Sunday, May 15, 2022

A verdant garden of 天授庵 Tenjyu-an

Tenjyu-an is a sub temple of Nanzen-ji Temple, Rinzai Zen sect, built by the disciples 
as a private hermitage to think of the late Mukan Fumon, a founder of Nanzen-ji Temple.
Despite being next to the crowded San-mon Gate of Nanzen-ji, 
Tenjyuan is a quiet oasis.
I spent serene time at one of the two gardens of the temple, Shoin South Garden.
This is a gate to the Japanese stroll-garden with two ponds.

Some key elements of a Japanese garden include ponds, bridges,
paths, moss, moderately pruned trees, plants and rocks.

On entering the gate, a Shoin-style architecture appears.
 The garden spreads in front of this sturucture on a little lower ground.

There is a timber bridge on the smaller pond.

Due to the simplicity with no artificial ornaments, our senses are opened up
to the details of nature of the surroundings.

Differently designed pathways and bridges weave around the ponds.
What would be there at the end of this path along the bigger pond?

Bamboos are prominent trees in Japanese gardens together with Maples.

Zigzag stepping stones.

I walked leisurely along the carefully constructed passways 
in the soft light through green leaves under the cloudy sky.

A small decayed timber bridge connecting central island is off limit.

A structure next to Shoin

Layers of reflections, aqua plants, and ripples made by carp always fascinate me.
I almost forgot where I was.

Suddenly it got brighter and carp were swimming in the blue sky.


On the other side on a little higher ground, 
there stands that Shoin architecture surrounded by green maples.

Now, we are back to the timber bridge....

.... and the gate.

The gate is at the end of Dry Landscape Garden, another garden of this temple.
Visitors can sit on the veranda to taste the dry landscape 
before or after circling around the Shoin South Garden.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the Shoin.
From the entrance, I could see what the inside was like.

The red foliage outside the window is Nomura maple, Acer palmatum cv.sanguineum,
which has purplish red leaves from spring to autumn.

The Shoin seen from the garden
A part of Shoin seen from the entrance

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  1. Que maravilla ver la naturaleza con este "traje " verde que también le sienta. Me ha encantado hacer este paseo a través de tus estupendas fotos. Preciosos reflejos.
    Buen fin de semana Yoko .
    Un abrazo.

  2. I would love to be able to wander there, it all looks so quiet and peaceful.

  3. Beautiful place to connect with nature...So peaceful...Perfect to reenergize...
    Gorgeous pictures too...
    Have a lovely week !

  4. Hello,
    What a lovely and peaceful place for a walk. I like the pathways, all the greenery and the pond. Beautiful photos. Take care, have a happy new week!

  5. what an exquisite and serene walk dear Yoko ! thank you for the virtual tour .i loved each bit of it .you captured the beauty and peace there so nicely ,everything looks inviting and really appealing .
    blessings to you and family


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