Monday, September 19, 2011

When do roses bloom?

When do roses bloom?   In my part of the world, they usually bloom in late April/early summer, fade in the middle of summer, and after pruning they bloom again from early fall to frost.

 Ryosen-ji Rose Garden in May

 my garden, May to June

In the middle of august when I stopped by Umami Hill Park,  I was so amazed to find roses blooming vibrantly in spite of the scorching heat.  They seem to have been taken care very well and have bloomed constantly since late spring one after another.

Umami Hill Park in august

During high summer,  my garden was in a miserable state due to intense heat, occasional downpouring, and its owner without a green thumb.  Two weeks ago when the prolonged influence of the typhoon No. 12 was over, I found a very tiny rose blooming in the cool and crisp morning air.  

In the same morning, I learned the number of people killed or made missing by the typhoon exceeded 100.  Somehow, I remembered this song.

The Rose
- Bette Midler -

Some say love, it is a river
That drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed
Some say love, it is a hunger
An endless aching need
I say love, it is a flower
And you, its only seed

It's the heart, afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It's the dream, afraid of waking
That never takes the chance
It's the one who won't be taken
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul, afraid of dying
That never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long
And you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed
That with the sun's love, in the spring
Becomes the rose

Another typhoon is approaching and raising fears of further landslides and flash flooding in Kii Peninsula (southern Nara pref. and Wakayama pref.) where was  already heavily damaged by the previous typhoon.

This year record disasters have happened one after another, not only in Japan but also around the world.  Wish no more disasters and hope for the recovery as soon as possible. 

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  1. The collection of roses you presented in your post is simply awesome! I love them so much! I also like the song - thanks for sharing:)
    It's a difficult year indeed for your country - hope you'll get it over soon!

  2. Hello Yoko:
    The Roses you show here do indeed look very pretty. Although in England we had thought that Roses prefer a temperate climate, we too find that in Budapest in searing summer heat Roses do thrive. And so, we now think of Roses as extremely resilient plants capable of weathering all kinds of extreme conditions.

    We do so hope that the awful tragedies which your country has experienced this year will not be repeated with any further extreme weather. Like you, we wish for a peaceful time when the Roses along with everything else in Nature can be enjoyed and not feared.

  3. Over and over, nature can be so harsh and yet produces such beauty for us to enjoy. The Rose by Bette Midler was played at my son's wedding reception.... for that reason, it always brings on tears of joy for me. Such a sadness it has, but a song of hope too! Love helps us endure anything, when received or given.

  4. This paradoxical world we share is as lovely and nurturing as it is frightening and dangerous The Bette Midler song brought me to tears, stardust … it’s been a while since I heard it. The single rose in your garden beautifully illustrates the solitude one feels when love or life is lost. Yet the seeds remain and appear invincible. Thank you for sharing those thought-provoking words amid the gardens of roses.

  5. beautiful rose gardens. and yes, the disasters this year for your country and ours (and almost everywhere) have been terrible.

  6. What beautiful rose pictures, every time I see roses I can hardly believe how lovely they are. This reminds me that I must buy some to plant.

    Oh, I hope you don't have any problems with the typhoon, Japan deserves a break from this awful stuff that has been happening.

  7. Your pictures of roses are beautiful, I can almost smell their delicate perfume.
    I hope the coming typhoon does not cause any further damage.

  8. Dear Yoko,
    The roses and music are so beautiful. We have a lot in our hands but we can't do anything about what the weather brings us. We have to accept.
    But this year is extreme. Hope you are save without any damage.
    Warm wishes Marijke

  9. Flowers always happy. Roses are wonderful. They are called in this country queen flowers. Photographs are like a fabulous dream. Very impressive. Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog. Beautiful late summer days wishes Peter.

  10. Beautiful and delicate rose pictures!
    I hope you will not have so extreme weather this season.

  11. Beautiful roses! I have never been very successful with roses. There was a dark red rose in my garden when I moved into my previous house and it always bloomed, but the trees grew higher and deprived it of light, and although the bush thrived, it gave me very few flowers. I love the scent of roses.

  12. Truly delightful again, this post and the last one, which I missed.
    I love the pictures of your world which you share with us.

    You have eyes to see the wonders and the ability to capture them with your camera.

    Thank you.

  13. Beautiful roses, I like roses and their scent is wonderful.

  14. Mother Nature gives us such beautiful present, but at the same time torments us.
    This year something wrong, something different so badly.
    I hope early recovery and my prayers with them.

  15. Your collection of roses are indeed breathtaking! So much beauty! And you have such a great eye for capturing it all! There has indeed been so much devastation all over the world this year! I do hope your country is spared anymore! Holding good thoughts for you!


  16. My jaw literally dropped in amazement upon seeing the beautiful roses that grow in your garden! I want to have a garden like yours, seriously. I have a few rose planted in pots in my veranda garden and they bloom almost all-year round. Now we are having a bit of a problem with the dark spots on the leaves. Have you encountered this problem, and, if so, what did you do to remedy it?

