Monday, December 2, 2019

A deep autumn in the garden that once existed in Umekita

December, 2017

Umekita is the area expanding north of JR Osaka Station.
The empty lots in the photo above is the Second Phase Development Zone of Umekita.
The First Phase Development was Grand Front Osaka which opened in 2013.
Old posts; Night Strolls at the Grand Front Osaka
Winter illuminations and reflections around JR Osaka Station

Construction works are under way. 
8 hectares of spaces in total for the entire zone will include commercial facilities, 
office buildings, and a spacious 4.5 hectares urban park at its center. 
It will be open in 2024.

Today's post is a deep autumn found in the Umekita Garden 
which used to be in the valley of the tall buildings and was closed in March of 2018.

Umeda Sky Building on the right; Panoramic views at the "Sky Walk" (a post in 2013)

Looking up to the high-rises

Free and comfortable in the warm sunlight

Autumn color palette

Merry-go-round of flower cages go round up and down.
Season is changing, so is the city-scape.
This garden disappeared one year and 10 months ago.
I look forward to seeing what this area will look like in 2024.

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  1. The garden was very lovely but change is constantly happening. So it will good to see the new development once it's finished and to visit the new garden there. Where I live the change is very huge over the past decade and there is a lot more coming. It is not the same place it was even a decade ago.

  2. Oh i felt sad for the such glorious garden has disappeared dear friend !

    rising sky crapers are eating up the natural beauty so fast
    i fear the future of beautiful minds and souls who want to live near Nature and find it strong way to speak with Lord !

  3. I always admired the artistic sky scrappers in Osaka and Tokyo. I even paid attention to those tremor-proof buildings in Tokyo which amazed me. I could see all their giant springs and supports at the bottom that held the huge building. We could never seen this in any other country except Japan.

    I love your photography always as they give out the warmth & colourful feelings. Your last photo is so creative and beautiful.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the flowers in the bird cages, so pretty.

  5. Beautiful pictures !!!!!!
    The colors are so bright !!!!
    Have a lovely week !

  6. Beautiful pictures of autumn’s palette, stardust. It is strange how we are losing our flower gardens just when we need them the most. Rapid highrise development happens in my world, too. Up, up we go as space around us gets smaller and tighter. We need housing but we also need life to exist as part, not separate, from nature.

  7. Aren't the birdcages beautiful! I love Autumn colors and we have some now too. Beautiful photos today!

  8. So sad that the garden has been closed - but I understand the city is growing and people have to live somewhere! I am glad that you were able to capture some photos of it before it was closed - lovely colors and textures. But best of all are the rotating birdcages with flowers - what an innovative idea! Thanks for sharing with Mosaic Monday!

  9. If I lived or worked in those buildings I'd need a garden to escape to. Such a shame this lovely place is no more, except in your lovely photographs. I like the idea of flowers growing in birdcages - might steal that idea for my own little garden.

  10. Wow,love those photos,especially the last one☺

  11. Wonderful autumn photos.
    I wonder what the plants think of living on a Merry go Round? Maybe that it is always breezy?

    Lovely day to you!

  12. Hello Dear Yoko!
    Beautiful pictures and great autumn.
    Wonderful colors and flowers.
    Hugs and greetings.

  13. What a great bunch of photos! I am always amazed at how fast buildings go up. Your casual shots of the flowers and leaves are lovely--I just took some similar shots of long grass seed heads just a few minutes ago!

    My Corner of the World

  14. So incredible what people can build.

  15. Hello, Yoko, haven't heard from you for ages. It's a pleasure to find you as active, with a shrewd eye, as ever.
    A wonderful mixture of sity- and landscape! I've never seen merry-go-round of flower cages, looks like a great idea of decor.
    We're back from a two-week vacation and plunged into work at once. With the end of the term and exam session I'm too busy to write, but this will be over soon.
    Take care, dear Yoko.
    with best wishes,
    Irina and Doctor B.

  16. You've shared some lovely photographs.
    The flowers in the bird cages are amazing.

    All the best Jan

  17. 梅北ガーデンなくなってしまったのですか。

  18. There is always change, especially evident in the city. I'm glad you have these lovely photos to remind you of a special autumn garden.


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