Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fleeting artistic season

November is over. 
Looking back, it was the busiest month this year so far for me.
As a leaf watcher, it was like racing with the speed of turning colors of leaves.
And besides, there were art events and a jazz concert where I enjoyed myself a lot.

The 12th of November was Art Exhibition of Y’s kindergarten.
The theme of Y’s class was “Four Seasons."

Snow sculptures made of clay, Bamboo shoot, Memory of Sport Day;Paraballoon,
Fireworks, Birthday is April
“Opening the door to the magic land” was created by the members of 
the eldest Lavender Class.

The coloring speed of the foliage accelerated next week.
Feast of autumn colors everywhere.
In my neighborhood, I was marveled at the transforming landscape 
to dazzling array of yellow, orange, gold, red and purple.

I walk this road almost every day.
The two photos below are scenes from the nearby park
where another Y likes to play around.

On the 18th, I went to another Y’s first art exhibition at his kindergarten.

4-year-old boy Y's works

From other classes, I will pick up "Animal Land” created by one of  
the eldest classes.

Drawings and papier maches of animals

Incidentally, when it comes to the illustrations of animals,
I’m a fan of the works of Brian Wildsmith.

From the picture books by Brian Wildsmith

The joint work of all the kindergartners was The Rolling Rice Ball,
one of Japanese folk tales.

The next day, I was at the jazz concert of my friend.
Some of her songs were my favorites and the place was swinging.

♪Swinging and dancing leaves ♬

The following week, it got colder with each rain.
I found subtle artistic autumn leaves on the wet wood-deck from my living room.

Another art on the water surface.

The 23rd of November, I went to Art Exhibition of F's elementary school.
This year’s theme was “Our town, Exciting Shopping Mall.”
The sixth graders created their favorite shops; 
the first graders created people who are strolling around or shopping.

All the works by the students were displayed at the gymnasium.

November was not only for art but also for sports.
My son, F's father, completed Osaka Full Marathon last Sunday.
The runners ran through the Osaka City tinted with autumn colors
starting from the Osaka Castle Park to finish at INTEX OSAKA.

Photos of TV screen
November passed that way.
The work of raking fallen leaves will continue for a while.

This is my last post this year.
My daughter will stay at my home with her son and the newborn baby
after she gives life to a baby in early December.
I won't have enough time for blogging and commenting after she has a baby.
See you in February next year.

Thank you for your visits and kind, encouraging, or inspiring comments throughout the year.
Wish you a joyful Holiday Season and a peaceful New Year.

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  1. Magical autumn seen as an art perspective!! I enjoyed all the aspects captured and I'm very inspired as always!
    A lovely time to you from now till february! Congrats for the newborn baby that will come, soon!
    Also, a very happy Holiday Season to you and whole family! Alexa

  2. この秋、お孫さんたちのイベントでとても忙しい様子、でも元気にしておられる様子が英文からも写真からも、とてもよく伝わってきます。思わず笑みを浮かべながらモザイクのお写真見せて頂きました。お孫さんの誕生を控えて風邪ひかないように元気でお役目果たされますようにね。最後の編集した写真特になんとも素晴らしい!

  3. Oh, stardust, a new baby on the way. Very exciting! What a nice Christmas present. I wish you all well and look forward to your February post. It looks like you had a great month enjoying both nature’s art and the art of children. The watercolor effect is very compelling. They look hand painted and are very lovely!

  4. Dear Yoko,
    the post boosted a swirl of emotions. You must be excited with the upcoming arrival of your new family member. This overshadows the other wonderful events you shared. God bless you and your family! I will miss beauty of Nara in this blog.
    With best wishes,
    PS. One of 4-year-old boy Y's works reminded me of that house in Nara with games where we were together, the face I made with closed eyes:) Please, take care!

  5. Your post is lovely mixing kid's creations and Nature !!!!
    I wish you and your family all the best for 2018 !
    See you...

  6. How lovely to have another little grandchild on the way for you to love and cherish.
    What a very busy time you have been having Yoko, and how industrious and creative your granchildren have been at school.
    It is sad that the golden leaves of Autumn are almost at an end, but how fortunate we are that mother nature will replace them next year so that we can enjoy them all over again.
    A joyous holiday season and a happy 2018 to you and your family.

  7. What delightful artwork. I am also a fan of Brian Wildsmith. I love the illustrations in children's books and have a collection of them.
    Your autumn leaves are lovely. I like to see the seasons in different parts of the world.

