Sunday, December 8, 2013

Night strolls at the Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka, the new town including the massive commercial, residential and entertainment complex, was opened in April 2013 after 10 years’ construction. It spreads on the 24 hectares former rail yard and Japan’s most valuable real estate.


Conveniently located only a short walk distance from the terminal JR Osaka Station, it is a new hot place where diverse people including tourists, residents, workers, etc. gather.

Architectural space design made the area look both mechanical and organic, static and fluid.  The town flows from the top of 38-story buildings to the second basement floor in pleasant sequences, featuring water and greenery among the stairs and buildings made of concrete, steel, and metallic glasses.


Champagne-gold LED light bulbs are used for the illumination in December.

a close-up at the left-center of the photo above
A stream flows through the area and there is also a cascade.



Especially at night the water adds magical feel to the area.

Both visitors and locals gather for pleasure and inspiration. 

a bike with two child seats
 There are open cafes along the road with "keyaki", Japanese tree of the genus Zelkova, between the North and the South Towers. 


 You’d be surprised to see how Osaka changed if you haven’t visited long.

Though Osaka had been only a transit point for me between Nara and Kobe, recently I look forward to exploring Umeda area on my way back from Kobe in the evening.  I saw many foreign tourists strolling along the winter illuminations at the Grand Front Osaka as well as the Umeda Sky Building (my post here), which is the most frequently visited site by the foreign tourists in Osaka.

Umeda Sky Building on the right
Now that the first week of December is over, things are speeding up, but I like to remind myself to slow down.  This post is going to be my last one of the year 2013.  Thank you, my dear Friends, for your kind, supportive, encouraging, heartfelt, or enlightening words, which have kept me feel inspired. 

 Wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season including a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


  1. Wow, this is really nothing else but GRAND! And so beautiful too! Awesome architecture, wonderful details - how would I love to walk there and feast my eyes! Thank you so much for showing us! Have a wonderful Sunday Yoko! :-)

  2. Amazing architecture. Difficult to believe that there are any economic problems in the world when you see such grandeur. Best wishes for the New Year and the rest of this year.

  3. Such a beautifully designed complex! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I love the extravagant water features, they add so much to such a large complex, the cascade and reflections at any time of year must be soothing.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I can understand being metaphorically 'snower under' at this time of year.
    Happy whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

  4. Amazing! So many beuatiful details.

    Have a good holiday season:)

  5. Beautifully there. Wonderful interesting buildings, a lot of water, and of course lights together a very nice atmosphere. I wish you Merry Christmas and best regards.

  6. The architecture and effects achieved by man are remarkable and shown so clearly here on your post. Osaka looks an exciting place to stroll and enjoy the wonderful reflections in the water created by the myriad of fairy lights.
    Thank you Yoko for all the interesting and thoughtful comments you have made on my blog during 2013, I value your friendship. May I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas, I shall look forward to meeting up again with you in 2014.

  7. It looks like a wonderful place to visit! I think also that much depends on what there is in the shops, whether the restaurants and meeting places are nice,. too. I like to have a variety of places to go in a city, so old places as well as new attract me.

    I am impressed by the dramatic "landscaping" in some parts of this complex, as shown by your photos.

  8. Beautiful pictures with lovely descriptions !
    Have a nice Sunday !

  9. ♡°º•.¸
    Simplesmente deslumbrante!

    ☾♫º°•.¸Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!

  10. 都会の写真もきれいですね。ビルや夜警の感じは東京に似ていますが、空間が少しゆったりあるようにみえます。

  11. 凄いですね、素敵な今の大阪が見られて嬉しい。どれを見てもとても上品で、やはり撮る人の感性が映し出されるのだなぁと思いました。

  12. how beautiful! the reflections and glass and shapes are lovely.

    enjoy the rest of your year, yoko!

  13. You can see that getting closer to Christmas.

    Warm greetings :))

  14. You are sure to have a happy holiday season with two little grandchildren to share it with. The mall is sparkly and pretty this time of year! I especially like how water and its fluid reflections bring nature into the scene. This is the perfect time to thank you, stardust, for showing Japan in a light I might otherwise never see and for visiting and sharing your thoughts that are always so meaningful to me. :)

  15. Ja również tobie życzę wesołych świąt:) Piękne zdjęcia:) zapraszam:)

  16. pretty impressive building!!better than tokyo form the pictures I seen...if I get there I will have to check it out

  17. 夜には立ち寄ったことがないのですが、やたらに広いビルで正直言ってそれほど感動しませんでした。でも写真で拝見するとまた違った趣があってこんな素敵な場所だったかと思います。素晴らしいですね。

  18. Son unas fotos estupendas!

  19. もうクリスマスですね。温かい時期に緑のパラソルの下でコーヒー飲みたいです。大阪の街はそれぞれに色々な表情がありますね。


  20. This place is so posh and chic - an epitome of urban splendour. Its no wonder it took so long to be completed.

  21. Very beautiful with all the lights turned on but I cannot get over how much it looks like North America nand not so much like what I expect Japan to look like. I see Santa Claus has invaded Osaka. ;)

  22. Grand Front Osaka is a most glorious sight! The architecture and landscaping is quite impressive. Yoko, your photographs are resplendent! I especially love the reflection images. Wishing you and your family a warm, happy holiday season!

