Monday, November 8, 2021

Familiar garden flowers and roadside grasses of autumn

Colorful autumn foliage would be main attraction of autumn landscape.
Though leaves are changing colors steadily, I'll leave the report of them next time.
This post is about familiar flowers and grasses of autumn
in gardens, fields, or along roadside.

One of the seven grasses/flowers of autumn, "Susuki", or Japanese Pampas Grass, 
 grows almost everywhere in Japan.
Some mountain slopes covered with them are highlights of autumn.

Susuki catch the light and cause shimmering shades of silver, gold or white.

野菊/Nogiku, literally meaning wild Chrysanthemum, is also seen almost everywhere.
Nogiku is wild plants endemic to Japan that resemble Chrysanthemum.

One of the most familiar Nogiku is Aster yomena but it's not easy to tell apart 
from similar species.
Colias erate, or Eastern Pale Clouded Yellow, are often seen around them.

There are various many species of yellow Nogiku, too.

In my garden, 秋明菊/shumei-giku, Japanese Anemone, were unfurling themselves 
a month ago.
Japanese name means literally "autumn-bright-Chrysanthemum", 
despite of being Anemone family.
The flowers kept blooming a couple of weeks.

A month ago

Last week

According to the 24 Solar Terms、yesterday was 立冬/Ritto, start of winter, 
when the early signs of winter begin to appear.
It's been so sunny and warm in the daytime while chills of mornings and evenings
have accelerated leaves' turning red.
To become red, leaves need enough sunlight and 8 degrees C at lowest.
These are some of the colored fallen leaves I picked up during a walk.

See you next time!

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  1. Lovely! When I was a child in school, our teachers would assign homework that, at times, was pure delight, especially in the fall when we were asked to collect leaves, press them into a scrapbook and provide their proper names. I have since forgotten many of the names but well remember the excitement and fun of finding different autumn leaves, just as we both do now with the camera. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures ! Nature is beautiful in Fall and you have an eye to see that...
    It's always a delight to visit your blog.
    Have a lovely week !

  3. Oh my...I love the grasses when they dry at the end of summer. And the flowers that bloom are beautiful. Nice to see the butterflies enjoying them too. Love when you have pretty backgrounds for the photos...adds so much to the picture! Very nice!

  4. Beautiful flowers and your photos.
    In my garden, frost has destroyed all plants.
    Leaves are already falling from trees and shrubs. Winter is approaching.
    Happy Fall Week.
    Hugs and greetings.

  5. Bella entrada para celebrar est otoño que llegó. Preciosas todas las flores Yoko. Un gusto caminar ahora entre sus cálidos colores.
    Te deseo un buen noviembre.
    Un abrazo.

  6. Dear Yoko - I have Japanese Anemones growing in my garden too, and they are a real delight to see at this time of year. However, I have to keep a very close eye on them as otherwise they would completely take over given the chance.
    Such beautiful colours shown in your leaf mosaic.

  7. Yoko - Aster is a very common and prolific Autumn flower in Montana - and we have several varieties that are hard to tell apart!!! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  8. わぁ♡♡♡ 初めのススキが とても特別な種類のように撮れていて しばらく見とれていました♬
    そして 暈しやコラージュが 素敵に生かされていますね。 モンキチョウ 多分初めて見ました。これから楽しみに寄らせて頂きますね。日本語でお返事頂いたので 私も日本語にします; 少し楽です p;-)
    数年前まで 長年 自宅で英語を教えていましたが 年齢も考慮して 今は主人のお世話ですp;-) 
       Love; 都

  9. Beautiful captures, Yoko.

    It's always such a delight to visit your lovely blog.

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Lovely to see the autumn plants and leaves. Things that may be common in Japan are only seen growing in gardens here.

  11. I love grasses - my stream grasses in summer are my pride and joy. I love the way light filters through them as you show in your photos. The leaves and the flowers of the Nogiku remind me somewhat of our Arnica flowers that grow in the woodlands at high altitude. Anemone are so delicate - I like both the bud and the flower. When your fall begins, our snowfall starts. It snowed overnight and again today. Gusting winds make it seem like a blizzard. Enjoy fall, Yoko! Stay well.

  12. Tus imágenes son un exquisito regalo de bienvenida al Otoño, una de mis estaciones favoritas junto con la Primavera, por sus colores y olores perfumados, o a tierra mojada.
    Un cordial saludo.

  13. Beautiful words: susuki, nogiku…Susuki looks awesome in snowfall, like a fairy tale. Especially when it’s windy. And nogiku in Russian is called сентябринка, because it breaks into blossom in September. Enchanting post, Yoko, a breath of fresh air, thanks a lot. Waiting for more grasses and foliage in your blog. Keep safe, dear friend, promise?

  14. Hi yoko
    Nature is fantastic. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos that brighten our eyes.
    Greetings and all the best

  15. お早うございます♬  コメント有難うございました。 ちょっとご報告ですp-;)
    素敵な暈しの 写真に感動して 主人に無理を言って買って貰いました。 次にそんな写真が投稿されていたら stardustさんのおかげです;  Thank You So Much; Miyako

  16. まだ控えめな秋の訪れを感じる素敵なポストですね。


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