  8. Have a wonderful December with your daughter and all of your family. This post is such a delight. I must say I'm impressed with the "water color" photos. I've done that but I don't think mine were nearly as good. I loved all the leaves and the wetness and the pastel colors. You really captured the season. The kids works was a delight, also. And quite creative and some of it was just excellent. I especially liked the papier mache animals - the elephant and the crocodile (alligator?). I'm a jazz fan and I'm sure I would have enjoyed the concert, also. Best wishes too you. Please take care of yourself and I'll look forward to more of your gorgeous photography!

  9. Hello, Dear Yoko!
    As always, great relationship and beautiful photos.
    Autumn in your wonderful country looks magical.
    A tiny child will appear in the house. It will be a beautiful time.
    Dear Yoko for you, daughter and newborn, I wish you a lot of health.
    I will wait until February.
    Thank you very much for your good wishes. Christmas and New Year's.
    Kisses and greetings:)

  10. Oh my gosh, I love all of the children's art projects! Thank you for posting the beautiful leaf pictures---our autumn leaves are all down now and being rained on :)

  11. I love autumn, Yoko. It is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.
    Cute exposure to make the children creative and involved in these events is very good.Thanks for sharing.
    I wish you good morning in the company of your daughter and new grandson and I hope to see you again in the new year
    Merry Christmas Friend!! Te deseo un buen domingo.

  12. Amazing artwork! Children are so talented as are you. I loved your delicate photos of the autumnal leaves.
    Have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  13. I'm so happy to hear that the birth of your newest grandchild is near. I'll be thinking of you and your Family. Sam has his own little holiday play at his preschool soon. Bob and I plan to attend. I love seeing the children's artwork - so creative and full of innocence. Congratulations to your son - running the marathon is a huge achievement. Stay well and calm, Yoko.

  14. My dearest Yoko-San - I love this post very much. You shared very beautiful photos of the Autumn foliage with very interesting paintings and artistic crafts. They are very cute and creative indeed. I am glad that you will be giving your fullest time to your daughter soon with the best motherly love!! All the best to you and family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

  15. Your mosaics are lovely. Happy Monday

    much love...

  16. So much creativity from the children ... amazing and at the same time, not surprising. I can see why your month of November went so quickly. The water colors caught my attention - mesmerizing! Congratulations on your new grandchild - I pray that all goes smoothly and that mom and baby are healthy!

  17. I am a retired elementary teacher, so I enjoyed the art show. Thanks! Congratulations on the new baby.

  18. Wonderful photos of the kindergarten art projects. Children are full of creativity. Beautiful colour in your autumn world. The photo of the leaves on the water is beautiful. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of a grandchild. Enjoy the sweet newborn days.

  19. wow these are the magnificent creations from freshh little brains dear friend!

    thank you for beautifying my day with your lovely images ,

    thank you for shring the serene beauty of your prettiest town Nara!
    it has magic in it;s surroundings as Lord is more kind and graceful to it :)


  20. Een mooi blog Yoko, met bonte herfstbladeren
    kunst van groot en klein altijd mooi om te zien.
    Wens jou  en je dochter en haar man familie  heel veel geluk
    met de baby!!
    Yoko wens je ook heel mooie feestdagen met allen die je lief zijn
    tot ziens in het nieuwe jaar.
    lieve groet

    A beautiful blog Yoko, with colorful autumn leaves
    art of big and small always beautiful to see.
    Wish you and your daughter and her husband family a lot of luck
    with the baby !!
    Yoko wish you very nice holidays with everyone you love
    see you in the new year.
    with kind regards

  21. Beautiful works of art everywhere from kindergarten to park and back again. The watercolour effect is stunning, I must try that technique myself soon.
    Hope all goes well for your daughter and the new baby, see you next year!

  22. I see your blog daily, it is crispy to study.
    Your blog is very useful for me & i like so much...
    Thanks for sharing the good information!

