Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fabulous colors along the Yoshiki River

The Yoshiki River (吉城川) is more a brook than a river. It originates between Mt. Wakakusa and Mt. Kasuga. When it is running through Kasuga Primitive Forest, it is called the Mizuya River (水谷川).  The gentle stream changes its name to the Yoshiki River when starting meandering through the Nara Park.

Kasugano Bridge on the Yoshiki River

Kasugano Field (春日野園地) spreads on the one side of the river. 

三社託宣池/Sanshatakusen Pond at the Kasugano Field

The other side of the river is Ukigumo Field (浮雲園地).

There is a nice promenade along the Yoshiki River.


The landscape is fabulous with maple leaves and Chinese tallow tree foliage. 


At this season different species of maples including Japanese maples show various different colors.

This shooting is for a magazine.
Would you like to have your commemorative photos taken here?

Deer are often seen drinking water or bathing.

The river runs into the Isuien Garden and the Yoshiki-en Garden,.  After supplying water to the gardens, it disappears as a culvert in the city, and merges with the Saho River (佐保川).
The Yoshiki runs between the Isui-en Garden (left) and the Yoshiki-en Garden (right).


  1. Calling everything a river and the multiple names for the same watercourse is something you often find in England. But you don't find anything as wonderful as the colours and delicate foliage along the Yoshiki River. Every photograph is a gem.

  2. Yoko-san, you did it again - you filled me up with beauty, my heart is bathed in it, my soul too. These colors ahhhh...
    What a wonderful place this is - and your photos do it justice! Thank you!
    Enjoy your day! :-)

  3. Hi Yoko,

    Coming here after a while but as always, what a delight it is to stop by! Your pictures are mesmerizing, to see such a variety in the shades of colors amazes me no end, such a beautiful part of the world you live in! To be honest, all this looks unreal to me, your pictures reflect heaven -- quite literally.

    Hope you are keeping well, Yoko. In India, winters have started knocking and they will stay here for the coming 2-3 months. Gearing up to curl under my blankets in the coming days. Hope the weather in Japan is good to go. Wish you a wonderful week ahead. :)

  4. So many beautiful colours and forms!

  5. What a beautiful spot for photographers. You're really lucky. :D

  6. Wonderful places and pictures.....i like the warm colors very much.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  7. it is just beautiful. almost magical.

  8. Beautiful indeed ! The colors are superb !
    Have a nice week !

  9. Hope you and yours are all well, stardust. We, too, have Japanese maple in my part of the world and it almost looks like home with all the wonderful colors this time of year. By the river is an idyllic place to take photos of a newly married couple. It is hard to imagine that all is not right in the world when you see scenes such as these!

  10. Thank you stardust! Such beautiful colours, It's a joy to see your photos.
    Grethe ´)

  11. Son unas fotografías preciosas. El efecto otoñal es fantástico.

  12. what grand stunning......color of fall!!

  13. 又とない幸せな時を逃さず捉えて写されましたね。素敵です!このあたりの紅葉を見ると3年前まで行われていた大仏マラソンを思い出します。毎年主人が5kを走り、わたしは川辺をぶらつきながらゴールを待ちました。今は奈良マラソンに変わって出発地点もこのあたりではなくなりましたが。

  14. Fabulous photos of fabulous colours Yoko. I would love to walk among these being my favourite colour! This is what we in Scotland would call a burn..... but there is always a question about when a burn becomes a river. I like the way you've captured the many reflections.This is such a beautiful time of year.
    We had our first frost this morning so I guess winter is fast approaching.

    Have a lovely week,

  15. What can I say, Yoko...
    Wonderful pictures, as always!!!
    Wish u a lovely week!

  16. You have such stunning images. The most beautiful colors, just what I need to see and think about in these dark and gray days.
    The best Greetings

  17. Such indescribable beauty as your autumn and riverscapes display. Vibrant reds and gentle golds reflected in the pond and a path along the riverbank. What more could one ask? Just Lovely.

