Saturday, March 5, 2022

Hope and resilience


For the past weeks, it has been so difficult to hold back sadness and rage 
for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
While various different forms of aids as well as economic sanctions are expanding world-wide,
it feels helpless and hopeless that no one, no country can stop the insane, appalling attacks,
leaving the people desperately, impatiently waiting for the end of attacks.

Japanese Narcissus, Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis, from end December throughout January

Snowdrops, early February

What helps you to restore peace of mind recently?

Plants are coming through the ground.
Hepatica nobilis var. japonica f. magna

Buds are constantly swelling to bloom.

Ume, Prunus mume, is halfway to their full bloom.

The color of pond water is changing.

折鶴 Orizuru, Paper Crane, a symbol of hope and resilience

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper.
People create paper cranes praying for someone.
When folding a piece of paper into a crane, you’re sending prayers to it
through your fingertips.

"Peace to Ukraine Now!"

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  1. Every second of non-action is painful to people suffering as the rest of us sit helplessly on the sidelines watching a bully bombard a weaker country. I understand the caution as an even bigger conflict can easily arise. It is an incredibly frustrating intolerable situation, yet paper crane messages can feel like little fireflies of light in the dark.

  2. Baker Creek Seeds last weekend asked for their customers to buy seeds and all profits would go to relief for Ukraine. I think the total raised was 1.6 million dollars! I am glad I saw that and bought some seeds. Planting seeds is planting hope.

  3. I do agree with you, that plants emerging from the ground helps a person gain some peace as we see a future. Not a happy time for so many in todays world. Thanks for the posting and photos.

  4. I love Penelope's comment on your blog 'little fireflies of light in the dark' - I don't think I could say anything to top that! Praying for Ukraine too and admiring their bravery.

  5. We thought that we just had the pandemic and its aftermath to worry about, but no Putin thought now was a good time to launch his ruthless attack on his Slav neighbours, the Ukranians. Everyone of us feels totally helpless and unable to help - I echo your sentiments "Peace to Ukraine now".

  6. What beautiful paper cranes you have made. Yes, we are seeing such awful things in Ukraine. You are right that looking at nature continuing with life, is healing. I am glad too that the sunflower, so bright and cheerful, against the brilliant blue of a summer sky, is the symbol of Ukraine, a heroic place whose treatment will not be forgotten. Stay well, Yoko.

  7. Lovely flowers and cranes !
    Nature is helping me finding peace is this crazy world....
    Have a shinny week.

  8. Hello, Yoko
    Beautiful blossoms and blooms. It is too early for spring here, I am looking forward to seeing the flowers. Your photos are lovely. I like the cute paper cranes, I wish for peace for Ukraine. Take care, enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  9. May the prayers from your paper cranes find their way to the suffering people of Ukraine and to suffering people everywhere. Nature shows us that growth and regeneration is possible. I pray it is so.

  10. Beautiful pictures! You are right, nature has a calming effect.

  11. Yoko - several people have said it well - it is a difficult situation, and one that requires some caution lest it get worse. And that just makes it feel more hopeless. In the end, it is almost impossible to negotiate with someone who has no logic and no emotion. At times like this, I rely on my faith in God, and the option to escape to nature, either in person or through photos. So, thank you for these gorgeous nature pictures and the origami cranes. I am grateful to have you as part of the Mosaic Monday community!

  12. I join you in your sadness and anger of what is occurring in our world. Lovely to have your peaceful distraction. Take care.
    Wren x

  13. Your paper crane mosiac is beautiful and perfect for recent times

    Much love

  14. The paper crane is so beautiful. I wish I had learned to make these. I remember my grandkids had a book and made some cute things. Love being out in nature when times are stressful like they are now. Sweet hugs, Diane

  15. Hi Yoko,
    Wonderful photos.
    While nature makes our eyes shine, a madman brings with him the black shadow of war and with it destruction and death. Let's hope that this sad chapter of history ends soon.

  16. Triste realidad Yoko. Esperanza de que esto pare pronto y en el mundo haya Paz.
    El hombre se empeña en destruir y en la naturaleza vuelve la vida. Preciosas flores.
    Buena semana.
    Un abrazo.


  17. ·.
    It is difficult to find a rational explanation for such depraved behavior of that criminal named Putin. He will go down in history as a genocide and we will only be left with pain and solidarity.
    Luckily your photos are gratifying in the face of so much horror seen.

    LaMiradaAusente · & · CristalRasgado

  18. Putin is indeed an evil criminal. A psychopath with no concept of humanity or conscience. He surrounds himself with more criminals who say yes to him and agree with his every word. I hope the paper cranes will work their magic. Peace to Ukraine.

  19. when such things happen i always think for what purpose the world court and organizations were built if they cannot solve such brutal crimes . everyone want to play safe and never want to leave seat for other and between such dark games poor people pay price for what they did not do ,who is accountable here ?
    thank you for brightening my afternoon with stunning blooms dear Yoko !
    hugs and blessings!

  20. Piękne kwiaty zwiastuja wiosnę. Cudowny żuraw. Potrzeba teraz spokoju, żeby nie było wojny. Mój kraj sosiaduje z Ukrainą, strach i przerażenie. Przyjeżdża do nas bardzo dużo uchodźców i pomagamy im.

  21. It's always a pleasure to visit each other ... interesting Planes and most fine posts on MosaicMonday.

    Have a good time.


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