Monday, June 5, 2023

Small but big stories of animals on leaves

 "Even if all you do is fail
if you keep that weakness sharpen,
it will become your own unique strength one day.

Even if you don't have a place now
you will find a place where you feel you are not alone.

A leaf tells a small but big story."

(Excerpted from  lito@leafart official website)

I'd like to introduce an amazing Leaf-cutting artist, Lito,
whose exhibition I came across in Nara.
I looked at his works marvelled at how he could do such a fascinating job
as well as his inexhaustible imagination and creativity.
Later, I learned about his meticulous drawing and intricate cut-out technique 
on this video.

Each and every leaf-art of his is a wordless book with its own story.
The details of the stories of gentle-hearted animals living in peace 
become vividly visible when the leaves are held against the blue sky.


"Once upon a time, there lived a man.
He was clumsy and always made mistakes in everything he did.
He was always scolded by the people around him.
One day, the man ran away from his daily routine of being scolded,
then he came across a leaf.
On the small leaf, he found a world of lush grass and trees,
and animals were living there happily and peacefully.
The man was fascianted by the world on the leaf.
This wonderful world was the place he had been looking for.
A gentle and somewhat humorous world that spread out on a single leaf. 
I would be very happy if you could enjoy the stories of the various creatures that live there with me."
""Born in Tokyo in 1986, Grew up in Kanagawa Prefecture.
In 2020, he began creating artwork using leaves as cutouts.
Diagnosed with ADHD, he channels his energy into his craft.
The resulting work is imbued with a warm, gentle touch.
Almost every day, he posts his work on social networking sites, creating a buzz.""

Visit lito@leafart official website, from which I excerpted passages,
or have a look at his Instagram, lito_leafart 
where he keeps posting each new piece of work almost every day.
You can see more works on this site, too.

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  1. Amazing art ! He has a lot of imagination, talent and creativity !
    Beauty in leaf...We need beauty in this world full of conflicts and destructions...
    Thanks for sharing Yoko !
    Have a nice week !

  2. Hello,
    Wow, the leaf art is amazing. The animals are so cute. Lito seems to be a kind gentle soul, thanks for sharing. Take care, have a happy week ahead.

  3. Extraordinary! He certainly doesn't make it easy for himself by choosing such detailed scenes. How would anyone come up with an idea like that? Thank you for making me aware that such talented people exist among us.

  4. ...seeing the video and the beautiful artwork is a wonderful start to my day, thank you. Stay well and have a wonderful week.

  5. Wow, such complex scenes. I've never seen leaf cutting art before, though we have a few folk locally who do intricate paper cutting.

  6. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Trinidad🇹🇹
    I am today HERE


  7. At first I thought it was a form of paper cutting until I looked closer and realized it was originally a leaf. What beautiful works of pure joy!

  8. Thanks for sharing his art with me! I have already sent the links on to my daughter and my 2 oldest grandkids and they are amazed too!

  9. Fantastic detail and patience must be required to create these wonderful little leaf-art wordless books - they are exquisite.
    The nearest thing that I have seen are Chinese paper cuts which first began in the Han dynasty.

  10. Thank you for sharing. The leaf art is amazing. I'm so happy for Lito that he has found his place in this amazing art.

  11. Wow this leaf cutting is amazing. I have seen crochet on the eges of the leaves (on the internet) but never leaf cutting. Amazing. Creative. Thankyou for sharing. enjoy your week. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday

  12. 毎日このようなストーリーのある葉っぱの作品が生まれるんて驚き。すごいですね。



  13. The leaf art looks like such a hard thing to learn but it sure is beautiful! I've never heard of it but I'll do a search to learn more. It's so interesting!

  14. special thanks for sharing this marvelous art dear Yoko !
    this is something unique and astonishing for me as leaf is one of the most delicate thing and carving it must be a really tough job .i was always fascinated by leaves and i think they always reveal the "story of life" so briefly .but never thought of someone who can give them new meaning and as beautifully .
    story he shares is touching .there are many scold by others but rare and few travel inwardly and discover inner universe to strike others wow
    hats off to him and than you !

  15. Stardust! I can see why you were so taken with this artist's work and his story. I most certainly am, too. How hopeful to think a weakness can be turned into a unique strength. I was so impressed with the designs on a leaf as well as his meticulous dedication to creating them and his turning inwardly to discover a more gentle world.

  16. Amazing art!
    The details are incredible!

    Hugs and blessings

  17. Bellísimo Yoko. Me ha encantado el video. Mucha imaginación y paciencia para hacer esto. Gran artista.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  18. Oh, I love papercut too. It`s such a lovely artwork. Many thankd being part at

    Hugs by Heidrun

  19. Es un bello arte . Te mando un beso.

  20. Incredible! Thanks for sharing, Yoko. I watched the video mute, does he say why there are ships or boats in each creation of his? A fine way of escapism, isn't it?

    1. Thank you for the comment, Irina.
      On the video, he talked about only his way of drawing and cutting and his creation is from children's story, a man in a house and a fox standing outside.
      I don’t see a boat or a ship in each of his creation, though there are some of which stage is so.
      Probably the leaf shape made you think of a ship or a boat.
      Have a look at this site to see more;

  21. I am speechless to know how creative this person is. I never knew leaves could be used to make impressive Art.
    I will share them with friends. Thank you very much Yoko San.


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