Friday, June 16, 2017

Green reflections at 瑠璃光院 Ruriko-in

Enveloped in rich nature at the foot of Mt. Hiei, 
Ruriko-in shines emerald both inside and outside,
though "ruri" of Ruriko-in means lapis lazuli.

A brook flows around the ground of the temple with rustling sound.

Ruriko-in Temple is a place for quiet contemplation and reflection.
It is also a place of enchanting reflection
as you see the reflecting greenery on the tables in the photo on the top and below.

Greens are reflected on the glittering clean floor, too.

The reflections on glasses, floors, or tables are fluid 
changing subtly according to light
but not so fleeting like the reflections on water.

The mezzanine corridor
Traditional Japanese houses are designed to cope with hot and humid summer.
As you see, the house is raised approximately 50 cm above ground level 
to avoid moisture from the ground and eaves are deep.
In the humid air, you feel like that you are bathed in dripping green shower 
due to the lush green and its reflections on the windowpanes and floors.

The polished wooden floor looks greenish reflecting the garden greenery.
Have a seat to look at.....

The tea room at the ground floor
a moss garden "Ruri no Niwa" meaning lapis lazuri garden ....

other garden things including a nicely displayed roof tile,

....or carp in the pond and reflections on water.

To cope with hot and humid summer, ventilation is more than enough.
The whole structure is almost entirely opened to the free flow of air. 

These are “shoji” windows with translucent white paper 
mounted on the outer side of a wooden lattice. 
Shoji doors, windows, and screens are made by special craftsmen, tategu-ya.
Japanese papers diffuse light and absorb humidity.
The white papers look greenish in the soft diffused light.

Light flickers through leaves outside.
Rainy season set in about a week ago officially.
Since then, however, it has been sunny and breezy so far.

Thirteen-story stone pagoda

Linked to Weekend Reflections

I prefer the rainy season to the intense full summer.
These posts are about why and how I like and enjoy the rainy season of Japan.


  1. What a beautiful green oasis Yoko - just looking at your wonderful images makes me feel very calm and totally relaxed.

  2. A pure green oasis for the soul. Love your images! Really relaxing and perfect to get me in the weekend mood.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I can feel the gentle rustling of leaves in these photos, stardust. In my corner of the world, we’re experiencing similar weather. I actually prefer the rainy season over hot dry weather and I’m partial to all the shades of green that the rain makes possible. These colors of life and renewal reflect so beautifully in every square inch of the cleverly designed room I see in your photos.

  4. 瑠璃光院に行って来られたのですね!新鮮な緑の庭とお部屋に写る絵が素晴らしくて実は私も予定していたのですが、行けませんでした。梅雨の時期はカメラを持って出かけるのはおっくうになりがちですが、閉じこもっていてはもったいない美しい季節ですね。Than you for sharing such a beautiful green garden! 又!

  5. Greetings, Yoko! Emeralds are my favorite stones and they are Lois Anne's birthstone. This post is absolutely breathtaking! The colors sing, and the reflections carry one off into another world. What a delightful place. I don't think I'd ever want to leave. Thank you for sharing these superb photos and again, I'm wishing you and your family a life filled with love and laughter, prosperity and good health!

  6. The green of the trees and the bushes, and the delicate reflections on the polished floor are all so beautiful. So restful. It would be lovely to sit and rest and contemplate life in those calm surroundings.

  7. What a gorgeous oasis, Yoko! Absolutely spectacular and very soothing! And my favourite colour is green! I love places like this! Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Wow, that floor is amazingly shiny and clean producing terrific reflections. Great camera work.

  9. Lovely photos! I love the reflections.

  10. Japanese temples and shrines are so peaceful and beautiful. great images.

  11. Amazing !!! And those green !!! Beautiful !!!!!

  12. Konnichiwa Yoko-San. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of the rich emerald green forests and trees. This place is a very unusual place with so much clear reflections that have deep meanings in the whole surroundings, ambiance and reflections. Life is truly a wonderful illusion in our mind.

  13. The green is so soothing and peaceful, Yoko reflects the silent laid back ness of the place. The comparison of the reflections on the solid vs those cast on the water is surreal. All the pictures look like a beautiful painting, ethereal and uplifting for the mind and soul. Rainy season has set in here as well after a full intense summer, it will last for about 3 months or so. Wish you a very happy weekend!

  14. こんばんは。あの床紅葉が見られるお寺ですか。磨かれた床に映る新緑も素敵ですね。古いガラスが使ってあると、均質でないそれに何か温かみを感じます。

    1. たぶん実相院のことを思われていると思いますが、実相院では宮殿内の床もみじ、床みどりの撮影は禁止のようです。この瑠璃光院では撮影できました。なにしろ拝観料2000円ですから、撮影できないとショックです。簡単な写経もできいい時を過ごせました。

  15. wow! Such a beautiful place and photos!

  16. What a magical world of green!

  17. How poetic and serene environment you displayed here dear Stardust!!!

    it is healing and magical to eyes and soul, thank you sooooooooooo... much for bringing deep sense of pleasure into my heart.

    photos of stunning rooms and reflections are breathtaking ,i am amazed with your handling of lenses my friend!

