Friday, April 13, 2012

Sagi-ike Pond reflections with sakura

Sakura (Cherry blossoms) season has come.  Time flies: it’s just like the other day when I said to sakura “See you next year!” in my last year's post Passing Sakura.  Since there are so many cherry trees here and there throughout the Japan, the blossoms' fleeting progress day by day is explicit before our eyes, though cherry blossom are not only the flowers with so fleeting life. When I see the changing blossoms from the train window, I wonder if life would be felt the blink of an eye at my end.  Being in the train back and forth and watching the changing sakura blossoms at a certain place takes me into an interesting world of physics.  Sakura are beautiful in any stage of their fleeting life from buds to falling or fallen petals.  Blooms of sakura make us feel assured the new beginnings or re-birth after the onslaught of the winter more intensely than other spring flowers.  They indicate full arrival of spring.

The view from the east of the pond

Sagi(heron)-ike Pond is one of my favorite places in Nara Park.  The hexagonal bridge-connected Ukimi-do Pavilion was built in 1916 and was renovated 1991-1994.  It is like a gazebo on the water and is a nice place to have a rest.  The bridge was renovated last year.  Let's walk around the pond.

From the south side of the pond

This bridge connects south and north side via Ukimi-do Pavilion.

Close-up of the partial reflection in the photo above

The view from the upper ground behind the Ukimi-do

Along the north side of the pond

From the west side of the pond

Around the pond, some blossoms have already started drifting from the branches. 
Soft pink petals are softly fluttering under the blue sky and floating in the blue sky.

The pond restores stillness at night.


  1. Hello Yoko:
    The delicately fragile and fleeting beauty of the Cherry Blossom is absolutely enchanting. Like you, we should wish to make the most of it before wishing it farewell for another year.

    Nara Park looks particularly magical at this time of year and the reflections of the blossom in the water are so delightful. You have captured them beautifully.

  2. Gdybym mieszkała w pobliżu tego parku, też byłoby to moje ulubione miejsce. Tam jest cudownie, a szczególnie teraz, kiedy kwitną wiśnie. Dziękuję za tak wspaniałe widoki. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
    If I lived near this park, it would be my favorite place. There is wonderful, especially now, when the cherries bloom. Thank you for such wonderful views. Best regards

  3. The magic of spring blossom around the world is a treat to behold. Sadly, soon it will be on its way for another year so we must enjoy it whilst it is with us.

  4. Oh Yoko, how utterly beautiful . . . I would love to drift in one of those boats under the fluttering cherry blossom.

    I am sorry I have missed so many of your beautiful post but the last few months have been rather traumatic for me with my sister's final illness and death. On Sunday I am taking my husband( he has dementia) to our semi desert mountains and will be back at the end of the month.

    You know I enjoy your blog very much.

    ((Hugs)) . . . Arija

  5. These are incredibly beautiful photos! They look like postcards! Thanks for sharing the beauty with us. It restores stillness in our minds, too.


  7. Hi,Stardust.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Beautiful photos from a wonderful place.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  9. Like all forms of life we just have to enjoy it while we can. I certainly enjoy the blossom through your photos.

  10. So beautiful, stardust! This must be a great place for a leisurely stroll! The Ukimido temple looks really lovely surrounded by spring colors! Your sakura photos are very impressive with backdrops of water! Oh I wish I could visit Nara Park!!


  11. What a peaceful place to visit, stardust! These photographs mixed with your words feel like poetry. The pond, bridge and blossoms all illustrate nature at its finest and most restful. I can easily imagine walking through the scented trees and floating on the peaceful water or rowing one of those boats Time does, indeed, fly and it seems best to enjoy the precious moments of harmony in nature.

  12. Beautiful and gorgeous photos as usual!
    Sakura always gives me a wonderful surprise. Yesterday there was no color, but today clouds of pastel pink suddenly appear. It is totally nothing but magic.
    Thanks for posting. Ukimido and Sagi-ike Pond area is one of my favorite, especially at sunset.

  13. Yoko,this place looks like fairyland and I love the little boats.Blossom is so fragile,beautiful and short lived,especially when adversely affected by the elements.In our garden plumb and pear blossom which had arrived early because of a warm March,disappeared overnight with April wind and rain.But such is life......and death!

    Happy weekend,

  14. Hi stardust,

    How delightful these blossoms are! All of them look so surreal and each of your picture looks like a painting. I like the message it gives out - the fleeting nature of things, the renewal of hopes, the changing of seasons - these are the only constants of life. We must keep these teachings in our mind so that we can lead a righteous and a good life throughout. Thoroughly loved my nature trail in the beautiful and tranquil garden. Thanks a lot for taking us along.

    Wish you a happy weekend,

  15. It's awesome place Yoko! If I lived nearby I probably would spend all my free time there, especially now!
    Have a great weekend my friend:)

  16. I dream of one day being in Japan to see the fleeting cherry blossom.

  17. I would love to stand on that bridge watching the pond and the cherry blossoms :) And of course taste the traditional zushi ! Must travel to Japan someday since your country is so beautiful and fascinating!!
    Have a nice weekend :)

  18. Hi Yoko, It's difficult to pick a favorite photo! All show the glory of spring and rebirth. I do really like the one of the blossoms with the blue boats behind the branches, though. (You know I must always pick a favorite, even when it's hard!)

