Saturday, November 18, 2017

Fabulous autumn coloration of Chinese Tallow Trees

In Nara Park, there are many Chinese Tallow Trees.
I’ve been enchanted by their autumn foliage since I moved to Nara City.
 I'll pick up three places I like to see their colored leaves.

November 10, 2017

Along the road bridge over Ara-ike Pond, one of the gateways to Nara Park,
the leaves of Chinese Tallow Trees turn colors 
a little earlier than the other places.

October 21, 2017

Five-storied Pagoda of Kofuku-ji Temple beyond the pond

Road-bridge over Ara-ike Pond

At Daibutsu-ike Pond, I always enjoy the playfulness of light, shadows, 
and the colored leaves.

November 10, 2017

Which reflection do you prefer, translucent water-color, with gold, or oil-painting touch?

Gold reflections of Ginkgo、2013

Ukigumo Park of the Nara Park gets ablaze with spectacular colors in mid-November.

Coloring process
1. The green leaves start turning colors in mid-October.
2. Yellow, orange, red and pale green colors can be seen on one tree in late October.
3. At its best early to mid-November 
4. Seed covered with white wax

Mesmerizing tangerine-colored foliage in the light.

November 10, 2017

Kaleidoscopic ceiling!

Ukigumo Park is a popular site for school excursion and wedding commemorative photography.
Every one enjoys his/her/its share of pleasure.

Almost all the leaves fall to the ground mid-to-late November
and only seeds covered with a layer of pure white wax remain into December. 

The trees stand tall and proud showing off the bare branches in January next year.

January, 2017


  1. You amazed me with your excellent skills of capturing dear Yoko!!!

    i feel so happy to explore your really very CHARMING part of the land dear friend,

    each view of your lashing city is "uplifting " it makes my day with joy and serenity:)

  2. Absolutely beautiful. You always amaze me with your photographic eye and the beauty you show us.

  3. そろそろ紅葉アップされるかと待ってました!数年前の写真も入ってるとのことですが、良いタイミングで楽しんで来られましたね。結婚式にも出会えてラッキーでした。11番目の紅葉はダイナミックで息を呑むようです。少々オーバーワークで忙しく中々出かけられません。土曜日の英語から今戻りました。又ね。

  4. Gorgeous park, gorgeous pictures !!!!
    Thanks for sharing those beauties...
    Have a cozy weekend !

  5. Charming beauty, very captivating colors. Very interesting information. Dear Yoko, every post makes me more fascinated by the beautiful country. Mysterious sensitivity and absolutely unique subtlety. Japan is even more fascinated by me. I like what you show. I feel a sensitive, kindred soul.
    But I have some surprise. I found that the author of the Japanese anthem Kimi ga yo, is a Pole. He was born in 1852 in Nowa Ruda. It's Poland.
    Moreover, there is an article and photo of the monument of the author of the hymn.
    I am so sorry, I have not translated it, because the original text is the most reliable
    This article is in the internet.
    The information was discovered by a scientist, who has studied the topic of Poles
    Hymn Japonii skomponował mieszkaniec Nowej Rudy
    To w Nowej Rudzie urodził się autor hymnu Japonii. 5 kwietnia 1852 roku w Neurode przyszedł na świat Franz von Eckert. Rodzina szybko dostrzegła jego talent muzyczny i wysłała go do konserwatorium we Wrocławiu. Potem kontynuował naukę w Dreźnie. Karierę muzyczną w wojsku von Eckert rozpoczął w Nysie, stąd trafił do Wilhelmshaven, gdzie został kapelmistrzem marynarki wojennej.

    Pomnik Franza von Eckerta /Jacek Skóra /RMF FM
    W tym samym czasie szukano muzyków do marynarki wojennej. Urodzony w dawnej Nowej Rudzie muzyk świetnie się do tego nadawał i w wieku 27 lat trafił do Tokio. Początkowo był kapelmistrzem cesarskiej marynarki, potem trafił na dwór cesarski, gdzie założył orkiestrę.

    W 1880 roku otrzymał zlecenie na skomponowanie hymnu narodowego. Muzyk wzorując się na tradycyjnych utworach japońskich przygotował instrumentalną wersję utworu, której premiera odbyła się 2 listopada 1880 roku z okazji urodzin cesarza. Osiem lat później utwór oficjalnie stał się hymnem Japonii. Kilka lat później Franz von Eckert trafił do Korei, gdzie także założył orkiestrę i skomponował hymn państwa. Muzyk zmarł w 1916 roku w Seulu i tam został pochowany.

    O znanym muzyku przypomina w Nowej Rudzie specjalny pomnik, który w 2006 roku postawiono na placu przed miejscowym domek kultury.

    Forgive me please, the long comment.
    Send you my greetings

  6. wow! so wonderful colors and photos!

  7. I love the way you share the beauty of seen places! And I admired and enjoyed "the playfulness of light, shadows, and the colored leaves"... also, the reflections and the views so well captured. Someone said recently in a comment to my post that "autumn is like life itself"... colorful, vibrant, sometimes full or not of various feelings, emotions and thoughts...if it can be said like this!
    Many thanks for the lovely aspects captured and shared in your amazing autumnal post. I have a favorite picture, i might say, ant it isthe one with the children, deers, falling leaves and the couple in the park. But all are amazing!
    Best regards to you and a great autumn in november!

