Monday, April 5, 2021

Sakura album, 2021

Sakura (cherry blossoms) season has come the earliest since 1953
when government started recording.
Japanese verb "綻ぶ/hokorobu" means "buds turn into blossoms" as well as "people smile".
With the arrival of Sakura season, we can't help smiling but  can't  be off guard against COVID-19.
To take photos,  I walked around in my town or went to and from Nara Park by car 
choosing proper time and places.

Around the Vernal Equinox, early blooming variety "陽光 Yoko", Sunlight Sakura (above and below),
heralds Sakura season.

March 19

One week later, Somei-yoshino were already blooming at Sagi-ike Pond, Nara Park.

March 26

The blossoms on the upper part of the photo below is not Sakura but Kobushi Magnolia.
 Blossoms were sparse on the Sakura branches.
At their best, the area turns into to thick pale-pink clouds.

On a rainy weekend, I spent quiet time at the park in my neighborhood.

March 28

Shooting light-colored Sakura against the rainy sky in a wider view is quite challenging.
I was fortunate with this result, blossoms on the dark twigs under the pearly sky.

Sakura in the softly falling rain brings sense of quiet euphoria.

A couple of days later, "紅豊 Beni-yutaka" were in profusion in the Garden of "Iraka", Nara Park.

April 1

Beni-yutaka has large deeper-pink double flowers like the name "Beni-yutaka" literally meaning "rouge-rich".

 Most of the trees in the garden are fine and massive.
Beyond Beni-yutaka is "八重紅枝垂れ Yae-beni-shidare", double weeping  Sakura.


Flowers of Somei-yoshino start drifting from branches in a week from their opening.
The area is hazy pink as far as the eye can see with blossoms on the branches and  confetti-like petals 
on the ground.
Petals of Sakura is spring delicacy to deer.

Looking up, red flowers and fresh leaves of Japanese Maple were shining in the backdrop of Sakura.

Free and comfortable!
Kasugano-enchi Fields

Again at Sagi-ike Pond, the area looked like to be enveloped in floating pink clouds.
I saw the painter (#4 image) again at his regular place.

Blossoms of Somei-yoshino were mostly over in that nearby park this afternoon.

April 5

 In spite of the creeping-up infections, State of Emergency was lifted up three weeks ago
leaving the subtle but bold handling to local governments.
Because the effect of it was fading  as prolonged restrictions without legal authority
only made people tired of self-restraint and less cautious.
People look to have gotten used to the new life style not to give or catch the virus
while the new corona variant looks formidable.
Infection number is rapidly rising again.

BTW, these are the memorial photos of Shichi-Go-San (7.5.3) celebrated last year,
Y for the seventh and M for the third year.
Y's front tooth fell off on the way to the photo studio prior to the rite at a shrine.
She turned 8 on the 1st of April.
The youngest M enjoyed photo shooting so much and cried when she had to undress.

Photos of photos

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  1. Very beautiful colour in the blossoms. You are right in saying that you have to choose the right time and places. I took photos of the sakura blossoms two times this year but both times it was rushed and not the best places. If I can I will go to one street I know of closer by and get some more if the sun shines later this week. I enjoy your blossoms each and every year. Your grand children are growing so big and they look so sweet.

  2. P.S. A few days ago we went into more restrictions again. Yet today the covid numbers are higher than ever. Not just in my province but across the country. Some people don't adhere to the restrictions and some people should probably be given the vaccine as a priority (like all those that work with the public in any way). The variants are very strong and that is why the number are high. The vaccination program is well under way but it will take time. Keep safe.

  3. Vivo en un país lejano en Colombia , y adoro los arboles de sakura, gracias por sus hermosas fotos me alegran el corazón.

    disfruto mucho sus fotos.

    1. Thank you, Gabriela, for your visit and leaving comments. I tried to see your blog but couldn’t find it. Have happy days ahead. Take care.


  4. What a wonderful job taking photos of the blossoms and creating a mood. I know how difficult it can be because of the camera grappling with light and dark shadows around the petals. The costumed children are adorable. The photo of the little girl looking up at her big brother is completely charming! :)

  5. Oh WOW. Thanks for your beautiful photos and mosiacs

    Happy Easter

    much love

  6. Me encanta ver sus hermosas fotos, me dan paz y alegría . adoro estos arboles muy conocidos en el mundo, que vemos en las postales de Japón, los sakura. gracias porque puedo leerla en español, soy de Colombia, America Latina.

  7. What beautiful photos and a lovely progression seeing them blossom so brilliantly! I love the deer photo too and glad to hear they have a delicacy to nibble on! :)

  8. Sakura is awesome blossoms!
    The girls are beautiful in kimono!

    Thank you for sharing a part of you live at.

  9. I like the idea of smiling and the blossoming of trees being expressed by the same word. Very pretty photos - both the blossoms and the children.

  10. Oh! A wonderful spring reigns here.
    Yoko, I'm in love with your photos.
    Hugs and greetings.

  11. The children are adorable in their beautiful clothes! And the cherry blossoms are spectacular! You took amazing when you have the bright sky as the background. What beauty!

