Friday, December 2, 2016

Nara Park cloaked in glorious Autumn

Welcome to Nara Park!
Here are some glorious sights of Nara Park
 aflame in shades of orange, crimson, and gold leaves.

The road connecting the foot of Mt. Wakakusa and Kasugano Park, 18th of November

Autumn comes from the sky and goes downward from the top elevations. 
Though the time of leaves' changing colors would vary depending on temperatures, 
best viewing time of the autumn foliage in Kansai region including Nara 
is usually early November to early December.
I walked around Nara Park admiring fresh and vibrant palette of the season 
on the 11th, 18th, and 22nd of November.

November 11th
Sansha-iike Pond

Chinese Tallow Trees along the road bridge over Ara-ike Pond

Kangaku-in of Todai-ji Temple

Kasugano Park

Daibutsu-ike Pond

November 18th

In a week, the entire Nara Park was glowing in an explosion of bright colors.

Sagi-ike Pond

Trellis of Wisteria

Tangerine-colored Chinese Tallow leaves at Ukigumo Park

Yoshiki River ablaze with Japanese maple leaves

Reflections like an Impressionist Art, my Favorite

Japanese maple trees on the water canvas

The steps leading up to the Belfry under the canopy of Japanese maples

Buddha Hall seen from the top of the steps

"鴟尾  Shibi" framed by the maple leaves

Shadow-shot white earthen walls

Roof tiles on the top of the wall

November 22nd

At the top of the Mt. Wakakusa, autumn foliage was almost over,
reds of fallen leaves turning to rust and yellows to sienna.

Bare cherry tree and its fallen leaves

Embers of life

Chill winds, freezing rain or snow came suddenly one week ago.
The traces of the brilliance of mild autumn are getting distant memories
and are mingling with the cosmic air above blowing from the time immemorial.

Todai-ji Buddha Hall and Kofuku-ji Five-storied Pagoda in the distance, 22nd of November

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  1. How beautiful sceneries are all over. The coloured leaves make the landscap bright, just before the darkness of winter takes over.

    My best regards

  2. Always wonderful pictures. But the last one is to me the most impressive, the traditional shapes of Japanese roofs rising from a slight mist, with the bright autumn colours in the foreground. It reminds me of the scene of a fairy tale - what mystical thing could be hiding in those trees?
    I do love the Chinese tallow trees. I never saw them before we visited Nara in 2014, but it seemed to me that every part of the tree was beautiful. Specially alongside the red maples. When we were in Akita we saw beautiful autumn leaves in October. As you say, the autumn colours travel down the country as the weeks progress, and now I believe that Akita is covered in snow.

  3. Wow. I love this post. Pictures took me to your place, very lovely...

  4. Glorious autumn shots. The colors are dreamlike I could look at these for hours. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. The calm water has provided great fall reflections. Love the first reflection photo.

  6. What a beautiful series of photos. The colours are so rich and vivid.

  7. I'm just stunned. These photos are absolutely superb and very few people can compete with such excellence. I'm also mesmerized by the subject matter and the colors. Nara Park is fast becoming my favorite park in the whole world and I've never been there. But, again, like your photography, few parks would compare with this. Thank you for sharing these pictures. The reflection shot is extra special.

  8. Nara Park is full of poetry this time of year, from the colorful autumn leaves to the bare branches and big sky to the deer living freely on the grassy knoll … your camera captures the enchantment so beautifully. My favorites are the reflections that look like fluid paintings in the water.

  9. I love long walks in nature, and this is such a beautiful place! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  10. I love autumn Yoko, with its great variety of ocher, gold and red tones See trees stripping leaves, to come back with new life life. Beautiful walk through your photos.
    Buen fin de semana.

  11. Wow! the autumn colours are magnificent and the reflections in the water ore stunning. I hope you have a lovely weekend

  12. Yoko, you walked surrounded by beauty. I love seeing the Nara landscape through your focus. The sharp focus Shibi surrounded by the muted (heart shaped) leaf frame is wonderful. The Japanese maples are my favorite.

  13. This post is so beautiful Yoko, it makes me feel wistful for the colours of Autumn that are now all but lost to us over here. However, looking to the future there is also something special about the naked bareness of the trees as they patiently await their Spring renewal too.

  14. You've captured such beautiful color throughout the season!

  15. What a delightful journey you've taken us on - thank you for sharing the beauty of the season and the gorgeous reflections.

  16. Hello and greetings, Yoko! I think that I had such a gorgeous tour, lovely autumn walk via these amazing photos from your collection! Gorgeous!! Impressionist art as you mentioned about reflections around ponds, about falling leaves and various kind of trees, japanese maples, chinese trees, cherry trees and deers, moments so lovely captured of walls, roof tiles and the autumnal image of pagoda in the distance... A veritable photo essay dedicated to the beauty of autumn as a colorful season.(Here, it is pretty grey and cloudy, so it is so nice to see a sunny post like yours).
    Many thanks for all of these shared with us; And have a very wonderful time in december! Best regards!

  17. Muchas gracias por esas hermosas fotografías que alegran los sentidos. Besetes.

  18. Glorious !!!
    You are really lucky to have a park like this one nearby !!!
    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos !
    Have a cosy weekend !

