Monday, May 18, 2020

Flowers of May

May 8, 2016

"Botan", or Peony, is one of popular flowers of May.
I walked around the garden of Sekkoji Temple which dates back to the 7th century.
It is also called the "Peony Temple".
Peonies are popular flower at temples since ancient times
with the roots being used to make medicine.

The temple is famous for the legend of the Princess Chujyo.
 In the mosaic below, Princess Chujyo is standing by the Somenoi well,
which was used by her to dye the lotus fiber threads.
The threads were used to weave the famous Taima Mandala.

The explosive blooms of 300-year-old Crape Myrtle tree is summer charm of this temple.
Please have a look at it from the link below the photo.

Summer explosion of the 300-year-old Crape Myrtle, 2012

The Flower Moon sailed across the night sky May 7,
watching over the world struggling with the Pandemic.

I imagined magically moon-lit flowers I'd like to return to see
like Azaleas and Kakitsubara Irises at the Chogaku-ji Temple.

Memories of Grandmother and kakitsubata iris, 2012

And, "Kurin-so", or Japanese primrose, at the Mt. Rokko, too

Floral Galaxy of Japanese primrose, 2012

I feel joy in the richness of the simple life,
imagining the things to do and remembering past pleasure
while caring and thanking for what I have now.
There are things I miss so much but my sacrifice is no problem compared to
what others are going through.

Some of the flowers from my garden

As a number of  prefectures have started to ease restrictions, 
we need to continue "new social behavior" to prevent a resurgence of the virus.
We can do it!

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  1. I love your Peonies Yoko especially that lovely red rich coloured one. I have several in my garden too, but mine are mostly tree Peonies which originate from China.
    Your reflections are really stunning as are the pink Japanese primroses.

  2. How lovely are the “magically moon-lit flowers” throughout this post. Your delicate captures of flowers and water reflections are poetry in pictures. Continue to stay well, stardust, as those of us around the globe transition into a new phase of getting through the pandemic.

  3. Hello, The peonies are beautiful. All the flowers are lovely and so colorful. Awesome capture of the moon. Your mosaics and images are beautiful. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  4. We are still staying away from most places and picked up our groceries this morning (at a pick up). It has been a terrible time and a good time to blog and share. I love seeing the Flower moon that you took photos of there....while I took photos of it here in Florida. Isn't that amazing! Love seeing the flowers...that are indeed magical! Happy week!

  5. These are all so lovely. I do love peonies, especially the ones with many many petals. A beautiful collection!

  6. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos that colored my day.
    All the photos are so wonderful.
    Take care and have a nice week

  7. Enchanting, beauty, light, peace all come to my mind as I looked at your photos. Thank you. :-)

  8. Yoko - yes, we have much to be thankful for, especially compared to those who have the disease or have lost a family member or friend. For me, I am grateful to have so many blogging friends that share the beauty of the earth all around us. I clicked on the link for the Crape Myrtle - truly stunning. And so are the flowers in your garden! Thanks for bringing Spring to all of us at Mosaic Monday!

  9. Such gorgeous captures Yoko. Very beautiful ♥

  10. Dear Yoko!
    Beautiful juicy spring green.
    I admire the walk in the rain.
    Anne, great pictures.

  11. A peaceful place for a walk with all the lovely flowers.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  12. The crepe myrtle tree is gorgeous, and I love the pink peonies. I had pink and white double peonies growing at my previous house. Beautiful, but there are big black ants that hide in the flowers.
    yes, we have a lot to be thankful for, there are so many people who are really suffering through this nasty pandemic. The restrictions are starting to ease here in Ontario, Canada, but it will be a long time before we can live our lives as we used to do!

  13. Maravilloso mayo Yoko. Los colores y las flores son preciosas. Gracias por compartir tanta belleza. Me encanta la Galaxia flora.
    Te deseo un buen jueves. Cuídate.
    Un abrazo

  14. Dear Yoko
    the beauty of your area is ENCHANTING indeed and each time i visit i feel new flow of sooth and serenity within my nerves :)

    these flowers are absorbing ,so nicely captured too ,our seasonal flowers are died now ,roses appear so thin with single round of petals during extreme heat ,though sunflowers are still proving brave themselves
    lockdown has eased here too despite of all concerns and confusion
    authorities are hoping that people will follow the instructions to keep them safe so do we
    wishing you more happiness and peace in days ahead my friend!

  15. I haven't been by in a long time. So nice to see your flowers. We are isolating here aside from walks every day. You are so right about appreciating what we have in this time of the pandemic. Time for reflection.

  16. こんにちわ  

    華麗な牡丹です。 様々な色彩が楽しめますね。



  17. Dear Yoko,
    Thank you for the fairy tale! I love peonies, they stir wonderful recollections. I followed all the links, read about the Princess of good will and patience and the beautiful legend of creatig Taima Mandala. And that old tree which looks incredible in all seasons. Your recent posts possess some therapeutic value, I really appreciate it. Special gratitude for the full moon. It’s magic!
    As a philologist I cannot but mention the phrase: The Flower Moon sailed across the night sky…
    Take care, dear friend, with best wishes from Russia,

  18. Such beautiful flowers and gorgeous colours.

    All the best Jan

  19. Beautiful flowers but I love Peonies too. I've been seeing them blooming in the area. I've been telling my husband I'd love to plant some Peonies on our backyard this year.

    It's so relaxing to look at all your photos.

  20. Υπέροχη ανάρτηση με μεγάλη ευαισθησία.

  21. crape Myrtle, Japanese primrose覚えてますヨ。


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