  8. Dear Yoko,
    sometimes your photos look unbelievable. I have to remind myself that this is magic of nature. Yet, the masterhhip of the author of the pictures matters a real lot. Thank you, my dear friend, for a generous portion of colours. In our laitudes white predominates and will do till late March. Wish you warm weather!

  9. I don't know that I could add anything to the applause you have received in the above comments. I will say, though, that this is perhaps the best autumnal display of changing colors I've ever seen. The highlights for me were the deer, the wedding photography and the pagoda peeking above the trees. As usual, it is a true joy to not only look at your gorgeous photos but to read your commentary. It makes me feel as though I've been there and shared this experience with you.

    I hope that your life is filled with joy and peace and lots of love!

  10. Your photos always look so delicate and fragile, even when the colours are so bright and cheerful. Our autumn colour seems to be lasting a long time this year, though that may be because I've had more time to appreciate it.

  11. I love your selection of autumn colours Yoko, some offset against blue skies and others enhanced by the golden reflections shining upwards from the water.
    These are happy colourful moments before winter arrives.

  12. You have a gift for capturing beauty, both with your images and your words. The second picture stands out for me with the light coming from behind the leaves, and the Gold reflections of Ginkgo is a close second.

  13. The single leaf seemingly in midair but perhaps stopped on its journey by a spider’s web, the bridal gown leaving a trail of white amid crunchy red leaves … flowing on a yellowing lawn, the lone deer dwarfed beneath tall slender bare-branched trees … the world is exquisitely poetic when seen through your lens, stardust. Thanks as always for sharing!

  14. Fabulous it is the precise word. What a lot of beauty contained in these precious instants in which the trees lose and give way to the circumstances! In spite of their fragility, the fiery color of the leaves on the verge of falling down, the spider that it hangs from a thread ... they do not stop being spectacular in these precious photographies.

  15. Schilderachtig mooi !! de bladeren zo veel kleurtjes,de bruidsfoto zo mooi!!
    de natuur is een spel van schaduw en licht, en de goud reflecties op het water.
    Dit is genieten Yoko!

    lieve groet

    Quaintly beautiful !! the leaves so many colors,the wedding photo so beautiful !!
    nature is a play of shadow and light, and the gold reflections on the water.
    This is enjoying Yoko!

    with kind regards

  16. Such a joy to see the colors of Chinese Tallow Trees! So beautiful. Autumn is a precious time. Thank you for sharing your colors with us!

  17. Thank you, Valerie, for your constant visits and comments. Have a nice week!

  18. I agree with the others...these are the most colorful leaves I've seen! Just beautiful! And the lighting was just right for you to get some amazing photos! Hugs!

  19. Dear Yoko, you certainly have an artists eye when looking through your camera lens, it is hard to chose a favourite image because they are all so amazing. It has been a joy to sit quietly and visit the parks with you today.

  20. Hi Yoko, isn't it so beautiful. Orange is Autumnal feeling, love them all.

  21. pectacular colors that Yoko always gives us autumn!! I love this season of the year. Beautiful pictures.
    Buen martes.

  22. こんばんは。ナンキンハゼと奈良のお寺、よくマッチしていますね。前にも書きましたがトウカエデがあまりないのは不思議です。

  23. Hello dear Yoko!
    I love Park Nara and now it looks phenomenal in the fall.
    I admire wonderful animals that are not afraid of people. They feel safe in this park.
    Yoko, thank you for seeing beautiful autumn.
    In my country it was raining, there was no sunshine and I did not see the colorful leaves on the trees.

    Kisses and greetings.

  24. 紅葉の中での結婚写真なんて、洒落ていますね。 


  25. Oh my, such delicately beautiful images you have captured. The colours of the leaves are amazing and I loved the cute deer in your collage!
    What a wonderful place to have your wedding photographs. If the bride had known your talent I'm sure she would have hired you ;)
    Have a wonderful week.

  26. Fabulous photos! I love Autumn :)

  27. Wonderful colours! I love the picture of the spiders and the leaf, although I really don't like spiders very much. If I ever get the chance to visit Japan, I definitely want to come to Nara Park to see the deer and all those wonderful trees.

  28. Such mesmerizing pictures Yoko, I am captivated with the changing colors of the leaves with time. The dance of colors and light and shadow in nature is beautiful - through your lens, they look magical! I spotted the deer in there as well, so adorable and for your question, I would take the translucent gold colored water reflections over the oil painted one. Hope you have been doing well and wish you a fabulous (winter?) season ahead!

  29. So beautiful! I love fall and the change of the leaves. We don't have that in Florida. It's perpetually summer, with a touch of spring now and again. Sometimes we have to get away to experience the other seasons. =)

  30. I'm glad to see your Chinese Tallow trees Yoko. The shades and hues of color make them spectacular. I love the photo of the spiders with the caught leaf. You've captured so many stages of the tree's life in your photos. They are giant trees!

  31. As well you say in the title of the post, fabulous. You have showed and spoken to us about a fantastic palette of colors that is a pleasure to estimate.

  32. O meu coração vibrou nas frequências mais divinais ao sentir as tuas fotos. Porque as tuas fotos não existem para serem vistas com os olhos. Elas, as tuas fotos, vão direto para as batidas do coração, de quem tem peito aberto para ser levado, para deixar fluir a beleza por aqui, compartilhada.
    Espero que as minhas palavras e sentimentos sejam compreendidos por você, querida Yoko. Mais uma vez a minha gratidão _/|\_


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