Monday, May 29, 2017

English Gardens by the Lake Biwa

Hello, Friends!
How have you been?
Today, I'd like to share the English Gardens of Yanagasaki Lakeside Park
on a bright summer-like day in late May.

On entering the park, an English garden unfolds before your eyes.
Poppies, cornflowers, delphiniums, lavenders, daisies, geraniums....., 
there is a whole spectrum of colors.
The palette is soft.

The mud or gravel paths are edged with a wide variety of plants that serve as a border.

The other side of the brick wall is a rose garden.
So exciting to imagine what can be seen.

Roses are rambling on the trellises, arches, or fences.

Facing right on the lake, the landscape looks open and airy.

A small water lily pond with an arched bridge.

The view of and the breeze from the lake make this English garden so special.

A paddle-wheel boat Michigan is cruising the south part of the lake.

 Michigan is docked over the hedge, where you can start cruising.

Yanagasaki Lakeside Park located on the south-eastern shore of the Lake Biwa features about 5900 meters square English Gardens and the municipal cultural property Biwako-otsu Kan (former Biwako Hotel).


  1. It is a heaven of floral delights! And once again, your photography brings the beauty to life and I'm so glad that you share these things with us. Hope that all is well with you and your family!

  2. 見事なガーデンですね。湖からの爽やかな風と沢山の花に囲まれて良いひと時を過ごされたことと思います!
    ようやくぼちぼちパソコン開いています。Have a good day!

  3. What a soothing, glorious and magical place! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this burst of beauty and joy!

  4. I am particularly fond of blue flowers, and you have shown to of my favourites in this post. The blue borage in photo 4 - I like to use its edible flowers scattered over salads, and love-in-the-mist - Nigella, photo 10, who could not resist a flower with such a lovely name.

  5. I love this English garden and the ship for cruising on the lake. Those blue flowers are a delight too.

  6. Prachtige bloemen Yoko,zo veel kleuren,dit was een mooie wandeling.Ook bloemen gezien die bij ons ook groeien.
    Ik heb genoten de mooie natuur en je foto,s in de Engelse tuin.
    groetjes Christiene.

    Beautiful flowers Yoko, so many colors, this was a nice walk. Also seen flowers that grow with us.
    I enjoyed the beautiful nature and your photo, s in the English garden.
    Greetings christiene.

  7. It's always a pleasure to come and see you, Yoko. You share true gifts of nature. I love the photos !!
    Good monday.

  8. It seems as if there are fairies amid the flowers you pictured so beautifully, stardust. I think of my mother when I see gardens … she would have me smell the sweet peas and carnations and she delighted especially in wild roses. Without a doubt she would have loved wandering about and savoring this very lovely English lakeside garden. Thanks as always for sharing!

  9. Only in Japan can an English Garden be THIS beautiful! :-)

  10. Thank you very much for sharing these lovey photographs. Today I get to learn to identify the contrast difference between a pretty Japanese and English gardens. I could see that the choice of English flowers and greens are very different even though they could be planted in Japan. I would love to take a stroll at this English Gardens and sit for hours with a book by the scenic Lake Biwa. Probably I should sip Earl Grey tea and eat scones with jam & butter too!

  11. こんばんは。琵琶湖の近くにこんな素敵な公園があるのですね。 花々が美しくとても爽やかです。

  12. I'm delighted......
    Thanks for sharing those beauties...

  13. I break for English gardens. We visited a horticulture garden this weekend with a lily pond and koi fish.

  14. Wow Yoko....this is a beautiful place. Stunning flower beds and beautiful photos.
    Thank you - have a lovely week!

  15. Greetings, Yoko! I have to say "Thank You" for all of your kind and generous comments on Ocala! They are very much appreciated. And thanks, also, for the information on the "tori." I thought it looked Japanese and wondered about it, but had no idea what it was. Perhaps the doctor who created these "woods, lakes & gardens" is entranced by Eastern religions. I don't know, but I love the tori. If you were to enter the garden from the doctor's house which is situated just off the property, you would go through the tori which perhaps is meant to provide some spiritual benefit.

    Thank you again, and I wish for you all the best that life has to offer!

  16. Wow!

    Dear Yoko!
    Your photos and English garden are phenomenal.
    I love your relationship and wonderful flowers.
    Blessed days.
    Kisses and greetings :)

  17. Stunning gardens - you've captured the beauty well. I'd love to go for a ride on the paddle boat! Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  18. Dear Yoko,

    Just seeing your beautiful photo makes my day :)

    Thaknk you for sharing


    1. Thank you Roselle, your words made my day, too.

  19. Hi Yoko. Thank you for your "correction." I shall duly note that. We'd love to put up a torii in our back yard, but not sure it would be approved by the homeowners association. :) I think your explanation as to the intent of the owner of Cedar Lakes Woods, etc., is right on.

  20. Oh, wonderful views, Yoko! Hello in June! I could stay for hours in such magical gardens to admire the colorful various blossoms. I would love to see them all for so close; the red poppies and the roses on the arches and fences, the water lilies at the pond are ones of my favourites flowers among the others so lovely appearing in May. The gorgeous month of May is absolutely wonderful. Lots of bright light in your pictures. Such an amazing tour for soul and eyes, first of all. many thanks for this delight of late Spring.
    Best regards and a cosy, sunny weeknd of June! Salutari cordiale!