  23. Happy holidays, Xmas and New Year to you, too, Stardust!

    I love the reflection of the lights in the water: so cheerful and festive and tranquil, all at the same time. :)

  24. こんばんは。とても美しい写真で溢れてます。とてもおしゃれな街ですね。こちらでは大阪の情報はほとんど報道されませんので、楽しくみさせていただきました。

  25. きれいですね~~~! ここへ今年の夏、行きましたが、冬のライトのほうが断然いいですね! 水面に映える光が美しい!
    よいお正月をお迎えくださいね!! 今年、いろいろありがとうございました。

  26. まだ、ここへは行ってません。今度子供に連れてってもらいます。大阪駅周辺もさまがわりですね。サンタクロースがスキーしたり、いろいろ楽しいですね。リフレクションが都会的です。
    Enjoy, Xmas and New Year !

  27. Thank you for this beautiful post Yoko. The reflections in water are fabulous!
    Have a wonderful festive season,I look forward to connecting with you again in the New Year.

    Wishing you Happy Holidays!

  28. Absolutely stunning, Yoko! Those glittering lights look so beautiful in the reflecting water, the festivities, the architecture, the joy, it looks to be all there and you have done a fabulous job of bringing it all here through your wonderful post - many thanks, Yoko and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  29. Magnificent and festive - amazing shots!


  30. Hello, stardust.

      Lovely your works, full of joy.

      Thank you World-wide LOVE, and your Support in this year.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Merry Christmas, and A happy New Year for you and yours.
    ruma ❃

  31. Dear Yoko,
    I have kept your stroll for the week end and it is enjoyable! Grand and festive, full of holiday spirit. Christmas fair marquees look pretty much like Europe and sell the same gingerbread – incredible!
    Thank you for opening a bit of your wonderful country, Yoko. Hope to come back and discover more next year. Let it be better and happier for you, future should always come this way! Most heartfelt wishes from your friend in Russia!

  32. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of your wonderful country.
    Have a god time and FROHE WEIHNACHTEN !

  33. Dear Yoko, wow, what a selection of breathtaking nightshots of Osaka! Did you buy a new camera??? There's even a small Christmas market like you can find in Germany as well... ;-)

    I'm going to slow down as well and finish blogging for this year.

    Thank you very much for your great friendship and all the pleasure and inspiration you gave to me!

    All the best for you and your family - Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year - but most important with best of health!

    Warm regards from Germany, Uwe.


  34. 大阪駅は随分様変わりしているようです。 私の知っている景色とは全然違います。

    12月は夜景が良く似合う時。 昼間撮っている様に、ピッタリと焦点が合っていて綺麗です。

  35. You did a beautiful job of capturing the architecture and the ambiance. I love all the reflections in the water. Wishing you and your family all the best for the holidays and a healthy and happy 2014.

  36. Dear Yoko,

    You need not take a back seat to anyone relative to photography. This series is quite professional - the colors are so vibrant and alive and your photos are tack sharp and filled with interest. You should be paid for promoting the Grand Front is such a marvelous manner!

    And what a place that is! Ten years? There is so much involved I can see where it would take that long. I would love to visit - I'll put it on my "bucket list"! :) I can think of nothing quite its equal in the U.S. I'd guess it would take many hours or even days to see the entire complex.

    One of the things your post brought to mind (actually, it's a common thought these days), is how much we could do as humans if we didn't invest so much wealth and energy into war machines and war-making. War is such a waste, not only of natural resources but of human life. I can not think of any "necessary" war.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed that poem. It's always been one of my favorites and I remember when I wrote it how the words sort of flowed. Perhaps because it is so personal.

    Your story about your mother's falling reminded me of a similar incident with Lois' mother. She was probably in her 80s and we were visiting for a couple of weeks. Lois and I went shopping for a few hours and when we returned home we found her lying on the floor. When I tried to pick her up she said, "Oh, I'm OK, just let me lie here."

    Turned out she had a heart problem which ended up with surgery. Growing old isn't much fun, usually. Your mother is very fortunate to have you and your siblings to care for her. I hope she is able to have her wish to die at home fulfilled.

    We're doing quite well. Lois has had no further problems and is getting back to "normal." She's been able to run/walk for five miles a couple of days a week and we often ride our bikes 7-8 miles. So, for the moment, we are happy and trying to take just one day at a time.

    Thank you very much for your beautiful comment; you are very generous. But it was so meaningful and very much appreciated!

    Our very best to you and your family during this holiday season and we also send you our wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

  37. My husband has visited Osaka but he didn’t tell me how splendid the city is. It is more than 15 years ago when he played there, maybe all this is new.

    Christmas markets in Osaka? Something I find hard to believe, but you have shown me that it’s real.

    Best wishes for the season.

  38. Merry Christmas :)

  39. Radosnych i pogodnych Świąt z bliskimi !
    Joyful and happy Christmas with your loved ones!


  40. ¸.•°♡♡⊱彡
    Muita paz e muita luz em nossas vidas, no Natal e sempre!!!

    ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ⋯ ✰ ⋯
    ⋰ ⋮ ⋱



  41. 久しぶりのブログ訪問になりました。ちょっと不自由になってしまったパソコン環境ですが、とりあえず契約の終わる2年間、このままでいくことにしました。何事も必然のなせるわざ。その中でうまく使用方法を考えてやっていくつもりです。


  42. ¡ Mis mejores deseos para el año 2014 !

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  44. I'm here from your last post (December 2, 2019). I don't think I was following you back in 2013 so it was lovely to see this post. The development is very nice and I could see myself spending lots of fun time here at any time of year. They even have Christmas Market stalls like the kind in some European countries. We don't have that kind where I live unless you pay to enter a special place where they have them at Christmas in time for shopping.

  45. How magnificent place is this dear Yoko :)
    thank you sooo much for sharing the SPLENDID glimpse :)


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