  12. Yoko - it is almost impossible to find words that are adequate to describe the delicate beauty of the blossoms. And so many varieties! You have blessed us so much by delivering these photos to us. Of course, the children are also adorable! I am sorry to hear that your virus cases are rising again.
    We seem to be on a better track here. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  13. Enjoyed reading. Seeing the wonderful blossoms. And the smiling childrens.

    Behind them is always around us the virus.... hope and pray this time passes by. Stay healthy and well.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  14. Dear Yoko - it is always such a great annual treat to see the beautiful photos of the Sakura season - blossom time in Japan. Each one is exquisite, it is impossible to choose a favourite. Your grandchildren are growing up so quickly, and look lovely dressed up in all their Japanese finery.
    It appears to be a worldwide phenomenon that many people are getting fed up with the imposed restrictions, especially so the young, who have no concerns or fears about catching the virus.

  15. Dear Yoko, I can fully understand why Japanese people ‘worship’ their cherry blossom season with such happiness. It is a magnificent sight, so much to gladden the heart. I have just one large cherry tree with pink blooms but it is a joy to me to admire it.
    I am surprised that the Japanese maple is in leaf and flower, mine are much later and when there is a late frost (as now) the leaves will just shrivel and not come back for the year.

  16. this is pure heaven and you are angle dear Yoko :)

    angle who collect joys and delight from her blessed garden and sprinkle on those who seek for the beauty and peace of the nature
    incredibly beautiful images indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    spring of your area is magical !
    yet from all the flowers you shared above seemed to defeated by the innocence and cuteness of flower smiling in the bottom :)
    happy birthdays to your grandkids ,may the find all the joy in this world amen!

  17. Gorgeous pictures ! You are a lucky woman to be able to visit Nara park and all those beauties !
    Thanks for sharing them !
    Your grandkids are adorable !
    Have a nice evening !

  18. Piękne macie te wiśnie. Córka też pisze, że w Osace już kończą kwitnienie.


  19. ·.
    What a wonderful bloom. It is a world of color.
    Great explanation of the children's party.
    All the photos are very good.

    Greetings from Spain

    LaMiradaAusente · & · CristalRasgado

  20. Gracias Yoko por compartir esta belleza. Sabia la naturaleza que no se detiene ante nada y vuelve cada año a florecer.
    Muy guapos tus nietos y preciosos sus vestidos.
    Buen fin de semana. Cuídate.
    Un abrazo.

  21. So much beauty in this post! Thank you! You wrote "Japanese verb "綻ぶ/hokorobu" means "buds turn into blossoms" as well as "people smile"." Yes, I am sure that there have been very many smiles while the buds turn into blossoms.... the sakura are so beautiful! So many shades of white and pink. The blossoms on the trees here are not out yet, but the weather is improving so I am sure we will see blossom soon.
    And the photographs of your grandchildren are charming! I would love to dress like them and have my photograph taken, And I would cry too, having to take the beautiful kimono off.

  22. The World Is Alive And Beautiful - Excellent Captures - Well Done


  23. What a gorgeous display in Nara when the Sakura are blooming! Your words are poetry and describe the scenes perfectly: "Sakura in the softly falling rain brings sense of quiet euphoria." The formal portraits of your sweet grandchildren are wonderful. Bob and I both admired their beautiful kimonos and bright smiles. Your grandson is looking so sweetly at his sister. Stay well,Yoko. Hugs from Colorado.

  24. Admirable post, thank you so much, dear Yoko! I’ve looked forward to your publishing Sakura blossoms, as a ex-student of mine who lives in Tokyo now, sent pictures of them at the end of March. Incredible trees! Like pink or white clouds, soft and delicate. Small wonder, that anyone, be it a child or a deer, enjoys the season. I would love to sit at the pond where the painter chose for work, I wouldn’t intrude in his place, of course, but try and find something at a distance. Just sit in silence and marvel.
    Pictures and stories of your grandchildren made me laugh, especially the one where Y is trying to rise his little sister. And the girls in costumes look so solemn and funny!
    We all love the same things, as you can read in the comments. Birds, children’s voices, temple bells (coming back to “Sounds of the city), Sakura blossoms, deer pecking petals… Thanks again, Yoko, let it be a happier spring than last year. Please, take care.
    With warmest wishes, dreaming how we would come to Japan in April,
    Oh, I loved the verb - “hokorobu” – such a resonant verb! And its double meaning, "buds turn into blossoms" and "people smile".

  25. Τόση ομορφιά συγκεντρωμένη σε μία ανάρτηση!

  26. 可愛い桜、ゴージャスな桜、控えめに咲く桜、沢山シャッターを切られたのですね。
    どの桜もきれいですが、なんといっても一番好きなのはFree and Comfortable の中のお孫さん達そして一緒に映っている桜。そして幸せそうな着物姿のお孫さん達のお写真。笑顔が何ともいえず可愛い~!Yokoさんの笑顔も見えるようですよ。楽しい春のポストですね。


  27. Your photos of the cherry blossoms and the children are wonderful. If I was in the park and saw all those vistas of blossom beauty, I know I would be speechless. I would be in awe. Thank you for sharing these scenes.


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