Monday, November 22, 2021

Autumn colors of Crape Myrtles


Crape Myrtle is one of my favorite trees in all seasons.
I showed how and why I love it in this post Japanese Crape Myrtle,
though only about flowers and barks.
After blooming almost all summer long, it's flamboyant autumn show arrives.

The tree has one of the most colorful autumn leaves.
Leaves in yellow, orangey crimson, and scarlet replace the summer blooms.

This tree can live from 50 to 150 years in general.
I once introduced about 300-year-old aged tree here, 

The bark of the Crape Myrtle is shiny, silky smooth and thin.

With early summer foliage.

I took these pictures of autumn foliage under the too bright sun of noon
knowing noon is not an ideal time for photography.
As some of my Friends might have noticed, I've tried capturing 
the sun with starburst effect in recent posts.
It's quite challenging but somehow it's fun.

This place is the nearest park, about five minutes walk, from my home.
There are three Crape Myrtles, five Chinese Tallows, one Liriodendron tulipifera,
some Cherry trees, and others - collection of my favorite trees!

From the left, Liriodendron tulipifera, Crape Myrtle, Chinese Tallow
The right side branches is Cherry Tree

When all my Grands get together, I'm glad to hear their cheerful shouts.
We love this park!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of your tree, incredible to think how long some of these trees live for and what changes have gone on around them over those years.

  2. Dear Yoko - the Crape Myrtle tree is an autumn delight - it has been captured beautifully by you for us all to see. To get a starburst effect is a challenged but again you have risen to that challenge perfectly. I am pleased that all of your grandchildren are happy and doing well.

  3. Incredible colors ! Beautiful pictures ! Lovely family !
    Have a cozy week !

  4. Hello,
    The trees are beautiful, love the gorgeous colors. The Crape Myrtles are one of my favorites, I do not know they could live so long, that is wonderful. Lovely collection of photos, your have a beautiful family. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  5. 今晩は(^^♪)
    いつも 素敵な starburst 楽しみにしています💖  サルスベリとても綺麗にに撮れてますね(^^♪)実は私見たことないです、ハハ。 はい、starburst effect 凄く綺麗でgorgeos です。 ご家族 皆さんとても 可愛らしく微笑んでいらっしゃって pretty picture に私も一緒に微笑んで 癒されました♬
    Good Night, from Yamaguchi-pref.

  6. Your Grandkids are so precious! I love the changes you see as you go into winter. You have a lot of colorful trees! Enjoy your week!

  7. I've heard the name but don't think I've ever seen one. They make a wonderful fall tree to photograph. - Margy

  8. Yoko - Autumn is my favorite season, and you have captured all of its spectacular beauty! I especially like the series of photos of the trees in different seasons ... Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. Hi Yoko,
    Wonderful photos of Crape Myrtle, in all seasons nature always has something beautiful to offer us. Lovely photos of your grandchildren, all children love to play in the parks, where they have freedom and friends.
    All the best, a big hug

  10. Stardust! A park nearby where you live is perfect for visiting Grands who are as vibrant as the autumn leaves. Children sounds when playing is a special kind of music.

  11. Gracias, Yoko, por compartir estas imágenes de una belleza sin par. En todas las estaciones tiene este árbol su encanto, pero, la explosión de colores que nos regala en el Otoño, es realmente espectacular.
    Excelentes las fotografías.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  12. The trees are stunning!

    Love the gorgeous photos, especially the mosaic of your beautiful family.

  13. Maravilla de colores Yoko. Precioso otoño nos dejas y m y cerca puedes disfrutar con la familia de la magnífica naturaleza.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.


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