Sunday, May 28, 2023

Stone Buddhist statues and Azaleas at the Chogaku-ji

Into Azaleas and greenery of May

Chogaku-ji Temple stands along Yamanobe-no-michi, the oldest highway in Japan.
It was founded around 824 by Kukai, the founder of the Mount Koya Shingon sect of Buddhism.

Azaleas started blooming much earlier than usual.
The gravel approach with Azalea hedges on both sides leads visitors to 
the oldest bell tower gate in Japan.
It is the only one structure which have survived since the founding of this temple.

A stone Jizo, a guardian of children, stands in bright and clear green.
He tries to save children at any cost.

Shades of pink are harmonious with fresh verdure as you look around.

There are many moss-covered stone Buddhist statues in the precinct.

The statue at the upper center dates back to 1322.

Beginning of May is the season of Kakitsubata Iris.
Once I featured the irises in Memories of Grandmother and kakitsubata iris.

Peering through white Japanese snowball

The pond is shimmering with iris reflections.

The long straw festoon in the bottom-center photo, which is hung on the large trees
 on right and left side, is the thing of Shintoism.
Right after the entry of Buddhism, Shinto rites were incorporated into Buddhism.
Chogaku-ji shows the characteristics of it.

May has been very warm like summer or cold that we need a jacket
and anything between the two.
What has been constant is the refreshingly powerful nature in its growth.

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  1. Hello,
    Beautiful photos from your outing. The azaleas are gorgeous, I love the view of the bell tower gate, the statues and all the flowers. It has been a chilly spring here, a jacket is needed. Lovely post and mosaics. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love the freshness, the new greens and the beauty that is May that I see in my country and also in yours. However, why does May pass ever quicker with each passing year? I want it to stay around for longer.
    The combination of greens, pinks, and blues are perfectly complimented by the Chogaku-ji Temple, its statues, pathways, steps and reflective pools.

  3. An other beautiful and peaceful place to visit...lucky you Yoko !
    Gorgeous pictures and mosaics !
    Have a shinny week !

  4. Stone monuments appear more tantalizing with age. There is something so lovely and uplifting about the slender purple irises and also about your husband's grandmother, a lover of books who lived for over a century. May we all live to be as well-versed, resilient and long lasting.

  5. ...thanks for starting off my day with these serene images. I wish you the best for the new week.

  6. Yoko - more than ever, we need guardians for our children, and by extension, for our planet. I pray that the gorgeous scenes in your blog post can be preserved for the generations to come. I especially like the iris - purple is my favorite color! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  7. Such lovely and peaceful images. Spring loveliness. I love old statues with moss and lichen donning them. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Such a wonderful place. There is always something poetic about moss-covered stones and the azaleas are as cheerful as ever.

  9. I have come to your blog thanks to "By Stargoose and Hanglands" blog and I am glad I did! Your pictures are lovely and your explanations are so helpful and interesting. Great work!

  10. I came from John as well. Your images are so beautiful, and what a lovely place. I like the cat :-)

  11. It all looks so pretty - and we share some of your spring flowers. Azaleas and iris are out here too (UK).

  12. John at Stargoose and Hanglands sent me to your blog. He was right - such beautiful scenes.

  13. I enjoyed seeing the gorgeous photos from your outing.
    I especially love the moss-covered stone statues.

    Hugs and blessings, Yoko

  14. A wonderful garden, where the exuberance of nature combines with art and the symbolism it represents. The moss on the statues, the flowers, the green paths, the temples and even the kitten all reflect harmony and peace.
    Thank you for these wonderful photos
    Hugs and all the best for you

  15. These photographs show so much beauty.
    I love to see azaleas in bloom.

    Happy June Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  16. Es un bello lugar . Te mando un beso.

  17. Beautiful place and the azaleas are gorgeous!


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