Saturday, December 24, 2022

At the end of the year 2022

 "戦 tatakau or sen" was picked up as the Kanji, Chinese character, that describes
 the representative social mood of the year 2022 in Japan.
It means to compete to win or lose in wars or sports competition, like
 Russia's invasion of Ukraine, other international conflicts, and positively
the recent FIFA World Cup.
Another Kanji also meaning "tatakau", "闘 toh" would be more suitable for the battles
against many profound social problems.
"戦" was chosen for the second time following 2001 when September 11 terrorism attacks occurred.
I'd choose "想" as my personal Kanji this year, which means "to meditate, to comtemplate, 
to miss, to long for, or to recall."

The Christmas tree gets animated periodically.

When I walked in and around Grand Front Osaka, I was overwhelmed by 
so many people, but it was nice seeing them having their share of fun.
(Posts related to Grand Front Osaka including this one:here)
Lights warmed up my heart, and made me feel somber, too, to think of the people
 suffering without electricity and heat to survive in the frigid cold.
The brilliance of illuminations with energy-efficient LEDs generated by BDF 
looks symbolizing dazzling capabilities of human beings, but sadly in fact 
 there are equally dazzling incapabilities.

May Peace will prevail on earth in the New Year!

Your visits and comments throughout the year is appreciated from the bottom of my heart.
See you next year!

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  1. Hello Yoko,
    What a lovely post, beautiful photos and words. I would love to see peace around the world in 2023.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wish you peace, joy and all the best in 2023.

  2. Dear Yoko - may peace prevail on earth in the New Year is uppermost in my thoughts and hopes too. Wishing you and all of your family a joyful holiday season.

  3. Dear Yoko,
    Your post is so bright, colorful and beautiful !
    I wish you and your family a Happy and Sweet Christmas !
    May 2023 be better than 2022 for you and the rest of the word.

  4. I am delighted with the atmosphere created in this city.
    Amazing photos you can't take your eyes off of.
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and love of your loved ones!

  5. Spectacular series of photos, on dark winter days the lights brighten the eyes and the soul.
    Yoko, all the very best for the holidays and a new year filled with health, love, peace and happiness.
    Best Wishes

  6. 🎄 Feliz Navidad Y año 2023 Yoko. Ojalá el nuevo año traiga la Paz 🕊️ que Todos deseamos. Preciosas fotos.
    Abrazos 🤗〰〰💕

  7. Osaka looks really festive, the illumination is splendid. Happy peaceful healthy New year! Have a lovely quiet holiday with your family. Thank you too.

  8. thank you for dazzling glimpse of Osaka dear Yoko ! so enjoyed the glittering city .one of my son's friend lives in Japan and adores it's peace and prosperity .keeping in mind who are in far from mode of celebrations because of invasion or unjust circumstances shows the goodness of your heart .i share your prayers and best wishes for our planet and people from the depth of my soul!
    more joy ,peace and health to you and family!

  9. ...I hope that your 2023 will be filled with sparkle and light.

  10. Beautiful photographs.
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas.
    Sending my good wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2023.

    All the best Jan

  11. Dear Yoko!
    May each day of the New Year bring happiness, good cheer, and sweet surprises…
    To you and all your dear ones!
    Happy New Year!

  12. Yoko - your post is very thoughtful - we have accomplished much as a human race, but we still fall far short in caring for each other, especially the poorest among us. I pray that we may create peace and improved prosperity for the whole world in 2023 and beyond.

  13. Happy and healthy new year to you and your family!

  14. Happy New Year Yoko. Your post is heartfelt and caring. Thank you for sharing your depth of feeling for life in your post.

  15. Thank you for your deep thoughts. I read with great agreement.

    Happy New Year 2023

  16. Hello Yoko, Happy New Year to you and your family. Best wishes for a healthy year, more joy, love and peace. Your photos are so pretty, the lights and reflections are just beautiful. Thank you for all your comments on my blog in 2022. Take care, Happy Sunday and have a happy new week !

  17. Love your heartfelt post.
    Wishing you a joyous and blessed 2023!

  18. Hello dear Yoko!
    Wishing you a Happy New year filled with grace of God, love of family, health, peace and prosperity!
    I liked the post and I can relate to your mixed feelings while walking I. The Osaka front. I share your concerns and best wishes for our beautiful world and its future my friend.

  19. How magical and dazzling are the reflections on water, stardust. I am with you hoping this year brings peace in places where the lights were extinguished so that all may enjoy a peacefully healthy life.

  20. Happy 2023 - Sending Positive Vibes



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