Friday, November 18, 2016

Kindergarten Art Exhibition, 2016

The coloration of autumn has been getting fabulous day by day. 
I hear the cheerful shouts of the children in the painting above.

Inspired by the painting, I went to the nearby park to photograph children
playing under the autumn foliage.
Unfortunately no child voices echoed when I was at the park,
but I was absorbed in the beauty and freshness of the season.

By the way, don't you feel like going on a trip,
searching for fantastic autumn colors?
On the roads, you may see autumn-colored cars or cars with autumn reflections running
like the fleeting autumn.

Weekend Reflections

The end of the day, how about staying at the Lavender Hotel?
The cute hotel workers (five-year-olds of the Lavender Class) will welcome you 
with big smiles and sincere hospitality. 

The wheeled suitcases are ready to be carried to your room.

Chandeliers made of pet bottles are on the ceiling.

The walls are decorated with the famous paintings by Laseen, Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Not only painting but also framing are children's work.

At this hotel, breads, pizzas, salads are buffet style.

To bake breads, children did it from the scratch;
they started by making "newspaper clay" first of all.
 "Newspaper clay" is made mixing newspapers torn to pieces, water, 
and some amount of starch glue.

These dishes are made of woolen yarn using "Hariko" technique
and are decorated with paper or fabric ribbons or flowers.
The mixture of bond dissolved by water and yarn are stuck to a balloon.
When the bond is dried, the balloon is taken off.

What a feast!  Let's eat!

Where shall we go next?

Y's Dandelion Class (three-year-olds) was transformed into a Fire Station.
Fire engines are made of tissue boxes and milk cartons.

This is Y's.

Certificates and Fire-extinguishers

Fire fighter's helmets are made of instant noodles cups.

The Color Guard Flags march ahead of ..... what?

A marching band!

At the Koshienguchi Kindergarten Art Exhibition,  
there were Airport, Post Office, Hospital,  Magic House, and Photo Studio
other than the Hotel and the Fire Station.
I'll pick up some other works.

These rental clothes at the Photo Studio by Margaret Class (five-year-olds)
are free of charge.
Choose the clothes you like...

.... and a bag.

The commemorative photo of the Entrance Ceremony was taken under the full-blooming Sakura in April.
Every child is amazing how he/she has grown since then.

Injectors at the Hospital made by Pansy Class (three-year-olds) will be effective to
what you really wish
like "running faster ", "more friends", "overcoming food dislikes", and anything.

Lastly these are magician's hats at the Magic House by Lily Class (four-year-olds).

Your dreams will come true by sitting on this Magic chair once
if only you never give up and make efforts.

Joint-work of all the Lily Class members

Good job, all the Kindergartners!
I'm sorry I can't cover all the wonderful works.

Thank you, teachers, for giving little children confidence
through creating these art with your support and guidance.
Thank you for giving little children big dreams
with your love, patience, and enthusiasm.

Kindergarten Art Exhibition, 2015, is here.


  1. The kids really did an amazing job with these. Yeah, I love fall colors and going on road trips during the fall season.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. I love how you tell an interesting story to match the bright and colorful pictures. There is tremendous creativity within these children’s classroom walls … artist projects provide such an enduring path to discovering how the world around us works. I applaud the teachers and the children for the lessons they learned in such a fun and functional way.

  3. まあまあ!素晴らしい作品の勢ぞろいですね。Yちゃんの消防車素晴らしい出来栄え!張り子のパンもよく焼けて美味しそうです。展覧会に招待して下さって(人''▽`)ありがとう☆思わずスマイル顔で見せて頂きましたよ。又ね。


  4. Wow - how talented and creative those kids are! Loved all your shots.

  5. This is so inspiring! Those teachers should be given a raise. I think art is so important for a person's well-being and in the U.S. many schools have cut art classes which is a horrible mistake. I'm impressed by the work of the children - it is extremely creative. I especially liked the fire engines, but everything was wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Yoko!

  6. The children are very talented! Lovely art and photos, and I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. such a lovely event
    all the art is charming and full of good spirit and joy
    thank you for sharing
    i adore children's art

  8. How I enjoy seeing the creative efforts of children! Their minds are so full of ideas, and they're so willing to work on their special projects. Indeed, these teachers deserve a lot of praise. I wish we could all preserve inside us the enthusiasms of children. Your fall colors are vivid, Yoko. It snowed yesterday and has turned very cold in Breckenridge. We just chased the moose from our yard!

  9. This is very beautiful and innovative...

  10. wow, that´s a gorgeous exhibition. Would have been lovely to be there and see it. :)

  11. This is so lovely, heartwarming and just plain fantastic! I admire these little children, who created art so pretty and charming, with so much enthusiasm and imagination. I admire and applaud their teachers who made this possible.
    That is a wonderful post, thank you Yoko for sharing it all with us! :-)

  12. quelle créativité ! et le feullage d'automne est superbe !

