Monday, May 20, 2013

A walk through roses - Amagasaki City Agricultural Park

Roses appear in numerous different varieties with different colors and forms and in fact it is difficult for me to tell which is my favorite among all the beauties.  

Yellow Roses bring sunny feelings of joy, warmth, and welcome.  

White Roses are associated with new beginnings and are indicative of purity, innocence, and spirituality. 

Pink Roses convey elegance, grace, sweetness, and gentle emotions.

Red Roses symbolize deep emotions, deep love.

These photos were taken at Amagasaki Agricultural Park in the middle of May last year.  Amagasaki city is an industrial city, a major part of the Hanshin Industrial Region.  Factories of heavy industries are located along the sea coast, while mountain side has a different atmosphere as academic, residential, and small-sized agricultural  area.   

Amagasaki Agricultural Park is an oasis for the local people where they spend leisurely, appreciating flowers, playing with pets, having lunch, doing some hobbies on the grass, or taking photos.

There is a path leading up to the road on the bank of the Inagawa River (猪名川) from one corner of the park. 

 The park is open 24 hours and is admission free. (Homepage in Japanese,  here)

I've had a fortune to live with a newborn baby and his mother.  Daughters customarily stay with their parents about a month after her baby is born.  Not being alone without any assist while her husband is for work, the new mother feels safer and more secure when she’s with her family.  I’ve enjoyed watching the baby boy growing little by little, and assisting my daughter who gently, affectionately, and patiently mothers him including incessant breast-feeding and diaper changing. The baby is my daughter’s world, and ours as well.


  1. Love to see and read your post ! The pictures are gorgeous and the words beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day !
    Health for the baby and his mother !

  2. The roses are so beautiful I can almost smell them on my computer screen, and what a lovely message at the end of the post. I am so pleased that you have had the joy and pleasure of sharing your new grandson with your daughter for a whole month - a precious time for you all.

  3. The happy and secure heart is like a park haven full of roses. I like the idea of daughters spending the first weeks with a newborn in the comforts of a family home. It would be reassuring way to start a life. :)

  4. Dear Yoko,

    great to see your are still blogging unshrinkingly, although your spare time didn't become more because of the blessed event in your family recently! ;-)

    Congrats to your daughter and you and your whole family for the little baby boy!

    Funny to realize that you post regularly great photos of flowers and blossoms taken in your local periphery while we here in Germany have to wait another three to four weeks before we can take photos of the same floral gems.

    Currently it's not yet the time for roses outside in the gardens or parks here in Central Europe! Or am I wrong???

    Today, on Whitsunday, we have a bank holiday here in Germany. So I had no hurry to come into my day. Currently it's late afternoon, the sun is shining and I plan to go out in our local park to see if I'll find the first rose buds.

    Thanks a lot for your beautiful post - together with the sunshine it made my day!


  5. Hi Yoko,
    Roses has to be my favourite flower and the sweet smell is so devine. I would also find it difficult to choose my favourite colour because it all depends on what mood I'm in when I buy a bunch of them. I often buy yellow or orange ones!
    I have enjoyed seeing the gardens in your pictures, they are so beautiful at this time of year. Thanks again for sharing such lovely photos.
    Jo x

  6. Dear Yoko,
    Thank you for sharing these loving and smooth pictures with us. Roses smell like heaven, they are my absolute favorite flowers, followed by tulips.
    What a delight it must have been to you to walk around the park, collecting impressions, shapes and colors!
    And what a blessing to be around your daughter, pampering her and your grandson! I wish you and your family all the joys that a new life can bring!
    Cheers my dear!

  7. Piękne są róże, ale najpiękniejszy będzie czas spędzony z córką i wnuczką Pozdrawiam.
    Roses are beautiful, but most beautiful will be time spent with her daughter and granddaughter Regards.

  8. Todas as fotografias são maravilhosas!
    Essas rosas são únicas na cor e na beleza!!!!
    Ótimo início de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil

  9. 薔薇がシーズンになりましたね。それぞれの色への賛歌、まさにうなずいてしまいます。我が家でも今年は4種の薔薇が咲いています。すべて優しい癒し系のピンクですが、次は黄色系に挑戦してみたいです。Yokoさん宅の薔薇もいつもきれいですね。挿し木させてもらったバレリーナ?元気旺盛です。黄色系があればまた挿し木させてくださいね。

  10. There is so much beauty and scent in your photos Yoko! What a garden of roses - the different colored queens are proud and glorious!
    I love your words about the new baby - so touching and loving... I wish the little boy Mazal tov in growing up! :-)

  11. クローバーが一杯の地面を踏みしめられるなんて、なんて牧歌的なんでしょう。でも尼崎なんですよね。バラも一杯でその香りが伝わってきます。私のバラもなぜか今年は大輪で、食卓を飾っています。花びらのふちが濃いピンクで中央へいくほど、薄いクリーム色です。写真どうりのピエール.ド.サンロール?がやっと咲きました。でもなぜか一輪なんです。

  12. It's the queen of flowers, isn't it?

    How many new babies are staying with their grandmothers in Nara? Cosmos-san also has a brand-new grandchild. I may be a career woman, but I still enjoy reading all the baby stories. ^^

    PS: That flower-covered lawn is just perfect for a picnic!

