Monday, February 3, 2020

The color red to ward off evil spirits

Nara-machi Museum

Nara-machi, a quaint, nostalgic, and charming town close to Nara Park, 
is a town of Koshin faith.  
Monkeys made of red cloth are hanged from the eaves of each house 
as substitute monkeys for protecting families inside from diseases and disasters. 
Since the ancient times, red color is believed to be a lucky color to ward off evil spirits. 
The number of the red monkeys show how many people inside they protect.  

An old townhouse, renovated and re-purposed into a gallery cafe

Apart from the scapegoat monkeys.....,
red is eye-catching.
Kafka in Nara-machi?  

I like it when red color is used as an accent.
I chose some unpublished photos in which red spices up the landscape.

The town was getting busier toward the holiday season.

Kobe-ohashi Bridge connecting downtown Kobe and man-made Port Island

So many countries have stepped up fight against the epidemic of the novel coronavirus.
Knowing the fact that about 10000 people dying of influenza in Japan,
I have to be more cautious as unknown disease is frightening. 
But what I've been doing is my habitual preventive measures
when flu and colds are going around.
Personally, flu and noro-virus are more threats in reality so far.
In addition to what is written at Healthy Habits to Help Prevent Flu,
I keep handy packs of alcohol-based sterilized cotton in my bag 
in case soap and water are not available.
Inside the house, I use humidifying air cleaner.
About 50% humidity is thought to make viruses much less active.
More importantly, enough sleep, balanced diet, and exercises
would be necessary not to lower one's immunity.

The first torii gate to the Kasuga Grand Shrine
This photo was published in A snow day in Nara Park, 2011.
No snow yet in this winter.

Be safe and take care of yourself, everybody worldwide.

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  1. Beautiful winter photos. I also like all the pops of red in your photos. It is good that you know what to do to keep your immune system strong and to try and avoid flus and colds. Prayers are definitely needed for the people in China and now all around the world where the virus has been spread by travellers. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Love your splashes of red !!!!
    Your pictures are always a delight !
    Take care !
    Have a lovely week !

  3. A touch of red on a gray palette is uplifting. It is the color of blood running through our veins giving us life. With easy travel, we are a global community where a disease can touch anyone like the color red. Your tips are great. Small packs of alcohol-based sterilized cotton are very handy … they go with me whether I travel near or far. As always, stay well, stardust!

  4. Dear Yoko - I was really interested to learn how the colour red is used in Japan to ward off evil spirits, and I am also reminded that bridal dresses in many eastern countries are made using red fabric, symbolising good luck, happiness, and prosperity.
    Curiously my next post will also be about 'Good Luck', may be we are feeling along similar lines with the many problems that are confronting us all at this moment in time.
    I do hope that all of the major efforts being taken to contain the coronavirus epidemic are successful and that it will soon be brought under control.
    Take care and be safe.

  5. Hello, lovely images with splashes of red. I like the red monkeys. The bridge is beautiful. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!

  6. Wonderful photos! I especially like the phot of the bridge! Wishing you well!

  7. Beautiful photos and the red is a wonderful accent and topic for photography.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  8. Yoko - China and all those affected by these virus strains are in my thoughts and prayers. I think of red as the color of courage - a terrific, strong color to draw attention! Thanks for supporting the Mosaic Monday linky party!

  9. Dear Yoko,
    I love your pictures with splashes of red. The first remind of our memorable walk in Nara-machi, the last resembles entrance to one of Kyoto shrines.
    Our winter is cold and snowy. No preventive measures helped, unfortunately, not even wearing masks. I fell ill and on sick leave now. In my usual state I feel more like a child of Wind, which is good, I think (thank you for explaining), right now the feelings of a child of Fire prevail. Take care, my dear friend, God save you and your family.
    With best wishes, hoping to get well soon,
    PS. Kafka is not an ordinary name for a bookstore:) Must be the proprietor's special liking.

  10. I didn't know that the colour red warded off evil spirits, but it certainly lifts any photograph where it's included.

  11. Perhaps I'm a bit superstitious. After reading about the meaning of red, I'm glad I bought a red down vest for myself, rather than a muted color. We recently learned that a couple in our small rural California city caught the novel coronavirus. We really live in a small world.

  12. Replies
    1. Lady Fi,I really appreciate your constant visits and comments. I haven’t been able to send a comment as stardust.
      My comment on your newest post; What a n-ice landscape! The two dogs are nice, patient models.

    2. So sorry to hear you are having trouble commenting. You should be able to comment as Anonymous otherwise. You can just write your name in the comment if you want.

  13. Hola Yoko. Me encanta el rojo. Es un color que da alegría. Lindas fotos y más la del puente.
    Siemto mucho lo del coronavirus. En España de momento solo un miembro de una familia aislada en el Hospital de Mallorca presenta fiebre. En Madrid hay varias personas en cuarentena pero no presentan síntomas. Esperemos que no tengan el virus y que pronto den con una vacuna.
    Te deseo un buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  14. I like the photo of the torii gate and all the pops of red in your photos of the town. I hope we all stay well.

  15. I love this deep red colour, it’s invigorating and very cheerful. I love to wear red too.

    The coronavirus is scary. I hope it will soon have run its course and people can relax.

  16. Hello Yoko, As you know, I'm a red-loving person. I use it to accent my home, though I rarely wear it. I hope it does ward off evil! Our son had a wonderful ski trip to Japan. I spoke of you and Tomoko so many times before he left. Bob and I are being careful because of all the sickness going around. Since we live in a resort town, we get visitors from around the globe. I'm careful to wash my hands or spray with a special disinfectant I carry with me in a small bottle. I wish continued good health for you and your family.

  17. I really like the color red. I found the tradition of the color red to ward off evil spirits, very interesting.
    Wonderful photos, especially the last of the Torri gate.
    Let us pray that the coronavirus is quickly controlled.
    My daughter lives in Macau and I'm so worried.
    Take care and keep weel
    Hugs from Portugal

  18. oh this is unfamiliar but interesting fact about red color dear Yoko :)

    first of all i want to wish you safe healthy life as we also have heard about cronavirus and people re being affected and other are getting afraid
    i hope authorities take step to wards betterment of ht public health
    i like red roses and i find particular things attractive if they are red such as i loved the red bridge you shred here ,personally i wore or have least of red though
    i really found these photos LOVELY you shared here my friend!
    health ,peace and joy ahead!

  19. 雪の春日大社は、さぞかし綺麗でしょうね。 

  20. 赤は元気が出る色。


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