Monday, November 18, 2019

Warm, sunny autumn days

Autumn has been here in my part of the world, a very mild, warm autumn.
It has been sunny almost every day.
Strong sunlight has made people feel like summer days.

Camellia Sasanqua started blooming in my garden.

On the day of the autumn harvest festival of the local shrine in the late October,
the “mikoshi”, or portable shrine, was carried around the town.
 Local children are always a part of it.
The parade passes by very close to my house every year.

For the first time in his life, my husband has been in a hospital for a surgery.
The surgery was for his spinal stenosis.
The doctor made a single, long cut to remove the bone spurs at the three places
 that were putting pressure on his nerves.
Everything is going fine.
The potato mushroom potage eased my heart and body 
when I was waiting for the finish of his surgery.

 Athletic Meeting, Halloween, playing outside....
grandchildren couldn't keep still, as always!

Otober events
Last week, I accompanied my daughter's family to the nearby park.
I was realized it was in the attire of incredible vibrant colors.

Nov. 15th
How happy to have fun and laugh in the splash of colors!
The little children's loved grandpa is coming home soon.

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  1. my dear friend Yoko

    i am sorry that your dear husband had back problem !

    this is grace of lord that surgery went fine and he is getting better !i can imagine the relief of you and your family about his successful recovery

    thank you for sharing the glorious soothing glimpse of your enchanting winters :)))

    each image is CAPTIVATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy family time within heaven given by God is BLESSING INDEED!

    the smiling faces of your family made my heart so happy and serene :) your park is splendid !
    have more blessings each day my friend!

  2. Wonderful colors and such enchanting photos of the children at play. Have a grand week!!

  3. Hello, lovely photos of your family. The Autumn colors are beautiful. I hope your husband is recovering from his surgery. Sending prayers and well wishes. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  4. I was glad to hear that your husband is doing well from his surgery and will soon be home. Your angles and perspectives are always so special. The way you photographed the camellia blooming in the garden has a purity to it that reveals the wonder in our world. You are lucky to be on the route of a portable shrine designed to bring happiness wherever it goes.

  5. Lucky you ! Our autumn is cold and rainy....
    Glad your husband is doing well after his first surgery !
    Great pictures !!!
    Have a lovely week !

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  7. Dear Yoko - I am so pleased to learn that your husband's surgery was successful. It must have been an anxious time for you both.
    It is lovely that you have been enjoying some pleasant, warm, Autumn weather, so much better too for your husband's recuperation.
    Lovely golden Autumn colours on your trees which look particularly good set off against the blue skies.

  8. After a cold, rainy October, November started sunny and warm. But now it has returned to it's normal cold, rainy, windy self in our BC hometown. Good thing we are down in California enjoying the warm sunshine. - Margy

  9. Hola Yoko. Me alrgra que tu marido esté bien de su cirugía, ahora a recuperarse.
    Me encanta el otoño con sus gran variedad de colores,e upendo que los niños participen en los desfiles.
    Buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

  10. In autumn nature dresses in fantastic colors.
    Children always love to participate in festivals and parades, it's always fun and they feel important to be collaborating as well.
    What a beautiful picture of your daughter and granddaughter.
    I wish your husband a speedy and complete recovery.
    Hugs and all the best

  11. I'm very glad that your husband's surgery went well, it is quite worrying to sit and wait, isn't it? Bt now he will be so much more comfortable. I am glad, too, that your autumn is mild. Ours is too, and also not too windy, so the leaves are still on the trees. When we were in Suffolk last week however nearly all the vegetation was gold, a remarkable sight, as if someone had changed the colour balance on the scene :)

  12. I am sure your husband's surgery was a stressful time for him and the entire family. I am glad to hear that he will be returning home soon. The collage with the pictures that have been adapted to look like watercolor drawings - I love it! I hope you can continue to enjoy playing with your grandchildren in the park! Thanks so much for returning to Mosaic Monday!

  13. Dear Yoko!
    I wish your husband a speedy recovery.
    I send prayers to God the Father.
    Your family is adorable and very happy.
    Great pictures, Yoko!
    I send hugs and greetings.

  14. Please tell your husband I am sending him Good vibrations for a successful recovery, and tell him that he must do what the doctor tells him to do, and also he must do what you tell him to do!!!!! And give him a hug from me!
    I love the photographs of the children playing among the lovely autumn colours! What a beautiful memory.

  15. So that's where all the sunshine has gone! It's been a rather wet and cloudy autumn here. So sorry to hear that your husband has needed surgery on his back and hope all goes well with his recovery.

  16. Many good wishes for your husband, may he have a speedy recovery!
    Greetings to you Yoko! :-)

  17. You are lucky to have a house near a parade route. Our condo in Powell River BC is like that. We face onto the old main street in town where all the parades and festivals are held. I like not having to drive and try to find parking in our little town with only a few spots. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. - Margy

  18. 三碓神社のお祭りは10月だったのだ。あまり早く日がたってしまってため息でそう。

  19. I hope your husband is recovering well …
    Lovely photographs here.

    All the best Jan

  20. I love seeing your autumn colors and your happy grandchildren, Yoko. I hope your husband is entirely mended.


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