  13. All the different kinds of roses are after my heart. Its really difficult to choose one color, as each has its own significance in the entire scheme of things. Walking across the park covered with roses must be a heavenly feeling as must be spending time with your daughter and playing with your cute grandson. Wish you and your family all the joys of this new beautiful world! :)

  14. 美しい薔薇の魅力を撮るのはむずかしいものだと思いますが、それぞれの色と種類の薔薇の個性が出ている写真ですね。花づくりは得意ではないので、薔薇がきれいに咲いているお庭を見ると立ち止って外からうっとり眺めてしまいます。尼崎にこんな公園があるなんて知りませんでした。

  15. もうバラの季節になりましたね。私も先日例のごとく霊仙寺に行ってきました。どのバラも誇らしげで美しく咲いていました。尼崎のバラ園も色とりどりのバラが沢山咲いてますね~~。とってもきれい!名前は知らないのですが優しいピンクと白のバラが一番好きです。

  16. congrats on your new grandson! so sweet.

    white roses are my favorites.

  17. I have never grown roses, but I love the colours and the fragrance.
    You are a lucky grandmother to be able to see and hold your new baby grandson every day...... and I am sure he has given you a few sleepless night too... right?

    1. My daughter might have a few sleepless night because at night she takes care of the baby alone downstairs. I can sleep well upstairs to some extent. I think she must be tired due to lack of sleep, but she can concentrate on the baby while I do all the housework, therefore can be positive and gentle. No matter how busy, I’m happy especially when I hold him in my arms: it is one of the most blissful things .... like you experienced.

  18. What an array of glory! And isn't it interesting that such beauty rises from among the thorns and that in order to enjoy roses, one must be careful how he/she treats them of pain will result.

    You asked about Lois: I see her in the white, mostly, then the pink and also the red. She is a very special lady and it has been my good fortune to have spent now 59 years with her (married 56 next month)!

    The paragraph describing your daughter and grandson is delightful and expresses so well the love you share with them and the joy you receive from being part of the experience!

  19. Absolutely beautiful photos of the roses--could there be a more perfect flower! So glad your daughter and her husband are doing well--congratulations on a new grandchild--what a blessing. Is this your first? What exciting times ahead for you and your family. Mickie :)

    1. He is my third grandchild and first grandson. You already have beautiful grandchildren and having one more soon... how wonderful! Congratulations.

  20. Congrats on the new baby!

    And what gorgeous rose shots. So divine!

  21. That is a beautiful place! Yes, best wishes on the new addition to your family. :0) David

  22. My beloved friend Yoko
    I ask for your understanding, because have difficulties with translation and delay visit you, let me comment on the Greek, please.
    Thank you very much!
    Τι υπέροχα τριαντάφυλλα, μεγάλη ποικιλία! Εξαιρετικό πάρκο, ένας θαυμάσιος τόπος αναψυχής!
    Πόσο χαίρομαι για τον εγγονό σου! Είναι μεγάλη χαρά. Εύχομαι να σας ζήσουν και τα τρία εγγόνια, να είναι γερά και καλότυχα!
    Σου στέλνω μια μεγάλη αγκαλιά και πολλά φιλιά!

  23. Yoko,this will be a happy time to remember.It never ceases to amaze me how someone so small can fill a house with such energy and presence.
    Your photos of this lovely park are so appropriate.

    Happy weekend to you all!

  24. What a beautiful rose. Glad to know that you live with your grandchild. My mother also loves to meet with my children.

  25. How lovely to have a new baby around and to be able to help your daughter. These rose photographs are heavenly. It must be intoxicating to walk among them all.

  26. A new bundle of joy, a grandchild- congratulations! I envy you. I have grown up children but none of them are married, let alone having grandchildren.

    I love your beautiful captures of the roses.

  27. I could smell the roses after your first 5 pictures!What a fanastic walk...did you kno that the rose (rosa damascena) is the national flower of bulgaria...we are also famous in producing rose oil and rose watre, used by a lot of parfum makers for their famous parfums....myself (as a Bulgarian living in the Nethrelands) I always have a bottle of rose water for ceaning the face:-) hapyp rest of the week+I hope you have much better spring than we do (cold+wet+windy);

  28. ...and of course congrats for your new born grandchild+tons of happy moments all together! lots of love from tulipland...

  29. Hello Yoko, Congratulations on your new Grandson! What a wonderful way to celebrate spring with a new life. Those roses are so delicate and colorful, but I must tell you that I sometimes choose the white if I buy a bouquet. There is something about their purity that draws me. We will babysit for Sam this weekend - he is nearly 9 months now and quite a big boy.

  30. Your works is marvelous and perfect. Congratulations and kisses from Spain.

  31. Yokoさん こんにちは。
     公園に咲くバラの花々は舞踏会デビューの乙女たちのようですね。皆、自分に似合うドレスを纏って嬉しげでかわいい。 私もバラを撮りましたが、Yokoさんに撮られたバラは優しげです。

  32. Rosas são lindas em qualquer lugar do mundo.

  33. 白とピンクのバラも好きだけれど、今日は黄色バックの黄色のバラ(二番目)にもなぜか心惹かれます。
    Have a good Sunday!



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