の指導してください。


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