Sunday, January 22, 2023

Wish you and the world PEACE, LOVE and HEALING

水仙 Suisen, Japanese Narcissus, are the first bulbs of the year to emerge 
as early as January or a little before.
They are called "雪中花 settchuka", flowers in the snow, as well.
They are different from "trumpet narcissus" blooming toward spring.

Dainty snow-white flowers and slim blades are from vigorous long-lived bulbs.
As 水仙 literally means "water nymph" and "narcissus" reminds of Greek mythology,
they often bloom around water front.
At the Hannaji Temple, they play around stone Buddhas and join in prayers 
like white candles with bright yellow flame. 

Suisen bowls are offered to the Buddhist statues.
They look like candle light.

Hannyaji Temple is a small temple famous as a temple of flowers
especially for cosmoses in autumn as is called "cosmos temple".
The precinct was sunk in silence in the chilly air a little before the gate was closed.
I enjoyed that ambience.

 Last but not least, I hope you've started a nice, peaceful new year.
While I enjoy the slow pace of life after my families went back to their homes,
the livelier beat has returned before I know it.

The mosaics are a part of the new year cards reached on January 1st
from my relatives and friends.
I'm catching up with old friends whom I haven't seen in years in person,
which is going to be one of my nicest things this year.

As I feel uncomfortable looking at the computer screen,
I'll be away from the laptop till late March when I have cataract surgery.

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  1. Hello,
    I wish you a peaceful happy New Year! The Narcissus blooms are beautiful, they look lovely next to the Buddha stones. Pretty images and mosaics. Best wishes for your cataract surgery. Take care, have a great new week.

  2. Dear Yoko - it is so lovely to hear that you have enjoyed many special family moments and that you are now looking forward to catching up with friends whom you haven't seen in years.
    I love to see the dwarf narcissus too - I believe that the ones we have that resemble yours are called Narcissus Canaliculatus which are sweetly scented.
    I shall be thinking about you and your upcoming cataract surgery which is something that has been occupying my mind too. I had the same surgery 12 weeks ago, and it was an 'eye opening' experience for me - the world now looks far sharper, more colourful, and I am very happy with the result. I still have the other eye yet to be done, but I am not feeling so anxious about it now that I know what happens. Good luck Yoko - I know how you are feeling.

  3. Lovely narcissus and pictures ! So early...we don't see any before march...
    I hope the New Year (bunny) will bring peace and health around the world.
    Hope your surgery will be a success. We need your beautiful post...
    See you soon...

  4. I was glad to see your post, Yoko. I hope 2023 is a good year for you! I also like the early narcissi - particularly the scented ones. They don't emerge in London until March or so but I often try to buy a hothouse bunch in December as a special treat. I like the idea of a temple with an emphasis on flowers, and it would probably be my favourite one. Churchyards in England are often full of beautiful spring flowers, as people plant bulbs sometimes in memory of their departed relations. I hope that your cataract surgery goes well. T had it (in both eyes at once) and is very happy with the result, he feels as if he has new eyes! He liked having them done together because then the eyes could begin working together as soon as the bandages were off. Most people I know are very glad they have had it as it makes such a dramatic improvement.

  5. Happy New Year. The garden you shared looks like a lovely quiet place for reflection. WIshing you peace, health and happiness. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday.

  6. Liebe Grüße und gute wünsche aus dem fernen Deutschland.

  7. Happy New Year. I'm sure you'll benefit from the cataract surgery; I remember my mother's life being transformed by having it done. Take care.

  8. Lovely cards reflecting Year of the Rabbit. Let's hope the world can move as swiftly as a rabbit, finally, towards peaceful resolutions. Also, wishing you a speedy recovery, Yoko. Cataract surgery will enhance your eyesight significantly from all that I've heard. I remember my brother telling me it helped him see the world anew! :)

  9. I hope everything goes well with your surgery. Take care and come back when you are better. Love the mosaics and the cute cards. Sweet hugs, Diane

  10. Happy New Year! Best wishes for your cataract surgery!
    Lovely narcissus! I like the name; flowers in the snow. Take care!

  11. Your photos are gorgeous, Yoko.
    Wishing you joy, health and peace always 🧡🧡🧡

  12. Hi Yoko, Happy New Year, may each day of the New Year bring to you happiness, health, and all the best.
    Wonderful photos, daffodils are beautiful and very elegant flowers.
    You received very nice postcards, it's so good to hear from friends.
    I hope all goes well with your cataract surgery.
    Hugs, Maria

  13. Happy New Year, dear Yoko!

    The narcisses are one of the first heralds of spring and the first source of nectar for blossom-visiting insects. Thank you for sharing on


  14. A lovely post.
    My good wishes for 2023.

    I hope all goes well with your cataract surgery.

    All the best Jan

  15. Dearest Yoko, your post is full of beauty, peace and serenity. I wish you to feel like a vigorous long-lived bulb before and after the operation. And happy reunions with your friends. Take care please, I hope everything will be alright.
    With warmest wishes
    Irina and Doctor B.

  16. Cataract surgery..... I know many people (of a certain age!) who have had cataract surgery and everyone has told me that it makes a huge difference to improved sight. I have the start of a cataract in my left eye, so I am sure I will be joining the "Cataract Club" eventually. Good luck with your surgery appointment, Yoko!
    Happy New Year to you and your family and your charming grandchildren.

  17. Yoko - beautiful spring flowers in serene settings. Love how the New Year's cards reflect the Year of the Rabbit. Praying that you will have a successful cataract surgery!

  18. Preciosas fotos YoKo. Me encantan los narcisos
    Deseo que estés bien y te recuperes pronto de operacion de las cataratas.
    Buen semana.
    Un abrazo.

  19. Thank you for glorifying my day with exquisite and tranquil images of pretty blooms dear Yoko!
    Loved each smile of the nature thoroughly. Specially the glowing white little bloom around Buddha.
    I agree that family reunion seems short when everyone is gone back to his place. Best of luck for catching up with friends :)
    I really loved these new year greeting cards, simple and elegant.
    Hugs and blessings

  20. I bet by the time I leave this comment, the trumpet narcissus will be blooming! These Suisen you photographed are so graceful and exude calm. I love the late-day lighting. Next week, Bob must have repair laser surgery on a cataract surgery he had several years ago. Apparently his is growing back. Glad your surgery was successful.


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