Monday, July 3, 2017

Nice things during the rainy season, 2017

Since the start of the rainy season ("tsuyu" in Japanese meaning "apricot rains) in early June,
it has rained little unusually here in Kansai region.
However torrential rains could cause flooding and landslide along the Sea of Japan
and a typhoon is approaching.

Rain is so important for the cultivation of rice which is staple food of Japan.  

From the car window
I like to see the paddies filled with water right after the planting of rice seedlings.

Asuka Village
Sometimes rain can be gentle enough to nourish your soul as well as plants
and sometimes so violent to shutter the roots.

Wild flowers

Chicks of Swallow
During the rainy season, moss becomes lush and beautiful more and more
with other vegetation.

The stone children would be singing in the rain.

The Garden of Sanzen-in Temple

In the lull of the rains, sunshine feels dazzling.
I am reminded of the blueness of the sky.

Birds enjoy puddles.

When no rains, it’s this little boy who makes my garden wet.

He likes to blow soap bubbles.   

Roses gave way to hydrangeas in mid-June in my garden.

All the hydrangeas have gone withered by now.

A hydrangea on blooming
I like the refreshing feel of a rainy day
including the smell of the wet garden, the sound of rain,
and jewels-like raindrops.

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  1. A beautiful post with lovely photos and pretty mosaics, I love to listen to the rain when I am warm and cosy indoors.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  2. 清々しい一瞬のショットどれも素晴らしいです。明日香の田んぼは水が豊かにはって。お米は順調に育っているようですね。明日から大雨が降るそう。

  3. Beautiful post. Love the bubbles! I enjoy the rain -- the nice soft, walking in the rain kind! Happy Monday!

  4. This is such a magical post! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Your grandson is a fine little helper to keep the garden green, stardust. I don’t like the extremes in weather but I do love living in a rainy region where sometimes the entirety of existence seems reflected in a single drop or even a soap bubble. The stone children look comfortable nestled in the mossy grass and the birds seem to appreciate bathing in that beautiful puddle!

  6. Gorgeous photos, especially that wild flower <3 apricot rain, what a lovely substitute for a plain rain!

  7. After a long dry period I like the smell of the garden following the rain too. It feels as if the earth is saying 'thank you' as everything is nourished and watered again. "tsuyu"- apricot rain is such a lovely expression.
    Love those little drops of rain on the first photo shimmering like diamonds.

  8. I love the variety of pictures in this post. My eyes were drawn to the dying rose - so often we only include the beautiful flowers in our posts - the dying flowers are also an important part of the circle of life. The child in me also liked the bubbles!

  9. Thank you again for always sharing very lovely photos. You took great trouble to find interesting subjects and captured them from the best angles with vivid colours and contrasts.

    I live in a tropical country where we have abundance of rain all year through. I do enjoy seeing the plants after the rain like you. The air would be clearer and fresher with the sweet smell of mother nature. There are very nice and different contour fields of rice in Japan as I saw them from the train rides in Honshu and Kyushu islands.

  10. 新緑もモサイクフォトもとても素敵です。雨にまつわる歌が聞きたくなりました。

  11. Thank you . You show the most beautiful world. Wonderful nature, some history. I love Japan . Send you my greetings.

  12. You capture the beauties of nature like nobody....Your pictures are gorgeous !
    Thanks for sharing the charm of the rainy season...

  13. Hello Yoko,
    A beautiful post, full of positive energie about the rain.
    Beautiful photo's.
    Have a wonderful day.

  14. Hello dear Yoko!
    Wonderful picture. I am delighted with beautiful flowers and landscapes.
    Yoko, you are a perfect photographer.
    Little boy is cute and lovely ..
    I wish you a blessed day.
    Kisses and Greetings.

  15. I am dazzled by your remarkable ,stunning and outstanding photography my friend!!!
    you have brilliant camera and magical art to play with your lenses!
    these BEAUTIFUL photos deserve to be in exhibition i believe.
    rains are soul awakening and refreshing always .
    i relived by the fragrance of wet soil and sound of rain falling on the scenes around me .
    you made me feel like under spell of your capturing dear

  16. July arrived. We expected. Yoko. With su light, colors and full of beautiful flowers that make us happy. Precious all your photos.
    Thank you always for being.
    Good Wednesday my friend.

  17. Some lovely images here, delicate flowers kissed by raindrops. But the best picture is your little gardener, what a handsome young man. And I like bubbles too!

  18. You really are a master photographer Yoko! The raindrops on the flowers - this is my favorite! Or maybe the birds taking a bath? Ah no, I love the stone children with the moss growing on them most! Hm, or the hydrangea? But I know what you love most: that gorgeous little fellow of course! Have a great July! :-)

  19. Olá Yoko!
    A primeira foto parece um cristal. Realmente, não parece ser deste planeta, uma obra de arte. Eu adorei! Também gosto de olhar para os pingos água nas plantas, nas folhas e flores.
    Sobre a gentileza ou violência da chuva, eu estou de pleno acordo com a sua reflexão. E também aprecio muito os aromas da chuva, da terra molhada.
    Uma ternura a foto do ninho de passarinhos.
    Eu gosto de contemplar o musgo, me faz lembrar de duendes, gnomos, enfim todo o reino das fadas.
    Eu te desejo dias felizes e muitos beijos fraternais.

  20. Beautiful! We have a rainy season too, but we call it hurricane season. ;) June 1st to the end of September we pretty much expect torrential rains every day--but there's always half a day of sunshine too, so it's the best of both worlds. Unless a tropical storm comes through. Then it's just windy.

  21. Ha yoko,
    Prachtig natuur foto,s de regen druppels op de bloemen
    de duiven die genieten heerlijk in de regen ook het beeldje
    de regen kinderen.zo lief het kindje dat mooi zeepbellen maakt.
    De natuur houd van regen druppels.
    Lieve groet,uit Nederland!

    Ha yoko
    Beautiful nature picture, the rain drops on the flowers
    The pigeons who enjoy the statue in the rain
    The rain kids. so love the baby that makes beautiful soap bubbles.
    Nature likes rain drops.
    Sincerely, from the Netherlands!

  22. Rain is very much needed, of course, if he was not in excess, because what your grandson would do. I'm joking of course and I greet.

  23. Beautiful photos and thoughts. Rain is indeed everything. Warm greetings!

  24. Dear Yoko,
    Hello and so many thanks for this fairytale walk!! I enjoyed every aspect seen, observed, I felt the joy and the pure charm of nature in so many details, from rain, droplets of water, "jewels like raindrops" as you mentioned above to fieds of rice, green leaves, bloomed hydrangeas, little, joyful birds to the soap bubbles created by the little sweet one. Summer is magical, ... You captured the essence of this season, so magical presented.
    Thank you, once again! I feel energised, creative inspired and positive...
    A lovely Sunday and new week ahead! Hugs, Alexa

  25. Lovely photos. I love the bubbles and the baby bird pictures. You painted a beautiful portrait of this time of your in your part of the world.

  26. You have captured the beauty of the rain with guessed right phrases and beautiful images capable of transmitting these sensations that make us live through his presence with intensity and a good connection with the planet in which we live. You are very lucky, Yoko, of enjoying the services of this exquisite gardener. I do not doubt that your plants will grow happy thanks to his conscientiousness and tenacity. And, how not, with his enterteining games.

  27. So green and beautiful ...that is why we love both Oregon and northwest Florida rains often and everything is lushly beautiful in a good year. The soap bubble pictures are so sweet.

  28. Nice things during the rainy season, 2017. Since the start of the rainy season ("tsuyu" in Japanese meaning "apricot rains) in early June,.


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