Sunday, May 7, 2023

Ao-momiji and other greenery at the Eikan-do Temple

Ao-momiji is young leaves of Japanese Maples which shines in the light of May
while Momiji is fiery red Maples in autumn.

Along the path leading to the temple gate

永観堂 EikandoTemple is one of the most breathtaking Momiji spots in Kyoto.
I took a stroll through ao-momiji and other greenery last year, which was fortunate.
What with drastic increase of inbound and with Golden Week holidays, April 29th to May 7th,
Kyoto's overtourism is returned to pre-Covid level this spring.
Overcrowded places and congested transportaion is really inconvenient for travelers
 and locals alike.

The sign reads "Eikando Temple noted for もみじ Momiji, Entrance to the halls"

Eikando's main halls are built alongside the base of the hillside and are connected 
by long wooden corridors and stairs.

A small garden surrounded by buildings in front of you on entering.

Exploring the halls starts by crossing this corridor.

All the long corridors and halls are one with nature.

This curving staircase, which leads to the smallest 開山堂 Kaizan-do Hall on the highest place,
is called 臥龍廊 Garyu-ro meaning "lying dragon corridor".
It made me feel like that I was purified climbing up and down through the Dragon.

 There is an outside stairway leading to the Kaizan-do Hall, too. 

Another outside steps.

At one corner in the temple's precinct, little green stars of Japanese Maples 
are shining through along this winding path.

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  1. Japan is a place so many want to visit. The language describing things is interlaced with poetry and strikes the imagination like the dragon pathways. We have long stairways in my world, too, but they are encased in wilderness more so than the lovely gentleness of your garden areas and trees. Yet both ways somehow refresh. :)

  2. Hello Stardust, Such a lovely place to visit and be. Curving stairs have a grace that is appealing to see and experience. Your spring is so pretty. Lovely day to you.

  3. Hi Yoko,
    Thank you for this virtual tour of this magnificent temple.
    The green of the leaves on the trees is amazing. All the photos are beautiful but I especially love the 12th photo of the exterior stairs seen from above. It is certainly a pleasure to walk along these paths and stairs surrounded by nature.
    Greetings and all the best

  4. Maravilla de fotos amiga. Es un gusto ver la naturaleza en todo su esplendor. Me encantan Yoko.
    Las escaleras se ven buen integradas y en todos sitios las hay.
    Te deseo una buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

  5. Love those beautiful stairways Yoko especially the curving one. The intensity of the colour green is so refreshing and really calming.

  6. I very much admire the simplicity of the corridors and stairways as well as the interesting angles you have chosen for your photos. The greens of early spring are as beautiful as any of the more celebrated spectacles in nature.

  7. Beautiful pictures in a gorgeous place Yoko !
    The greens are so vivid !
    The stairs give different angles to appreciate the beauty of nature !
    Have a lovely week !

  8. ...this is such calm and serene setting. Thanks for taking me along on the tour.

  9. Such lovely photos. They offer portraits of peace and tranquility. Thank you ! Cathy

  10. Captivating and tranquil views dear Yoko !
    enjoyed each step thoroughly ,you are brilliant at your captures ,such framing is elegant and exceptional and reveals beauty of scenes powerfully :)

  11. What a beautiful place! The greens in the first picture are amazing!

  12. Spectacular greenery and temple. I would love to visit there but I don't think I can climb so many stairs nowadays. It's great to see it in your photos.

  13. It looks like a very beautiful garden to visit...a peaceful when there are no crowds! Enjoy your week, stay safe. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday.

  14. Yoko - all of your photos are gorgeous, but the first one really fired my imagination. The shape of the maple leaves are so delicately defined by the blue sky above. It is very evocative of spring, with the freshness of the green tone. Japanese gardens bring such serenity with the seamless combination of nature and simple architecture. I feel so calm now. (And thanks for visiting my blog!)

  15. Dear Yoko,
    Your story and photos take a visitor to follow in your walk. I love this walk very much. To me maple leaves don't look young, they seem mature enough, like in summer. And I missed Kyoto. Thank you, Yoko.
    Seeing more regular posts is reassuring, stay well and safe.

  16. WOW! Such a beautiful place to visit.
    I can almost feel the tranquility.
    Thank you so much for this lovely tour, Yoko.

  17. Oh que bellas imagenes. Te mando un beso.

  18. It looks a lovely place, thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs.

    All the best Jan

  19. Hello Yoko,
    Beautiful views of the pretty trees, I love seeing all the green leaves now. Beautiful gardens and temple. Take care, enjoy your day!


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