Monday, November 28, 2022

A glimpse into Nanki-Shirahama, a seaside hot spring town

While enjoying brilliance of continuous sunny, warm days,
autumn foliage is at their best as "Momiji", Japanese Maples, are rapidly 
turning colors to yellow to orange toward final burst of fiery red. 

Putting colored leaves aside for the next post, however,
I'll report my last-week trip  to Southern Wakayama Pref., especially 
Nanki-shirahama area, a seaside town facing the Pacific.
It is noted for spectacular rock formation, a beautiful beach, and hot spring.

Sandanbeki Cliff is a precipitous cliff, 2 kilometers long and 50 meters high. 
Visitors can go down by an elevator to see a hollow in the cave.
When the sea water enters the cave, it blows up through the hollow.

Rough waves break on the cliff.

The vast horizon makes you feel the beauty and magnificence of nature.

"Senjojiki" of Senjojiki Rock Plateau means "One Thousand Tatami Mats". 
Since Japan is an island country surrounded by the four oceans, the Okhotsuk,
the Pacific, the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan, there are about ten places 
at seashore with that name.
Visitors can walk out onto the flat, sheet-like rocks which lie on top of one another. 
The rock of Senjojiki was formed about 1.8 million to 65 million years ago
when the stratum was gradually eroded by the waves. 

Walking on Senjyojiki, you can closely experience the stunning steep coast 
denuded by raging waves of the ocean.

 Shirarahama Beach is famous for its sparkling white sand.
The white sand consists of mostly silica sand used in glass manufacturing.
Most of the current sand is from Australia as the rivers got unable to carry down
the white sand because of development.
Shirarahama Beach signed a partnership with Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii
 as sister beaches.

The beach is also famous for its crystal-clear ocean.

Simply walking on the beach, which is not as busy as in the summer, is refreshing.
We could take our time to savor the beach during the sunset time.

Sunset therapy time!


The mosaic contains the Engetsudo Island, Tenjinzaki Cape, and a hot spring bath
in our hotel room other than the three sites mentioned above.
Engetsuto means "Island of the full moon".

It was a good break and diversion from the ongoing autumn foliage show.
I'll see you next time with fabulous colorful leaves of autumn.

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  1. 白浜からお帰りなさい!沢山撮影されましたね。1000畳敷きの岩の上に立つ人々に思わず惹かれました。スマホを持って撮影してますね。自分なら足つまずいて転びそう。

  2. What spectacular scenery. I'd love to spend some time there. Even better there is an elevator to help you go down if needed instead of just stairs. Take care Yoko.

  3. Beautiful place to be ! Gorgeous pictures !
    The colors are unbelievable !
    Thanks for sharing the beauties of your country.
    Have a nice day !

  4. What a glorious break Yoko - I love the interesting rock formations and the bubbling turbulence of the sea. There is something very relaxing about strolling along a beautiful beach and especially so at sunset.

  5. I wish I was there this week to feel the calm. You've really captured it on your post today!

  6. ...I love the ocean and walking on the beach. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous scenes, enjoy your day.

  7. What fabulous beach and ocean shots, Yoko! They make me homesick for the sea. I'm glad you're having good weather. This looks like a stunning break.

  8. Hello,
    I just love the views of the ocean and cliffs. The rock formations are wonderful. What a lovely place to visit. Great photos. Take care, enjoy your day and have a happy weekend ahead.

  9. WOW! The ocean views are incredible!
    I wish I were there right now to hear the waves.

    Hugs and blessing, Yoko!

  10. Dear Yoko!
    Podziwiam niesamowite klify, i Twoje wspaniałe zdjęcia. Pokazałaś nam niezwykłe miejsce, ktore pozostanie w moich marzeniach.
    Uściski i pozdrowienia:)

  11. I`m deeply involved with Christmas preparations ... but now I`m here. You made a fantastic Mosaic, Yoko. I`m very glad to see this romatically beach. I wished I could be there, loving the sea.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Es una maravilla. Precioso lugar Yoko. Me encanta el mar y pasearlo cuando hay poca gente .Los acantilados son impresionantes y las fotos geniales. Gracias por compartirlo ahora que nos llego el frío.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  13. What beautiful photographs, it looks a very nice place to visit.

    All the best Jan

  14. Hi Yoko,
    Impressive cliffs and the strength of the sea. An incredible place, with magnificent landscapes.
    The beach is beautiful and peaceful.
    Your photos are fantastic, I especially loved the sunset photos.

  15. 三段壁という名勝は初めて知りました。




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