Monday, December 12, 2011

Autumn giving way to winter after the final burst of glow

While I enjoy gradual changing of the season, I realize surrounded by the splendour of  autumn usually from late November to early December. 

Recent chills of  December at last accelerated rapidly the delayed changing of Japanese maple leaves to vermillion or crimson.

In my impression, autumn starts and ends with red color.

Red color of Cluster Amaryllis (Spider Lilies) start blooming around the Autumnal Equinox Day. 

And red of Red Dragonflies.   Many Japanese people feel nostalgia for the bygone days by the song “Red Dragonfly” with which people have been familiar since their childhood.  The first stanza of the lyrics is....
Dragonflies, as red as sunset,               
Back when I was young                          
In twilight skies, there on her back I’d ride  
When the day was done   
赤とんぼ/Red Dragonflies: composed by Kosaku Yamada, lyrics by Rofu Miki, translated by Greg Irwin

Now autumn is going to end with red color after going through various colors of the seasonal plants as I have posted about and the numerous hues of colored leaves.

Aged maple trees at Keisoku-ji, Shiga Pref., last late November

The fiery red Japanese maple leaves look symbolizing the final burst of flame of life.

Still there are some maple leaves left green or just having started changing colors due to unusual warm October and November.

They are the last to fall to the ground after transforming and showing their rich and vibrant hues.   

Autumn at last gives way to winter with the whirling of the leaves. 

Autumn colors don't disappear soon.  The reds turn to rust and yellows to sienna.  There's something sad and yet beautiful about the colored leaves becoming muted with time.  Finally the leaves will become part of clay and enrich the soil to grow the trees. 

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  1. stardustさん、こんにちわ。



  2. Hello Yoko:
    Such an absolutely wonderful series of autumnal images you delight us with here. The Japanese Maples are a favourite of ours and the scarlet tones are so utterly beautiful.

    As you say, the changing seasons and the ways n which Nature continually renews itself are so magical, each producing its own delights.

  3. Oh, beautiful!!! Precioso, preciosas fotos en rojo... me han encantado!! Gracias. Bss

  4. Dragonflies, spider lilies and carpets of red leaves stir the imagination, stardust. We have barely a leaf left on our maple trees in BC as recent swift winds have blown most of them away. I love your photograph of the old twisted trees and I like the thought of being small enough to ride away on a dragonfly. Sometimes the last gasp of autumn IS the brightest. :)

  5. Just an awesome post. What fiery bright red colors... Loved the Spider lilies, Red dragonfly, the steps covered with leaves... Very serene and pretty. Everything seems to be covered in red leaves. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.
    Have a fabulous week ahead Yoko:)

  6. Loved your beautiful post and song, Yoko! Dragonflies and mulberry trees are happy memories from my childhood too. These words of yours... "There's something sad and yet beautiful about the colored leaves becoming muted with time"...reminds me of a poem my oldest granddaughter wrote for me when my mother passed....The Nature of Life:

    There's something to understand about Nature.
    That there's beauty in sadness too.
    When Nature takes its course in life,
    There's beauty in making it through.

  7. You have certainly captured the beauty of autumn. And yours lasts so much longer than ours here. I am enjoying your colours while here all is grey.

  8. thank you for sharing your gift with us! it is incredibly beautiful!

  9. absolutely stuning..Beautiful colors..I love that.hugs

  10. The beauty of your photos always amazes me, Yoko! I could sit and stare at them for hours!
    Thank you fore sharing your splendid world with us:)

  11. Autumn is my favourite season along with spring when Nature either winds down or starts shooting! Colours and fragrances are amazing. Our Cluster Amaryllis finished blooming last month, a pity but we are all part of this big natural cycle...

  12. All these images are so beautiful, you have captured the deer and leaves beautifully and the leaf coloured pathways just beg to be followed. The spider lilies are such an intense red colour and so lovely too. Thanks.

  13. breathtaking colors! You live in such a beautiful part of this beautiful world!

  14. work of art ! your photography is.

    please have a good tuesday.

    daily athens photo

  15. Such gorgeous captures and a wonderful look at autumn and its beautiful, flaming colors in your world! Superb! I do love the deer! Enjoy your week!


  16. es increiblemente hermoso, es como que llama a le escritura,un buen insentivo melancolico y romantico
    un beso

  17. I really, really love your photos. They are all sooo beautiful in composition and in colours.

  18. What a beautiful series of shots filled with autumnal colors. You did a fabulous job creating this collection. I have always wanted a Japanese maple...maybe one day my husband will give me one. I think they are the prettiest trees ever. I have really enjoyed looking at all of your captures. genie

  19. You have such a long and late autumn - ours has been over for weeks now and we've had plenty of real winter cold and snow. I love seeing these lovely shots!