  13. I love all the art work... as adults we tend to over think stuff but kids just create and it is perfect as a result


    1. Thank you Molly for the comment. I visited you whenever you left a comment but as I’m not interested in adult photography, I did nothing. But today I found The 365 Project, where I was moved by your sensitivity, touch of photography, quotes, and so on. I tried to leave a comment but there was no way. Keep up the good work, a picture a day. I’ll see the photos and read your thoughts and feelings from time to time.

  14. Beautiful! I had a big smile on my face all though reading your post and looking at the pictures of the work done by the little children. There must be some very talented teachers to help the children make such imaginative models. I wish I had an injector to help me run faster.... perhaps you can get me one!! Beautiful children.

  15. Thank you, Yoko, for your many fine comments on Ocala! They are much appreciated. You are very kind and I wish you all the best in the coming days!

  16. Wonderful exhibition and sparkling fall colors. Thank you for sharing.

  17. What a joy it is to see the creative talents of the kindergarten children - it gives me a feeling of confidence that our future is safe in their precious hands.

  18. Hello Yoko!
    As at you beautifully, colorful.
    Great show. These are real works of art. I love it! Thank you very much, that I could see her.
    Greetings from Poland.

  19. Wow Yoko....this is all colourful and creative.....not only by the children but by you in the way you have presented the post and shown everything to best advantage! My favourite is the fire station set. Magic!

    Thank you and enjoy your week,

  20. Hello Yoko! Incredible joy and positivity through this amazing series of photos captured. And so wonderful said:"going on a trip,
    searching for fantastic autumn colors"...
    The joy and happiness can be found in little things, emotional feelings and instants captured daily, i guess. Lots of creativity at kindergarten, lots of energy and fantastic love for expressing joy, once again...
    I love the magician's hats at the Magic House by Lily Class!! But all the art works are fantastically created. Many thanks for sharing all of these with us, as always! Best regards and I wish you a good week ahead! Alexa

  21. Ahh I feel lucky to see this amazing art by little angles and I appreciate the confidence of children and cooperation of teachers.
    How great that you shared the pleasure with us
    Being a teacher i find your post really inspiring

  22. This is truly amazing. I was impressed by the photos you sent me but I had no idea that they were part of such a wonderful show. I haven't seen anything like the hotel before. WOW!!!! I am sure that the children feel a great sense of achievement to see what they can do if they work together with an adult's help. I think I like your top picture best of all. I can almost feel the wind blowing through the autumn scene. No matter what the age of the artist, I would love to have this cheerful, harmonious and rhythmical picture on my wall. Your posts constantly surprise and please me, Yoko!

  23. Thank you very much for the comment on my blogpost. I will continue to write about my stay in Nepal each day for three or four days.

  24. The work done by children are fabulously colorful. How do you look at them, the same lips smile. Great coverage. REGARDS.

  25. I love the great work they have done. Children have demonstrated great skill and imagination. They're beautiful, Yoko. They will be happy to see it finished and so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this great exhibition. Around here too autumn is in its splendor.
    Good tuesday.

  26. Why not? You can make a series so that more kids' creations would be displayed for visitors to enjoy.
    Oh, I forgot to say Hello! Dear Yoko, the excursion is wonderful. I would love to stay at Lavender Hotel, attend these exhibitions and walk round Nara with you. It looks more festive in autumn splendour. With our minus 20 outside your pictures make me wonder at marvels of the world.
    Keep warm and peaceful.
    Peppered with papers,

  27. Oh, wow! I am in love with all these art works, Yoko. These are so creatively done, so wonderful and inspiring to delve into the vibrant spirit and energy that these little wonders of the world present to us. Thank you for collecting them here and taking us through the tour, I just closed my eyes right now and sat myself on that magic chair!

  28. What delights! Such creativity and a wonderful celebration of all the children do.

  29. 大人顔負けの作品ですね!Yokoさんが夢中で撮影されてるのが想像されます。やっぱり日本の秋は美しいですね〜。こちらも紅葉ありますが、日本の紅葉の景色を見てしまうと...^_^

  30. What a great time visiting the exhibition thanks to your magnificent images and post! The reality filtered through the eyes of the children in his manualidades is the whole explosion of color and precious sensations, so much when I have not had the opportunity to see directly, but yes of enjoying images and comments of great quality. Thank you very much, Yoko, for sharing it. A pleasure, as usual, to have happened hereabouts.

  31. These are fantastic! I love the fireman's hats and wish injections, lol. Such color and imagination. The paintings are wonderful as well.

  32. wow i really am amazed by the art of young artists .
    what a lovely exhibition and wonderfully shared by you .

  33. Fabulous kiddies, and all they do.

  34. This is amazing... your photography is lovely Yoko...

  35. This post is so colourful and interesting to see the innovative ideas of the children. This is the first time I have seen such a large scale of items being created to make the props we actually see in our daily lives. I love them all.

  36. Dear Yoko,
    Merry-merry Christmas and prosperous, healthy, peaceful year! To you, your family and all of us. Many thanks for your inspiring posts! See you next year!
    Best wishes from Doctor B.

  37. Um postagem deliciosa de ver, de sentir, sobretudo. As crianças fizeram um belo trabalho, tudo excelente, colorido e vibrante.
    Parabéns, Yoko, pela partilha tão interessante!


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