Saturday, May 9, 2015

Enchanting 藤 Wisteria

The flowers which take center stage of floral landscape of Japan have been changing from Ume of mid-March and Sakura of early April to Fuji of early May.  Fuji, Wisteria in English, is quite popular for its elegant hanging flowers and its vigorous winding vines. 

Fuji is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family.

Fuji has luscious sweetness and beauty.

Supported by the trellis, tamed, pruned and trimmed to keep good shape regularly,
Fuji enchants us with its exquisite elegance from late April to middle of May.

It's joyful to look at the flowers and bask in the various pastel shades cast by the blossoms.

All your senses are comforted by the dripping flowers, flickering sunshine through the leaves,
sound of buzzing bees and water, and balmy breeze.

As you know, Fuji is a playful and ambitious climber by nature.

There are many wild wisteria in the woods of Kasuga Shrine.

Winding and tangled massive vines make sculptural objet in the grove. 

Fuji has amazing vitality, freely sprawling, twining, and climbing everything which stands still in her path.  
As Fuji lives a long life, some vines have crawled on and on both beneath and on the ground, 
which makes her look like an aged long reptile startlingly.

The long tail lasts to the next tree.

Fuji can be a murderer coiling around fragile trees when left alone.
Nonetheless, I like to see her in nature amazed at her tremendous energy to live.

How high have you climbed?

Fuji adorns a gigantic Camphor Tree.

When Fuji flowers are going to be over, season is changing into early summer.

Below is my favorite mauve-colored Fuji.
Fuji-color in Japanese means mauve in English.

Fuji, she has all the attractive elements of a woman,
beautiful, elegant, vital, and mysterious.

My old post about wisteria, Wisteria and the ancient Fujiwara Clan


  1. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog ! The pictures are gorgeous and the words perfect !
    Have a shinny weekend !

  2. Wisteria is so wonderful. I love it.

  3. truly magical the way they drape. love the vines!!

  4. I used to live next door to an old cottage with wysteria all along its front. So beautiful and elegant. x

  5. simply fabulous! its all about the spring flowers here too, greetings from tulipland!

  6. おはようございます。 皆既月食以来、偶然の一致でほぼ同時に、藤の花、です。 藤の樹木は、右巻きか、左巻きか、考えていると大変です。

    1. 追伸、 ところが、右巻き、左巻き、は話が複雑です。 これを読むと夜、寝られ無くなります。

  7. These gorgeous pastel colors, the soft petals and lavish bloom! What a magnificent powerful and pretty creeper that is! Your photos are exquisite Yoko, peace floats down on me looking at them! :-)

  8. So so beautiful. I love the flowers but not the creeping twine....looks!

  9. What a spectacular burst of colors in the form of Fuji, lovely delicate shades of the flower are made even more enchanting by your poetic description dripping through each picture. I loved the last line where you personalized Fuji to a woman - now I know, why it's so easy to fall in love with her.

    Happy Mother's Day, dear Yoko. :)

  10. ゴージャスな藤の花のパレードですね。よく見ると小さくて、繊細な花びらで色も優しくて可愛い。風が吹いたらチリン、チリンと音がなりそうな感じです。 

  11. Hi there! Blog hopping from Nancy Chan's blog.

    I love your photos. So beautiful flowers. Wish to visit Japan someday and admire the beauty of your land.

  12. It is flowing, dripping, twining, raining Fuji for you! I have never seen so many of these marvelous Wisteria growing in one place! It seems like a fairytale of form, color, and scent. I am in Denver where we had a heavy snow overnight which broke some tree limbs. The rivers and streams are high from abundant moisture. I still await spring in the mountains! I'm happy to share yours.

  13. Wow! Like a magical forest. Very beautiful!

  14. Your post shows the graceful wisteria so well. Here we see wisteria climbing old trees, but their petals are so delicate that they turn any old tree into a statement of elegance. Fuji is a pretty name for this romantic vine and your photos are excellent.