  23. A pictureque images, I love those pictures made by children.

  24. 親愛なるヨーコ。あなたはとても美しいニュースを発表しました。出生の珍しい奇跡。美しい家族イベント。だから私は娘とその家族、あなたと愛するすべての人たち、新しい天使の誕生の喜びが愛に満ちていることを祝福しましょう。私はまた美しく新生児を歓迎する。良い天使だけあなた、小さな女の子、あなたの人生を導かせてください。暖かい、心はポーランドからあなたに流れます。

  25. Det var många vackra och talade upplevelser du fått under nov. Så roligt det är att gå på barnens utställningar de är så enkla och ärliga i sin syn på allt. Det är som höst hos er ser jag här är det grått och blåsigt och så blött att det är en liten sjö istället för gräsmatta på min koloni. Få se om vi får någon snö här i vinter bukar inte vara så mycket nu längre det kryper längre upp i landet där kylan är mer påtaglig. här är fortfarande varmgrader nästan dygnet runt.Det är tur att det är Adventstid hos oss så vi får tända massor av ljus som lyser upp.
    Så härligt att få ha ett litet barn i ditt hus.Hoppas allt går bra och lycka till som mormor. hoppas vi får se och höra hur det går.
    Ha nu en fin December
    Kram Meta

  26. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The artwork was charming and fallen leaves pretty. I did not know your autumn was the same as ours, here in Canada. For some reason I thought your leaves stayed green all year! I'm glad you showed me differently.

    Congratulations on the new little grandchild! A very special time for you and your family.
    Wishing you all the best for the rest of the year and much health and happiness in the New Year coming!
    Love and Light,

  27. Hello Yoko, this is a wonderful post,beautiful artwork,photos,gorgeous leaves.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Good luck with the new baby!

    Happy Festive Season!

  28. こんばんは。おばあちゃん、大忙しですね。お孫さんが増えるのはおめでたい事です。来年もよいお年をお迎えください。
     「千早振る神代もきかず竜田川から紅に水くぐるとは」 在原業平。

  29. Congrats to your daughter. Enjoy her visit! And thank you for these lovely shots.

  30. Yokoさん。大変ご無沙汰しております。季節はもう冬ですが、日本の美しい秋模様を楽しませて頂きました。

  31. busy indeed
    leaves and art
    art leaves and music
    loved ones and leaves
    and are those two watercolor paintings yours? lovely
    I wish your daughter a birth full of grace, or maybe she is already holding her baby in her arms? May this child be a blessing to you and everyone!
    lovely holidays to you.

  32. Dear Yoko!
    Faith makes all things possible,
    Hope makes all things work,
    Love makes all things beautiful,
    May you have all the three for this Christmas.

  33. Amazing post,beautiful images. Merry Christmas.

  34. Dear Yoko!
    May each day of the New Year
    Bring happiness, good cheer
    And sweet surprises…
    To you and all your dear ones!
    Happy New Year!

  35. Happy New Year.

    I wish You all the best.
    Greeting and hug.

    ruma ❃

  36. A beautiful new year 2018. Let all the days ahead bring happiness to you!

  37. I am wishing a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR to you and your family, Yoko. And Congratulations on the birth of a new baby in your family.

  38. あなたの夢、健康、健康、そして再び健康、素晴らしい家族の雰囲気、新年の絶え間ない創造的なインスピレーションを満喫してください。

  39. First of all, a lot of congratulations to you and to your daughter for the new life that now makes happy and fills your time.
    We have found great variety and beauty in this farewell of November: sport, art, nature. The exhibitions of the children are magnificent and make presuppose a great dedication in the project, production and putting in going. A plaudit for all of them. It must be very nice to be able to attend them in the middle of this autumnal environment that dresses Nara wonderfully. I annotate Brian Wildsmith's reference which work I was not knowing and that I have followed with pleasure On Line. Thank you for sharing.
    I dismiss you until February, Yoko, with very much fondness and my better desires for this season of taken care and attentions to the baby.

  40. あけましておめでとうございます。


  41. This is a feast of art, of all kinds. Did you paint the picture of the road you walk nearly every day? I wonder if this is in Nara Park, where the deer go to sleep at night. that's what it made me think of. I really love children's art, it is so bright, colourful and optimistic, as well as beautiful. Don't you feel now, though, that autumn leaves are far away? It seems as if winter has really got a grip on us now. I've started buying early daffodils to keep in the house and remind me that Spring is on the way, and to enjoy the rest of winter!

  42. Adorable works from very promising young minds! I loved seeing all of them.

    And I hope things are going well with your daughter and the baby. Congrats! That's so exciting. My baby is 4 months old now, and I'm still trying to get my life back in order. LOL. That's a joke. Once you have kids... Well, chaos can be managed at best. =)

  43. Some of the pasttime are beautiful pictures, I love them all.

  44. A chegada de um bebê é um encanto para a família. A pureza e a inocência permanecem em alta, Ficamos mais alegres com o vigor de um bebê. O perfume natural da pele do bebê, também traz muita alegria e bem estar.
    A foto com as folhas caídas na água é uma obra prima! Parabéns!


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