  19. Wow - such beauty! I feel as if I'm transported into a magical world every time I visit you.

  20. wow! The colors are wonderful!

  21. Beautiful images and I love the colours


  22. こんばんは。奈良の紅葉も最高ですね。遠景に見える興福寺の五重塔、とても素晴らしい写真です。

  23. A marvel of post, Yoko. The autumn explodes with all his colors before my look making me absorbed in the contemplation of his beauty and that of the beautiful places that you show us.

  24. wow.
    big thanks to spreading such precious colors to eyes.
    this park seems piece of heaven .
    or you captured it so magically .
    i am enchanted by your post dear.

  25. Dear Yoko, having read your wonderful comments this morning, I had the privilege of scrolling through the photos of this post again and drinking in the wondrous colors and the gorgeous sights of Nara Park. It was great to hear from you and I want to respond to a couple of things: the water tower is fake, in fact the whole of The Villages is deliberately designed to look has been said to be a "Disneyland for adults." Also, the person in the last picture re Peddlers Wagon is not real. That is quite a store, though - overwhelming, but fun. Best to you and your family also as we progress through the season.

  26. Vad vackert det är som målade tavlor hos dig ser att du börjar få lite av vinter med. Här finns inte många blad kvar och vi har haft några gånger med snö och regn om vart annat. Det är vinter hos oss nu.
    Ha det gott och njut de underbara färgerna snart är de borta.
    Kram Meta

  27. Gorgeous autumn colours and beautiful reflections. My part of the world has lost its colour. Thank you for sharing yours.

  28. Thank you for taking us on a walk with you.
    Your photos, the colors and details of nature are all so very beautiful!
    We are far past autumn colors, so nice to see yours.

  29. Dear Yoko, I’m stunned! The beauty is unbelievable, almost unbearable. Your welcome note says that Nara is the cradle of Japanese culture. I’d add: noted for scenic beauty. It is true, and your pictures prove it all the time. Accidentally I came across CNN “ultimate list of scenic splendor”. You know what? I would have changed half of it!
    Have you ever thought of photographing the same landscape in different seasons and weather? Like the one November 11th in this post. That might be fun for you and fairy tale for us - your readers.
    Thanks a million for this lovely walk. Sagi-ike Pond looks so different in autumn colours. Yet, I remember that grey January day with warmest feelings.
    Take care and write soon. Anywhere, it is always a pleasure to read you.

  30. 情感が涌いてくるような絵の描写ですね。 シャープさも、ほどほどで温かみが感じられます。


  31. Oh my goodness these photos are stunning! If I could paint a picture of how autumn looks and feels to me then these shots from Nara would be it. I've always wanted to visit this area, and the deer grazing peacefully in the background just add to the calming feel. I love those beautiful reds, oranges and golds too. Stunning! - Tasha

  32. Hello Dear Yoko!
    Beautiful are your autumn photos.
    Autumn looks phenomenal.
    You can fall in love in them.
    Greetings from Poland.

  33. In such wonderful autumn colors, I fell in love with your country. Regards.

  34. Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post! - Tasha

  35. こんばんわ!ベストタイミングで奈良公園を沢山歩きましたね。あの道、この道と順を追って歩く洋子さんの姿が目に見えるようです。奈良公園の秋はこんなに赤く染まるとは、考えてみたら私は秋に奈良公園に行ってなかったなあとおもいました。最後のもみじの葉が輝いてるシーンは寝転んで撮ったのですか?私のお気に入りです。

  36. ✿゚ه.‿
    Fotografias belíssimas!!!
    Cenários maravilhosos.

    Boa semana!


  37. in my daily recitation of HOLY QURAAN [our religious book] God has mentioned about heavenly garden with which he will bless the right doers .
    when i look at you lovely park it gives me flow to my imagination toward those blessings

  38.  こんばんは。近鉄電車のキャッチコピー「そうだ、奈良へ行こう」に使えそうですね。藤原家の菩提寺、興福寺は何処からも見える様な一にあるのでしょうか、不比等さん、やりましたね。の漢字がします。

  39. I visited Nara a few years ago during early Spring. I should visit your beautiful city again in Autumn to marvel at the colourful foliage. I love your photographs!

  40. Oh my gosh! What a beautiful Autumn scenery. The coloured leaves make the landscape so warm and romantic (Autumn is my favourite season). In October I photographed many of Switzerland landscapes. And called Autumn Postcards.
    Happy New Year, dear :)

  41. O outono é a minha estação preferida, pelo equilíbrio do clima (nem tão quente, nem tão frio), pela beleza da natureza e pela instrospecção que oferece, naturalmente, pois começamos a nos recolher e desacelerar.
    As tuas fotos parecem fotos profissionais, querida Yoko. Não me canso de admirar tanto capricho e amor, pelo que faz, aqui no seu blog.

  42. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Each time i visit your place and my soul feels refreshing change!

    I absolutely LOVE your GLORIOUS NARA!!!

    Each view you captured not only reveals the beauty of your area but also you OUTSTANDING SKILLS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

    Truly ENCHANTING town with lashing and serene landscapes and magical autumn colors!


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