  18. Now that is one clean floor


  19. So much beauty! Incredible! Thank you for your always wonderful posts. :-)

  20. Yoko, olá querida! Espero que você a sua família estejam bem.
    Lapis lazuli me encanta, um mineral que acho belíssimo!
    O som das águas é muito relaxante e associado ao silêncio é revigorante. Onde morro há um lago com muitas carpas, gosto de apreciar.
    Gostei muito de ver o reflexo da água no piso, realmente uma beleza sem igual. Mas fiquei imensamente encantada com a parece esverdeada pela vegetação. Inusitado para mim!
    Encantada, mais uma vez, com as qualidade das suas fotos, Yoko.
    Um beijo e uma ótima semana.

  21. Hello Yoko, This is all very beautiful and such an array of photo opportunities for you....I always think of you as Mistress of Reflections....wonderful images!

    Thank you - have a lovely week,

  22. Een mooie groene oase,mooi zo te wonen als het warm is of koel
    prachtige foto,s, yoko dat is puur genieten,
    Hier in Nederland is het op dit moment 31 graden,deze temperatuur is men hier niet gewend.
    Wens je een mooie week!
    Groetjes Christiene.

    A beautiful green oasis, beautiful to live when it's hot or cool
    Beautiful picture, s, Yoko that is pure enjoyment,
    Here in the Netherlands it is currently 31 degrees, this temperature is not used to this.
    Wish you have a nice week!
    Greetings Christiene.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this beaitiful post yoko.
    Have a wonderful day.

  24. Hello dear Yoko!

    As always great pictures and beautiful pictures.
    Kisses and greetings.

  25. Wonderful green reflections, Yoko. A fanatastic series of beautiful photos. I am green. So now we have the garden, green and very cute.
    Good Tuesday, my friend.

  26. Verdure filling the Universe is my impression of it! Thank you, Yoko. The pictures look soothing, yet invigorating. I would love to have tea in that "tea room at the ground floor".
    My hectic June with exams and diploma defences is coming to an end. I hope to finally be able to rest this summer. Wish you cool serene joyful days, dear Yoko.
    With best wishes,

  27. Your photos are so lovely. I enjoyed you pointing out the details and how they effect life and ones experience. It offered me the opportunity to look at things anew. It really is a green time of year, here too. Thank you. Happy Summer to you, wishing you some rain amongst the heat.

  28. Absolutely beautiful! At first I thought that hardwood floor was water.

    So you know, you could have the heat and the rain. Florida's hurricane season starts June 1st and ends in September. =)

  29. Bom dia, maravilhosos verdes que transmitem o bem estar da paz, a selecção de fotos é excelente.

  30. Hello Yoko! Such a beautiful and enchanting reflection place presented!! The emerald green seen all over is absolutely gorgeous. It's amazing to see that the greens are reflected on the glittering clean floor as you beautifully captured in pictures above. And so interesting name, as you mentioned since lapis lazuli is actually a deep blue metamorphic rock. I had no idea about that. Many thanks for all of these aspects shared and the beauty captured through your camera lens.
    As always a very wonderful tour; a delight for eyes and soul.
    A sunny day and nice creative weekend, too! Alexa

  31. So many hues of green flowing inside and outside this temple. Green is my birth color - it's so calming and quiet, allowing the mind and the spirit to rest. I am surrounded by green, too, finally - wildflowers are starting to bloom along the forest trails. I hope you and your Family are well, Yoko.

  32. Hello dear Yoko!!! Such a stunning greenery scenery! Green is my favorite color and I absolutely love green in Mother Nature! Your sensibility allways touch me! Your photos are amazing. Thank you so much for another beautiful post!
    Wishing you and family a happy summer. Hugs and love from Portugal. Ana (from Ana Love Craft)

  33. Hello yoko!
    I love these words of yours: "I named my handle name "Stardust." I'm consisted of particles, like a stardust, drifting in space, hoping to shine with her spirit burning bright someday. Still, such particles feel and think on this planet -- what a mystery, what a wonder, what a blessing! My icon lotus flower symbolizes "spiritual growth from the muddy darkness to the light of the sun"."
    Thank you so much for all your generosity. Kisses!!!

  34. It would make the humid, hot weather more pleasant to have lush greenery and water. Here in England it was 34 degrees and humid recently. We found it quite hard, as we're not used to it.

  35. The green feels so cool. I love the reflections. Beautiful photos.

  36. Nice to see you enjoying the rainy season. It's beautiful where you are with the reflections and greenery. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Absolutely stunning of the place, sleep and dream of beinging there, cheers Yoko.

  38. What a wonderful place! Calm and beauty. A praise to the simplicity. It is absent of pomp and ornament, spectacular in his nudity and in the quality of the materials that they compose it, very related to the natural environment which it joins, forming a set that, undoubtedly, it invites to the meditation. Thank you, Yoko, for sharing so beautiful images and words that help to its comprehension.

  39. Green reflections at 瑠璃光院 Ruriko-in. Enveloped in rich nature at the foot of Mt. Hiei,. Ruriko-in shines emerald both inside and outside,.


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