Sunday, May 1, 2022

Camphor tree at this time of year

I came across fluid art on water created with fallen leaves and 
reflections of trees with sprouting leaves at Sansha-ike Pond, Kasugano-enchi, Nara Park.

What do you think these colored leaves are?

They are old leaves shedded from Camphor trees.
The evergreen Camphor trees have yellowish, reddish, and green leaves
in early spring.

Camphor trees shed old reddish leaves to grow new leaves.
Baby leaves are also red with purplish hue which turn quickly to fresh green.

The fallen leaves were gathering around a real branch of some tree
which was spreading low on water.
The branch looked like a fall tree on water canvas.

Carp joined the art show.

Camphor tree, "楠or樟 Kusunoki”, is native to China and Japan.
It is loved for its sprawling form on massive bark, thick and contorted branches, 
and grossy evergreen leaves. 

Camphor tree has spritual and cultural importance in Japan.
In Japanese folklore and Shinto (nature worship) tradition, massive aged trees 
can be a home to divine spirit.
"Totoro", a guardian of forest only visible to children, lives in a gigantic camphor tree.
The tree below is so large but no comparison with the one where Totoro lives.

One week later at the grove of Kasuga, a gigantic camphor tree had splash of mauve color.
Wisteria was blooming on the tips of veins which coiled up the tree.
Wild Wisteria

Wisteria came into bloom much earlier than usual.
Their clusters were getting longer and longer.

Cultivated Wisteria at Kasuga Grand Shrine

In late April, small white flowers of Camphor tree bloom imcomspicuously but profusely.
They mingle with the fresh green leaves and contrast to the massive dark bark.

Bottom right; buds of Camphor flowers

My grandson Y turned 9 today.  Happy Birthday!
He's gotten more focused, diligent, and skillful on "what he likes".
He loves soccer as well as painting and is sometimes earnest in practicing
I enjoy watching over how he grows a seed within him in each season of his life.

Left top; Inu-washi, Aquila chrysaetos, Golden eagle

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  1. お孫さんのお誕生日おめでとうございます。日々そしてお誕生日ごとに成長していく姿を見るのは嬉しいことですね。
    折り紙も絵も上手。スポーツも得意なのですね。それにしても若いGrandmam だなあと思っていますが。Have a good new week!

  2. Gorgeous and so peaceful pictures...
    The details are amazing...
    Your mosaic so colorful...
    Thanks for sharing !
    Have a lovely week !

  3. Happy birthday to your grandson Y - he sounds a very industrious young boy. The Camphor trees are really attractive - love the photo of the fallen pink leaves that were gathered artisically around the branch of a tree.

  4. I particularly like the branch and red leaves that look like a fall tree painted onto a watery canvas. Fluid art is the perfect way to describe watery reflections that are constantly changing like clouds in the sky. Happy belated birthday to your Grandson, stardust. I can see by his drawings that his young mind is full of wonderful interesting things and that his creativity is clearly growing.

  5. Hello Yoko,
    Beautiful trees and the leaves are so pretty and colorful. I love the Wisteria, lovely blooms. Happy birthday to your grandson. Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to Y, he is growing up. I love his paintings. I hope he loves to draw and paint, it is so important. I am sure that you and his parents are very proud of him.
    And your photographs of the leaves on the water and of the huge tree.... so beautiful, Yoko! Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  7. Yoko - "fluid art" - that is a very good description for your photos! You are such an artist with your reflection photos. The Wisteria in the Camphor tree is stunning. I was intrigued by the information about the Camphor tree - when I was young, my Mother would treat sore muscles with camphor oil. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  8. The art is very good and creative! and I love the colorful leaves in the water! Just beautiful! Enjoy your week.

  9. The camphor petals in water makes such a beautiful reflection/picture.

  10. Happy birthday to your grandson. I have done a little paper folding. It takes a lot of patience.
    Your photos are gorgeous.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  11. Beautiful trees and leaves! So colorful. Happy birthday to your grandson!

  12. Wow, your photos are amazing. Wisteria is delightful.
    Happy birthday to your grandson.
    Hugs and greetings:)

  13. Hi Yoko,
    Nature is fantastic and enchants our eyes.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.
    Many congratulations to your grandson and a world of joy and happiness for the whole family.

  14. Dear Yoko, my belated congratulations! There's beauty and harmony in your pictures and story. Does "Totoro" live only in camphor trees? No other big trees?
    Have a restful May, Yoko. Thank you for sharing beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Irina, when you're going through difficult times. To me, aged, big "camphor tree" is the only place where Totoro lives, out of respect to the creator of Totoro. There are myriads of forest spirit. Other gigantic trees are the abode of them, I think.

  15. Happy birthday to your dear grandson dear Yoko ,he seems such witty and energetic little boy through your words ,may he see so many more joyous returns of the day with you and family !
    your camphor tree is enchantingly breathtaking ,the magical images filled me with deep serenity and joy .thank you so much for amazing shots specially reflections are captivating . blessings!

  16. Y is so artistic. He has now caught up to Sam in age. I think 9 is a special age when a child is still innocent but gradually maturing into his/her own promise and purpose. As if the Camphor tree isn't beautiful enough, it is adorned with the graceful wisteria!


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