  20. Piękna, głównie czerwona jesień.Trochę później zmienia kolory, ale i tak jest bardzo ładnie. U nas niestety już prawie brak barw w przyrodzie. Piękne zdjęcia . Pozdrawiam

  21. 自然の移り変わりが見事に写されていて目を奪われます。今年は暖かで、秋が長く感じられましたが、季節はもう冬ですね。早いものです。忙しい時期になりますが、風邪をひかないようにお互い気をつけて年末に臨みましょう。

  22. Your photos are pure poetry!

    Such glorious colours and scenes.

    Over here it's bare and a bit grey...

  23. There are more bright colours in the autumn than any other part of the year and after the leaves drop and slowly turn to brow, they gently lead us into the next season.

  24. Witam. Masz rację :-), motylek nie jest do góry nogami :-(. Pozdrawiam cieplutko

  25. Hello.
    Great pictures you show.
    Wishing you a good Tuesday.
    / Hanne Bente

  26. Awesome colours and love the shots of the Deers, thanks for sharing:)

  27. 奈良での秋散歩 Yokoさんとご一緒させて頂けた気分です。とても気持ちの良い光と色ですね。秋がこんなにも美しいことを 都会の子供達は知らないだろうなぁ~

  28. I've run out of superlatives in my mind so don't know what else to say except your photographs are gorgeous and make me feel warm and give a glow to the day! Such wonderful colors and the deer - I love the deer, too.

    Your part of the world is quite fantastic and you are a superb photographer and I thank you for sharing all this beauty.

    Re your comment on Stone Creek: Wood Storks have a large wingspan and are a delight to see when in flight...unfortunately, I was not able to get such a picture. But if I do, I will let you know.

  29. Hallo Yoko,
    The images and story is great again.
    Thanks sharing all this beauty.
    Have a nice week

  30. Beloved friend of mine Yoko,
    I think the finest autumn in the world is in Japan!
    I admired the wonderful color photos and you enjoyed the song of autumn in the video!
    What beautiful clothes worn by two ladies who sat at the table!
    Thank you very much for the color feast!
    many kisses

  31. Woderful, lyrical images of a magical time of year. Our autumn has given way to winter, recent strong winds and driving rain has stripped off the last remaining leaves. Tonight as I came home a bright moon was shining through glistening black branches. Thank you for showing us your part of the world.

  32. your autumn is absolutely beautiful! the colors are breathtaking. such gorgeous photos you shared.

  33. Yoko
    A beautiful world. I feel like going to sleep now, such a lovely melody :D.

  34. Your autumnal images are absolutely gorgeous! They have such depth and character. The little red dragonfly and a poem about it are the most adorable duet :)

  35. Indeed, there were many kind of colored leaves in this autumn for warm weather. Around beggining of autumn it said that red of this year is not so beautiful but they showed us their best beautiful red shinnings now. I am amazed their obedience.
    Have a merry pre-christmas period.

  36. Oh, these photos are amazing! I love Japanese maples. They are the most beautiful trees in Autumn. I have a few small ones in my English garden and adore the rich reds!
    So glad to have found your blog. I would like to visit a real Japanese garden one day.
    Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Jo May.

  37. Hi Yoko!
    What a splendid blast of colour as Autumn sweeps into winter.The red dragonfly looks amazing,it would be difficult to spot on a cluster amaryllis I think!I love the image of the moss covered roof.
    Your Kita-mura post is beautiful and extremely interesting,it looks like a place forgotten by time.
    Lovely photos!
    Enjoy your day,

  38. Dear Yoko,
    You have given us a christmas present with this post.
    A treat for the eye and the soul. Thank you.

  39. Hello, stardust.

      Lovely your works, full of JOY!

      Thank you World-wide LOVE.
      and, your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend.
    From Japan, ruma ❀

  40. So many beautiful pictures you take. I really like all of them. And your poem and writing.
    Wich you a wonderful day.

  41. My beloved friend Yoko
    Thank you very much for honor, sending my this magnificent video. with the amazing voice of the famous Lady!
    I listened and oritzinal in Youtube, is astonishing, as pure water!!!
    Thank you very much again my friend
    Best regards

  42. º♫
    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.
    ✿⊱╮ Muito lindo... um show de tons avermelhados

    Bom fim de semana.

  43. Glorious, absolutely glorious. How can you bear to lose this splendour to winter?

  44. I love autumn Yoko and your photos are just gorgeous, I love them all! Warm regards for you my friend,

  45. Absolutely beautiful!! What a glorious season autumn your country!

  46. stardustさん、あけましておめでとうございます。


  47. Japan is a beautiful country! Entranced I AM talk! Thanks to your blogowi find out and see much more! You have great pictures! Yours - Zaneta

  48. Wow, browsed your blog and found this awesome post. Beautiful description of autumn, great !

    I enjoyed this small hyku about dragon fly ! Beautiful !


  49. Ślicznie jest u Was.
    Cudne zdjęcia.
    Pozdrawiam :)


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