  19. もう花びらが池に浮かんでいて、、、。諸行無常をかんじさせる静かな風景ですね。見慣れているはずが、改めて美しいと思います。

  20. 桜は愛らしくにも、華やかにも、清らかにも、妖艶にも、幽玄にも見えますよね。一人で見つめるのも良し、誰かと一緒に愛でるのも良し、大勢で楽しむのも良し・・・桜ばかりが花ではないし、はかないわけでもないけれど、そのスケールは無類ですね。どの写真にも心が吸い込まれそうです。

  21. What a gorgeous place, thank you for sharing.

  22. Beautiful cherry blossoms and reflections. What a lovely place to spend time. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

  23. Yoko, thank you!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post with those superb photos of beautiful things! The pond, the trees, the blossoms, the bridge, the boots, the people - the calm soft colors, the glimmering reflection on the water, the stones and rocks - the wonderful Japanese aesthetic - your eye is creative and your soul artful - and your talent in delivering us with their outcome is great. :-)

  24. ♫♫°º Olá!
    Imagens muito meigas e agradáveis.
    Bom fim de semana!

  25. They are really touching photos.Japanese old architecture goes well cherry blossoms. That bridge is dedicated for the cherry blossoms.

  26. Hi Yoko! Once more you have taken us on a extraordinary visual journey. Nara Park is a very special place for love, laughter, and meditation! Such gorgeous blossoms.

    The land itself around the park reminds a little of the land in the mountains in Southern California.

  27. Hey Yoko
    Breathtaking - I would love to go to Japan again.


  28. It's nice to know that you have these places around to enjoy all year round. Spring through your lens is quite stunning. But I'm sure summer and fall are equally attractive....I can only imagine what fall is like:) Thank you for the tour and hope you are well. Chris

  29. 浮見堂あたりは、静かで落ち着いた奈良らしい風景ですね。そのからし色に桜の白がよくにあっています。

  30. What a beautiful country you live in. I really hope that I someday can visit Japan and see this in real.

  31. What exquisite photographs. I think that the shortness of the season makes the cherry blossoms even more beautiful. We have to stop and appreciate. They make us stand still in awe.

  32. Love the full shot from the west side of the pond...beautiful to see so many trees blooming at once! Of course, your closeup photos of the flowers are always lovely, Yoko.

  33. wonderful, #3 is like a dream so lovely!

  34. Hi Yoko!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. :)
    Wich you a nice day.

  35. Los paisajes de tu país parecen un sueño. Me gusta tu blog.

  36. You share the worlds beauty- and the way we as humans feel life's fleeting moments. Lovely images.

  37. Hola Yoko. Mágicas imágenes impregnan el paisaje que ha sabido captar con tanta belleza.
    Un placer venir a visitarte porque sé que voy a encontrar belleza.

    Un cálido abrazo

  38. It is so beautiful Yoko to see the peace giving blossom in your country.
    Have a nice day

  39. `Hello Yoko,

    this pond itself is like a poem fringed by more poetry. It is quite beautiful and I would love to sit in the pavilion and let the images float by my eyes.

  40. What an amazingly beautiful place, and what an abundance of cherry blossoms. Absolutely breathtaking.
    Thanks for showing us around, Yoko :) I love the photos!

  41. Cherry blossom time has arrived in Toronto as well. However, with our weather it looks a little more modest. Your photos are simply gorgeous.

  42. Yokoさん おはようございます。週3日の勤務なので、今日はお休みなんです。池の湖面に映る桜、夜桜。前のポストの辛夷の花は春の風を掴もうと高く青空に挙げた子供の手のようで、本当に可愛く生命力が感じられます。いつも遠い古都の景色を見事な写真でご紹介頂けて感謝しています。春はほんとうに待ったかいがありますね。o(*^▽^*)o ♪

  43. Maybe nothing else could have embodied better life's transience and sakura flowers symbolism than a train journey, Yoko. The grace and peace your thoughts and beautiful pictures carry are very touching... Nara Park is a splendid place!

    Thank you for your warm comment on my blog, I'm always happy to receive your words! I've been away for four days and yesterday afternoon, on my way home, I had the fortune of finally seeing all nature bloomed. After just by Friday all was still hidden inside the earth and branches, undecided weather to come out or not (at least this is what I imagined...). Also the storks are already here.
    Oh, it was such an impressive sight to watch them walking and dancing on the fields from the train's window!
    I feel I am very lucky to have seen them, to have received the gift of springtime one more year.

    My warmest wishes and have happy days ahead, dear Yoko!

  44. So exquisitely beautiful!

  45. There is such a strong and soothing feeling of serenity in this post...

  46. Everything is nice in Nara Park, my dear Yoko, but with Sakura, is most beautiful!!!
    Your photos are fantastic!!!
    Best regards

  47. Beautiful captures, reflected every essence and beauty of your country
    Thank Yoko by these moments of peace and harmony
    Even when
    with my friends


  48. Hello Yoko,
    I am amazed by the beauty of your photos! ^o^ I am also an avid photographer living in Nara and truly admire your work! Last month I started my own international club in Nara, and would like to invite you to join. You can find it here: In a couple of weeks I'm going to lead a tour of Nara Park and would love to have you along to share your insights into the park as well. I read that your mother injured herself, so I completely understand if you can't make it, but I hope you'll consider joining my group anyway! I'll continue to enjoy your gorgeous photography.

    1. Hi, Kevin! Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment and interesting invitation. I’m interested in your activities as I like to meet people using English language. However, as you might know my circumstances, my days have been revolving around my three very young grandchildren and very elderly parent recently. To join you, I’d need an extra body. My mother having a surgery the day after tomorrow and I’ll commute to Kobe very often. Wish you have a wonderful October and your next meeting in Nara be joyous and fruitful one.



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