  15. Beautiful! And your photographs show the blossoms so well. Every new post showing the beauty of Japan makes me want to visit one day!

  16. Beautiful! And your photographs show the blossoms so well. Every new post showing the beauty of Japan makes me want to visit one day!

  17. 壮大な藤の木です。 経てきた歳月を感じさせる雰囲気を持っています。


  18. Beautiful pictures. complete series is showing spring time in very lovely manner...

  19. Dear Yoko - How I miss the lovely Wisteria that grew at my old home - a treat that I looked forward to every May. I always feel that there is something very exotic about their blooms and I particularly enjoy seeing them teamed up with yellow Laburnum.
    Here we tend to have just the mauve blooms so it is lovely to see the many other beautiful varieties on your post.

  20. this was a lovely ending to your gorgeous post:
    Fuji, she has all the attractive elements of a woman,
    beautiful, elegant, vital, and mysterious.

    you have honored these blossoms in such a special way. these gorgeous glimpses made my heart lean toward them. thank you ~

  21. I have watched the gorgeous wisteria in my world too but something about how you see things shows the true charm and diversity of the bloom. In some pictures, it hangs like a string of raindrops and in others, the twisting vines seem to pick themselves up and walk away into the deeper forest.

  22. Τι ομορφιά μας χάρισες σήμερα αγαπητή μου Yoko!!!
    Αυτά τα αγαπημένη μωβ "κύματα" !
    Πόσο μεγάλωσε η κουκλίτσα σου! Η δική μου εγγονή είναι 2,5 χρονών.
    Πολλά φιλιά σε όλους σας!

  23. Ξέχασα να εκφράσω τον θαυμασμό μου για αυτούς τους πολύπλοκους κορμούς δέντρων, καθώς και για τις υπέροχες -όπως πάντα-, φωτογραφίες σου!
    Και πάλι φιλιά!

  24. You live in a lush, wisterical paradise! Such unbelievable beauty. So delicate. Such rich colors. And again, your mastery of the camera shines through! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos. We do have some wisteria here in central Florida, but as I recall, the blossoms don't last very long.

    Thank you for your kind and generous comments on my blogs!

    Hope that all is well with you and your family!


  25. Hello, stardust-san.
    Fresh green background seems to be the more attractive the wisteria. BOKE effect is very elegant. Pale purple symbolizes this season. I will pray for your long prosperity, such as the profound trunk of the wisteria.

    I wish You all the best.

  26. Wow - how magical!

  27. Wow, what a procession of blossoms you have in Japan. I love the tangled roots, too. Beautiful photographs.

  28. とてもきれいに撮れてますね。毎回すごーいと感心してます。 ピンクの藤がかなりやばいです。 それから最後の写真のぼかしがいい、物語のように、、、。 
    短かかった日本の旅、行けて感謝、あっという間に終わりで寂しい気持ちの両方です。 こういう時に何で自分は億万長者ではないのかしらと、、、人間が出来てないです。

  29. Enchanting "Wisteria Lane", Yoko.
    Last Sunday, at Rothenburg, I found a blue wisteria as well. But yours are much, much more impressive compared to all I've ever seen in Germany.
    I hope you can enjoy a pleasurable springtime weekend together with your family!
    Regards from Germany, Uwe.

  30. Wonderful!
    I love wisteria but have never had any luck with growing them. Perhaps I am too impatient!

    The convoluted twists and turns of the stems in the wild are magnificent. I am so glad that they have been left to find their own way. Yes, you are right, they are like nature’s sculptures.

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  32. Hi, Yoko! Haven't been to you for quite a while, I hope you're fine.)))
    Not only elegant, I'd call these flowers graceful. And such delicate colours. You keep tempting with beauties of Nara, I love the place, even though I've never visited it. Hope to see it one day in flesh.
    With best wishes to you and your family,


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