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Some things unique to Japan about Chrysanthemums

First of all, what flower comes up to your mind as a symbol flower of Japan?
Probably, Sakura (Cherry blossoms), right?
Sakura is the cultural icon of Japan, while Chrysanthemum is the Imperial Emblem of Japan.
Perfect-symmetric 16-petal Chrysanthemum is thought to be official Japanese flower.

Image from here.

Chrysanthemum is one of the people's favorite flowers for their wide range of
colors, shapes, and sizes.
The cut flowers are long-lasting and clear the air indoors.

Among all the numerous varieties, chrysanthemums developed from wild ones
in different local places of Japan are called "wagiku", or Japanese Mums,
with unique colors and shapes.


In particular, classical Chrysanthemums developed in Heian and Kamakura 
Periods (794-1333) are unique and distinctive.
"Saga-giku", Chrysanthemum Grandiflorum cv. Saga, was cultivated exclusively
at Daikaku-ji Temple in Saga, Kyoto.
They look like brushes with many thread-like thin petals.
 "Higo-giku", Chrysanthemum grandiflorum 'Higo', from Kumamoto Pref., 
has sparse petals.
 "Choji-giku", Arnica mallatopus, from Fukushima Pref, have hemispherical 
ball of petals at the center.
Can you identify which is Saga-giku, Higo-giku or Choji-giku from the mosaic?

Chrysanthemums with big flowers are tied to their own stake like Dahlia
as they tend to break at the base of the stems.

Chrysanthemums trimmed into cone shapes.

"Bonsai" Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Dolls were displayed at the roof of Nara Park Bus Terminal
in early November.
They are life-sized handcrafted figures clad in clothes made of Chrysanthemum
 flowers and leaves.
The figures are mostly from popular period dramas or folktales.

The exhibition featured seven people representative of Asuka Period (592-710),
the cradle of Japanese culture, right before the capital was moved to Nara.

Lastly these are my favorite blue Brachycome in my garden.
They are called "星空マム Hoshizora mum" meaning "Starry-sky mum".
They continue blooming from spring to late autumn.

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  1. So many colors and shapes ! They are absolutely gorgeous !
    Chrysanthemums are indeed beautiful flowers !
    Your post is delightful.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. The longer-lasting flowers in a garden are such a joy, stardust. I've read that there are more than 350 types of chrysanthemums in Japan alone and that more than 200,000 different types of these blossoms exist throughout the world. They make fabulous decorations for statues and stunning spring patterns for garments and tapestries of all kinds.

  3. Hello,
    What a colorful post. It is an amazing sight to see how they display the Chrysanthemums, the dolls are lovely. Your Starry-sky mums are beautiful too. I also love the pretty Saga-giku Blooms. The bonsai are pretty too. Beautiful collection of flowers and photos. Take care, have a great new week!

  4. Dear Yoko - what a fantastic collection and variety of different Chrisanthemums. I have never come across Saga-giku before, and really enjoyed seeing them. I like their colour and shaggy appearance.

  5. This is an amazing variety of Mums! The flower dolls and bonsai trimmed bushes show such artistry and beauty. I wonder if your Brachycome would grow at altitude? I love the blue color. I'll have to research them. Enjoy your cooler weather, Yoko. It's snowing here.

  6. A beautiful post.
    Chrysanthemums are Novembers birth flower :)

    All the best Jan

  7. Love the amazing variety of Mums!

    What a delightful post!

    Happy Tuesday, Yoko!

  8. glorious. I have had chrysanthemums in my garden over the years, but only have a yellow one now, and yes it is long lasting as a cut flower. Thankyou for sharing with us, enjoy your week, I am joining yo at Mosaic Monday.

  9. Dear Yoko, I've learnt a lot about chrysanthemums from your post. I didn't know that so many types of these beautiful flowers even exist. Amazing!

  10. ...I love all of the color, this morning I'm looking out l fresh snow.

  11. Never seen before this Saga-giku ... they are beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing and being part of MosaicMonday.

  12. Yoko - I had no idea the chrysanthemum is the symbol flower of Japan. And I enjoyed learning about and seeing the infinite varieties. The dolls are so intricately designed - beautiful! It reminded me of the floats made for the Rose Parade in California.

  13. Wow .. They are absolutely gorgeous..great job Yoko.

  14. I love chrysanthemums. This is one of the most beautiful flowers.
    I'm delighted with Saga-giku, it's the first time I see such a variety.
    Thank you very much that I could see such wonderful chrysanthemums
    Wish you a happy week :)

  15. Muy interesante lo que nos cuentas hoy hoy de los crisantemos. Son preciosos y mucha variación. Me gusta esa exposición.
    En España es una flor utilizada en los cementerios porque es en otoño cuando empiezan a florecer En noviembre con motivo del Día de Todos los Santos están en pleno apogeo y se llevan para recordar a los familiares fallecidos. Simboliza la eternidad . Gracias Yoko.
    Buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

  16. Hi Yoko,
    I didn't know that chrysanthemums were the official flower of Japan.
    There are many species and they are really wonderful flowers.
    Thank you for sharing these colorful and beautiful photos.
    All the best

  17. What a splendid variety of shapes and colours! I’ve never seen wild Chrysanthemums as well as those with long petals. But I could answer the question at the beginning, as I know what flower is the Emblem of Japan. Your favourite is of perfect shade, it is difficult to define it. Not all are exactly 16-petal, but beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing, Yoko. Wishing you new wonderful views and enjoyable walks.

  18. こんにちは、ご無沙汰致しております。




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