Monday, August 3, 2020

Summer Travels to Japan Alps region

It's August!  The prolonged long rainy season is over at last.

At this time of year, my husband and I are always in the mood for travelling.

To get away from the dreadful heat and humid, we would often have 

a trip to our favorite Japan Alps region, highlands and mountains of 

Nagano, Gifu, Toyama, and Nigata prefectures of central Japan.

For the time being, however, we don't feel like having a trip.

So, here are photos from my favorite past summer travels. 

When you feel inclined to learn more, please have a visit to each post.

霧ヶ峰 Ridge of fog, on a clear day (2011)
Kirigamine Highland, Southern Japan Alps in the backdrop

上高地 Kamikochi Walk (2011)
Economy or Environment? (2012)
Northern Japan Alps, Nagano Prefecture
Taisho-ike Pond with Mt. Yake-dake

Geum pentapetalum (l.) Makino., or Aleutian avens, Tatamidaira Flower Field at Mt. Norikura-dake

Mysteriously radiant Atera-blue (2013)
Nagano Prefecture

Atera gorge

Mt. Tate-yama (3015m), 2007
Toyama Prefecture

Most of elementary and middle school students have very short summer holiday,

a couple of weeks depending on their grade and the region.

With travels cancelled, pools closed, no playing with cousins,

adults are thinking out how to make this historical strange summer holiday exciting for the kids. 

I see the current situation very serious but would like to be positive.

I'll have a break in blogging till September.

Be safe and in fit, dear Friends, while enjoying your season in possible ways.

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  1. Dear Yoko - mountains are my favourite place to travel to, and I do hope that you and your husband soon feel like taking a trip back to them - a change can do you good and mountains lift the spirits.
    Take care, and see you back here in September.

  2. Yoko - you have traveled to some very beautiful places. We also have the Avens flower in Montana, but I have never seen that many all in one location. Gorgeous. Enjoy your blogging break and we will see you in September. Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!

  3. It's difficult around the world and not an end in sight. It's a good time to look back on former trips and activities. I think it is hardest on children who don't understand all of the changes and new rules. Enjoy your blogging break. - Margy

  4. Somehow these are not the kind of landscapes we associate with Japan in the Western world, though I knew there were mountains of course. Now I shall go and visit the earlier posts.

  5. Beautiful mountain scenes. I too was going to travel to the mountains with a friend for an overnight retreat before she begins studying. In the end I decided I cannot take a chance with getting the virus so we are not taking the trip. Our rain stopped about 2.5 weeks ago and it's been hot. It was lovely to see your photos as show cool and refreshing scenes. enjoy your week ahead.

  6. Enjoy your break. I am taking a break here and there, not completely but that may change :-)

  7. Gorgeous pictures !!!! Your country is really beautiful !!!! Remind me Switzerland...
    Enjoy your break, safely !

  8. Thank you for sharing the nature side of Japan. I always think of it as just a small piece of land crowded with buildings. So lovely.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

    1. I’ m happy to know that I could show different aspect of my country to you. My country is a small island country consisting of big four islands and about 6000 tiny ones. About three-fourth of the land is mountainous. Large population lives on narrow coastal area, that’s why so crowded. I’d like more people to know the rich nature of my country and its beauties through four seasons.

  9. Hello,

    Beautiful scenery and views of the mountains. Love the photos. Enjoy your break!
    Take care and stay safe!

  10. Gracias Yoko por esta preciosa entrada llena de naturaleca. Me encantan las fotos amiga.
    Disfruta bien de ese descando.
    Te deseo un buen miércoles Y cuídate.
    Un abrazo.

  11. Such lovely photographs of a beautiful place! I would love to visit there too. Sad that people don't have the freedom to do these things now. Yes, we all have to get creative to make life fun and interesting at this unique time. Thank you for your lovely visit and message.

  12. Nice selection of pictures, Yoko. Does Japan have its own Alps? Something to dream of! Opening the links to these posts I realized why I missed them – your travels dates coincided with ours. There’s so much air in all photos, I literally feel this cool freshness. And mountains really look like norikura, should it be capitalized, btw? I loved your images and ducks specially:)
    Thank you very much, dear Friend. Take care, enjoy the rest of this historical strange summer. We will survive!
    Also at home, sharing your positive outlook,

  13. Be safe, stardust! These photos from past trips are amazing. Just recently, I watched a film about Japan. It showed some of the same scenes and explained that almost 70 percent of Japan's total land area is bejewelled with forests, largely because of the mountainous regions. We have many mountains and forests in B.C., too, so I feel a connection! Best wishes to you and your family during this break, and always!

  14. Yoko, I like your photos of your mountain vacation areas. I like the waters of the pond with the mountain in the distance and the dainty wild flowers in other photos. These are hard times world wide, be well my friend.

  15. I like traveling virtually with you and remembering past experiences. Enjoy the rest of your summer. The forest floor is changing here and temperatures are dropping. You know what that means!You and your family stay well, Yoko.

  16. Breath Taking Views - Thank You For Sharing


  17. Such gorgeous scenery! Enjoy your break.

  18. Deseo que sigas bien Yoko.
    Te deseo un buen septiembre. Cuidaros.
    Un abrazo.

  19. i hope you enjoying your break with family my friend

    such a gift is your blog that refreshes my soul each time i visit here
    thank you for links of previous posts ,it was beyond pleasure to share your former experience
    it seems magical indeed

  20. Hello, Yoko. No time or inspiration for blogging? That’s the case with me, I write sporadically. Published one on an interesting topic.
    Our academic year began online again. They promise to let us have classes in the University since September, 14.
    Hope you’re enjoying September. Keep safe, my distant dear friend!
    With warmest wishes,
    Irina and Doctor B.

  21. 懐かしい景色の写真が沢山あります。特にアルプスの頂上の雪の写真が印象に残っています。
    それまでstay homeの日々の生活を楽しみながら待ちましょう。

  22. Maravilhoso!
    Continuação de uma boa semana.


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