  18. This autumnal scene along the brook is achingly beautiful. I'm sure it has inspired many beautiful poems. I wish I can be there this very moment to savour it all.

  19. Can't believe your Japanese autumn is still so colourfully, dear Yoko! Here in Germany most (all?) of the trees already lost their foliage. This morning we had lowest temperatures of about -7°C - it really feels like winter currently! We could have had sunshine today, but the fog here in the valley was too tightly to let the sunbeams through.
    The park along the Yoshiki river is so beautiful in this season, thanks a lot for sharing your impressions with us. The red and orange colour of the foliage is really magnificently - and so are your photos, too.

  20. 吉城川は二つの庭の間を流れているのですか。私は、あまりその辺りの事を知りません。素敵なお庭の二つが接していたのですね。ウェディングドレスのカップルは、寒い中、あつあつですね。面白い写真です。紅い紅葉の重なりがきれいです。今年の紅色は格別ですね。

  21. Miejsce jak z bajki. Klony mają cudowne kolory i pięknie wyglądają. Do tego jest rzeka, jelonki i ptaki. Zdjęcia są piekne. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Place like a fairy tale. Clones have wonderful colors and beautiful look. For this is the river, deer and birds. The photos are beautiful. I greet warmly.

  22. The landscapes are divine! They'd be a great setting for any memorable event. You know, my son got married last August, and after the wedding they had one more ceremony - in Pathos, Cyprus. Those pictures are totally different from yours, more blue of all shades, and also extremely beautiful!
    I wish you calm and cuddly winter, Yoko! A fresh post on my recent reading impressions will be published soon, come to share yours.
    Thank you for unique peaceful ambience of your blog

  23. お久しぶりです。 先日はコメント、本当にありがとうございました。私もなんやらかんやらで、一ヶ月以上ブログをごぶさたしておりました。 吉城川の秋の風情、いいですね! 日本の秋はこんなに美しいのだと、あらためて実感します。 奈良にはなんといっても鹿さんがいるし。単なる風景ではなく、鹿や鳥たちがいて、四季おりおりの草花や木々の彩りがあって、それでこぞ森羅万象ですね。 もみじの写真、とてもステキです。 あまり関東の方に言えませんが、紅葉は京都、奈良のほうが、ぜったいきれいです(笑)。 品種が違うと聞いています。お孫さんのお世話でお忙しいと存じますが、また洋子さんの四季彩あふれる記事を楽しみにしております。

  24. Wonderfull colors, a dream for eyes, greeting from Belgium.

  25. こんばんは。とても美しいです。流石、地元の方の撮る景色は違います。ナンキンハゼがお好きですね。私はトウカエデも好きです。

  26. 美しい紅葉を 趣のある水面と共にさらに見事に写し撮られていてため息がでるほどです。

  27. This is such a beautiful park and the fall colours are splendid. A bright spot in my day. I look out my window and see white and grey - the gloomy look of early December.

  28. You have captured a slice of heaven! So beautiful.

  29. Dear Yoko - thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments.
    The colours along the Yoshiki River are unbelievable, reds, yellows, golds, it resembles a magical wonderland.
    I liked the way you included a shot from the summer - the contrast between the colours in just a few months is stunning - nature is wonderful.

  30. Stunning and breathtaking! A photographic delight! That third photo looks like you've used what I call the "illustration" effect. Very nice!

    Please note my comment on your previous post. May your heart be at peace and your life filled with love.

    1. Thank you! The third photo is my favorite. I don’t know what “illustration effect” is but I used a fast pancake lens to shoot this scene when the mountain on the west side is aglow in the evening sun.

  31. Sheer, breathtaking beauty.
    I cannot believe these scenes, they are like the background to a fairytale.

  32. The photos are beautiful!
    Greetings from Holland

  33. I hit chance of your other blog. I see more photos than the other images. They are very cute :)

    Greetings from Poland


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