    1. Hello Yoko! I stopped back again to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely words, thoughts expressed. Indeed, "we have light within us".. and we must be flexible, just like "grass" in the wind. How wonderful, it was said by you. Thankful, I really appreciate for the positivism shared and I'm so inspired, too.
      Best regards and a wonderful week to you! Alexa

  21. So pretty!!
    I love the rambling roses and luxurious lily pads!
    Your post is like a poem of beautiful flowers in each verse.

    Greetings and Blessings from Kyushu!

  22. What a beautiful garden. And right by the lake waters too. A lovely place to go for a stroll. I'd love to live near a garden like this, I would enjoy it every day!

  23. Awesome photos. All looks lovely, beautiful and gives a fresh feeling to the mind. Happy June

  24. Bom dia, maravilhosas fotos do belíssimo anagasaki Lakeside Park para bons momentos de lazer.

  25. Olá querida Yoko! Eu estou bem, obrigado! E sinto que você também está bem!

    Mais uma vez eu quero falar sobre a qualidade das suas fotos, são espetaculares! Eu me sinto arrebatada pelas suas imagens, são belíssimas. A harmonia que consegue formar nas imagens é algo verdadeiramente poético. Eu só tenho a agradecer pela oportunidade de conhecer as belezas que você compartilha para todos nós.

    Tenho paixão por jardins ingleses, são os meus preferidos. Acho que carregam uma atmosfera romântica que me fascina. Este jardim com tema inglês, no Japão, é maravilhoso.
    Fiquei encantada com as rosas e os arcos, uma beleza sem igual! As perfumadas lavandas e especialmente as margaridas, são flores que eu aprecio muito. Gosto de flores silvestres.

    Sobre a cantora e dançarina no meu blog, eu também gostei muito dos sapatos dela, foi a primeira coisa que eu percebi, assim que comecei a assistir o vídeo. Realmente ela tem um estilo próprio, é apaixonada pela vida. É verdade, a idade é apenas um número. Conheço pessoas jovens que são velhas.

    Minha mãe me ensinou quase tudo o que eu sei sobre cozinhar, mas como na atualidade temos o google disponível, podemos aprender muito mais. Isso é excelente!

    Um beijo e que seus dias sejam serenos e alegres, juntamente com seus familiares.

  26. Very pretty! Just looking at the pictures makes me so peaceful. I especially loved the little blue flowers. They remind me of my mom's favorites that she tried to cultivate--and they didn't really take--in our flowerbed growing up.

  27. Yoko.... my 8 year old grandson Isaac has to do a school project about a country of the world, and he has chosen Japan. When I asked him why he chose Japan, he said it is because Japanese people love baseball! As you can guess, he loves baseball too!

  28. Oh dear believe me or not I am all lost in this heavenly garden by lake Biwa!!!
    Your capturing is marvellous!!!
    These flowers are soul refreshing and treat to my heat and eyes.
    Don't have words to say you THANK YOU FOR THIS LASHING POST MY FRIEND!

  29. Have a good weekend, Yoko.

  30. I just scrolled through this post again and was delighted to look at your gorgeous photos one more time. I wanted to let you know that I'm pulling out of City Daily Photo and I've set up a new blog which will not be connected to any place but rather a blog to try to pull off more creative photography.

    My post today showed the torii from Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens. I gave you a nod as the one who informed of its meaning and I linked to your post. Maybe you'll get some more readers! Hope you're well and happy.

  31. I have reduced the world to my garden and now I see the intensity of everything what exists. (Jose Ortega y Gasset)

    Undoubtedly this one is a post of great intensity, Yoko.

  32. Dear Yoko! Thank you so much for your detailed explanation about Shintoism and the torii. I think it will be extremely helpful to people who read the blog. One of the things we lack in this country is an interest in other countries and other religious practices. So, by and large, people grow up here and know nothing of Eastern religions or traditions. And that's not a good thing. Take good care of yourself!

  33. Such a lovely place to wander and be. I almost felt that I was there due to your beautiful photographs of it. Thank you for the stroll and flowers.

  34. What a beautiful garden, where Nature has been allowed freedom to do the work. A charming place to wander around!

    Isn't it interesting how the different nationalities organise their gardens? There is always a philosophy influencing the appearance of a garden, but it can be quite hard to pin down what it is. For this reason I've often thought I'd like to go on a garden tour of a foreign country.

  35. I like all the photos on this blog.Love the gentle colors on this one. What a wonderful and green garden. Great Shots. Have a wonderful weekend, cheers.

  36. I love the way you framed the first photograph. Beautiful shots. Nice use of depth of field in the fields of flowers. Delightful to stop by here and enjoy the garden.

  37. Dear Yoko, not only did I love a walk in the garden, but I was also astonished at the coincidence. We've just come from Cheverny chateaux with tremendous gardens. You probably remember we talked about the difference between English and French gardens. The area surrounding Cheverny represents a freer approach to gardening: it is less regular and so diverse, from vegetable garden to ponds and a maze.
    It is our second day in France, the desired holidays had finally begun. Staying in Blois we are able to explore the major castles on river Loire. I wish I could attach some pictures for you to compare.
    I hope you have a great time with your grandchildren, enjoy every minute of it!

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