    Inside Cambodia

  17. What a magical garden full of those lovely roses!

    I'm hoping that the typhoon causes no more damage in your area.

  18. These roses in your garden have interesting hue and nuance, very beautiful.
    I saw so many roses at a same time, wow!

  19. ローズガーデン、私もめざしてはみたのですが・・・せめて今あるバラを一回り大きくして、来年は出窓一帯を飾りたいと思っています。
    The Roseの曲初めてです。こんなに優しい、希望と愛情に満ちたバラの歌もあったんですね。心に静かに響く曲でした。

  20. I like roses and the ninth one is the rose I raised for the first time.The shelter advice for tens of thousands of people in Nagoya city was announced. I am very surprised. I pray the typhoon course to the southward on the sea.

  21. Lovely roses. I feel sad that so much havoc is being caused by nature in Japan. There was an earthquake in India a few days ago. My heart goes out to all those who are facing the hard times.

  22. I do hope that your country is spared any more natural disasters. You certainly have had enough troubles this year.
    Roses bloom according to their nature. Some only flower once a year in late spring, others flower spring and autumn and yet others are repeat flowering during the growing season and the last group are constant flowering in the growing season and occasionally their blooms continue to mid winter. I choose my roses by scent and how often they flower.

  23. How beautiful!
    You will be affected compared to my home by a typhoon.I hope you will prepare for disaster.
    The rainy day continues but they must be blessed rain for nature things like vegetables in my garden.

  24. I love the fragrance of roses when late afternoon comes.
    There are so many varieties of roses but I prefer ancient roses as they have the strongest fragrance and normally have an unusually high number of petals that make them look like mini-cabbages!

  25. Sreissat - Probably the dark spots are disease caused by fungus. When I found black spots, I bought fungicide and sprayed it. When you find dark spots, you can make it under control to some extent, but it’s a little too late. I was told preventive measures are the most important.

  26. Wonderful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  27. Beautiful shots. I love roses. A very heartfelt post.

  28. What a beautiful post!! Your pictures are the most gorgeous ever! I love the roses in your garden and in the third picture. Oh to sit amidst such beauty!!

    Pictures of the tsunami are still fresh in our minds. I hope the typhoon does not wreak havoc. The words of the song touched my heart.

  29. Oh, I hope you don't get hit by a typhoon!

    Your roses are just gorgeous. I love that last shot with the water drops!

    Thanks so much for your visit to our blogs!

  30. Such pretty flowers! So refreshing and they spread so much of happiness around through their sweet and delicate nature. You have captured and presented them so beautifully, I could almost feel them. I pray the typhoon disaster doesn't disturb them..

  31. With so many disasters happening lately I think sometimes - maybe it's our Mother Earth trying to tell us something? Maybe we all should take better care of her? We often think this planet is a huge rock, but maybe it's a tiny fragile rose?

    Wonderful, refreshing pictures, Yoko!

  32. Malutka radość, bo zakwitła róża. Olbrzymi smutek, bo tajfun zabił tylu ludzi. Przyroda potrafi być jednak okrutna. Pozdrawiam ciepło

  33. muy buen blog ,quisiera visitarte ,realmente me a gustado la fotografía de las rosas,soy un fanático de ellas

  34. I really like the red rose and white.
    The roses and flowers of love and its different ways of conceiving .... as well as express your poem.

  35. Of all the lovely roses, my favorite is the blushing rain-soaked one from your garden. The song by Bette Midler is one of my favorites. So many tragedies to test our spirits. I hope, like the rose, we live to bloom again.

  36. What lovely roses you have photographed--all beauties. I too hope Japan gets a reprieve from all the disasters that seem to just keep coming. My thoughts are with you and your countrymen. Mickie :)

  37. roses are one of my favorites and these are gorgeous. i have some knockout roses that bloom abundently from spring right thru fall!!

    mother nature has been very cranky this year...i hope you stay safe. xo

  38. Hello, stardust.

    The Rose - Bette Midler -
    I heard it.

    The song impresses me.
    The words are very profound.

    Surely, "Fear" does me timidly.
    And it rouses self-protection.

    On the other hand.
    "Confidence" "Self-knowledge"
    I may live for those acquisition.


  39. How wonderful that the roses bloom two times a year!

  40. The beauty of the roses shows nature's sweet side. Unfortunately there is also the destructive side. The only good part of these disasters is that it brings people together and reminds us to care for and about people both close and far away.

  41. The fourth photo is my favorite, of the three pink roses really close up. :-)

  42. Hello, Yoko !
    Oh, how lovely. Very enchanting pictures... Roses are, by far, my favorite flower. I love their scent and their beautiful colors. Thank you for the lovely stroll.
    The song by Bette Midler is one of my favorites, also...


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