Monday, December 12, 2022

Autumn magic

Fleeting, glorious beauty of autumn foliage is inspiring with their progressing life
 toward the final burst of flame of life and then their dancing in air 
after getting free to return to soil.

Now that landscape is being muted in colors, I'll recap autumn foliage of this year.
The sunny, warm days and the chilly temperature at night made colored leaves breathtakingly beautiful. 

- Late October -
Leaves of Crape Myrtle were fabulous in the nearest park from my home.

The sun flickered through Sakura (Cherry tree) leaves.

- Early November -
Tall Maple trees with big leaves, of which name I don't know, were glowing 
yellow gold at another park in my neighborhood.

- Mid-November -
 Chinese Tallows were sparsely filled with leaves along Ara-ike Pond, Nara Park.

- Late November -
At Shoryaku-ji Temple, brocade of Momiji, Japanese Maples, took my breath away on a cloudy morning.
Shoryaku-ji located between the mountains in the outskirts of Nara City, 
you see multi-layered brocade of colorful leaves as you climb or descend 
the slopes and steps in the precinct.

The garden view from Kyakuden (Guest Room) of Fukujyu-in is breathtaking
 with not only the trees in the garden but also the ones outside the wall.
Unfortunately photographing is prohibited indoors.

Momiji are in each process of turning to yellow, orange, to final fiery red.

At the Main Hall, Yakushi Nyorai (Healing Buddha) from the Asuka period (592-710)
 is specially open to the public November to early December.

This view is seen from Ruriko-dai Observatory at the back of the Main Hall.

The roof of the Main Hall

Shoryaku-ji is thought to be the birthplace of sake, the most ceremonious bevarage in Japan.
When is the origin of sake is unclear.  
Sake production, fermenting rice into alcohol, was government monopoly 
until temples started brewing their own in the Medieval times.
Just like brewing of beer was progressed in monasteries in Europe, sake was made 
by monks of temples in the Muromachi era (1334-1573).

Another vibrant Momiji at Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden on a beautiful, bright day.

Various different autumn leaves at the same botanical garden

- Beginning of December -

Wedding photo session at Sagi-ike Pond

At Daibutsu-ike Pond, critters were merged into the brilliant colors of Momiji 
and Ginkgo bathed in the late afternoon light.

Procession of ducks, dog's catwalk on Ginkgo leaves, lunch under colored tree,
 mixture of colors ..., there are so many to stop to look at in Nara Park.

I made myself busy for viewing and capturing autumnal landscape
as if catching up the speed of the season giving way to winter.
Now I'm content. Hope you, too, in your own autumn or on this blog.

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  1. Hello Yoko,
    Beautiful images, the colors and leaves are just stunning. Love the beautiful maples, the shot with the sun flickering is lovely. The temple and garden is a gorgeous place to visit and photograph. Beautiful images of the Egret and the Deer. Take care, have a happy new week!

  2. Glorious photos of a magical time of year. I wasn't able to get out to see much of Autumn this year, but the leaves seem to have waited for me - there are still some golden leaves left to enjoy in mid-December. I love the portrait of the deer.

  3. Gorgeous colors and photos !
    Fall is indeed a beautiful season.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    Have a lovely week !

  4. Beautiful colors. We have frost and a lot of snow on the ground.

  5. Autumn in your corner of the world is very beautiful Yoko - all of the seasons nuture us in their various different ways. Keep warm and cosy as winter approaches. The glimpse of the wedding group at Sagi-ike Pond is delightful.

  6. Wonderful pictures of colorful leaves in the sunlight! The park is gorgeous! Autumn is a magical time.

  7. Wow! You had a fabulous Fall and took some amazing photos. I love seeing the reflection of color in the water and the animals and birds you saw. You are patient to get those good photos of wildlife. I know it's not easy. The little dog is precious too. Hugs Diane

  8. Yoko - the light, color and texture in your photos is mesmerizing. Perhaps it is the contrast with our monochrome world, which looks AND feels cold. The days are short here, and the sun is low in the sky - I am joyful to bask in the warmth of your images - thank you!

  9. Sublime photos, Yoko!
    Autumn is so beautiful in your corner of the world.

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Oh ... I enjoyed this autumn scenes here. The colours are amazing.

    Many thanks being part of MosaicMonday.
    Have a wonderful time.

  11. A magical, beautiful post.
    Your photographs are all so lovely.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. Hi Yoko,
    Wonderful selection of photos from autumn where nature is dressed in beautiful golden, yellow, brown and red tones.
    All the photos are fantastic but the last one is amazing, great capture!
    Hugs and all the best

  13. Bien captada esta magia Yoko. Me encanta el otoño y sus miles colores que nos regalan sus hojas.
    Gracias por tan espectacular belleza de colores y reflejos.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  14. Glorious beauty of your autumn produce an awesome impression, Yoko. So beautiful that the eyes fill with tears. Sagi-ike Pond and deer bring to mind that day in Nara when the weather constantly changed. Thank you very much, you are a guru of Nature photography. Drop by, I wrote something after a long period of silence.

  15. Dear Yoko!
    May your heart be warmed by the sweet magic that Christmas always brings, and may all your dreams be fulfilled.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas:)

  16. Magical and breathtaking views ear Yoko that have power to transform anyone's day instantly ,i stared them like person in trans and still i feel urge to inhale this beauty through your mesmerizing images for which "thank you " does not seem enough :)
    i repeat that Nara park and Japan both sound worth visiting once in a while to refresh soul
    hugs and blessings


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