Monday, October 26, 2020

Cosmos fields before sunset

Cosmoses are fairly representative of autumn flowers in Japan.
They are written 秋桜 meaning “autumn sakura/cherry blossoms.” 
In autumn, they dye the fields of the country shades of pink.
They are easy to grow even on non-fertile soil as long as they are in lots of sunshine.
 I have taken photos of cosmoses swaying under the blue skies many times.
On a sunny late afternoon with floating clouds last week, I suddenly wanted to photograph
 dancing cosmoses in the gradual darkening right before sunset. 
The place is one of my favorite cosmos spots, the fallow paddy field around Hoki-ji Temple 
less than half an hour by car from my home.

The flowers are not only graceful but also as hardy as weeds.

Unfortunately the sky was not so dramatic as I had expected before departure,
 but the flowers did do their best job. 

Airy cosmoses are floating in the falling darkness, looking at the Cosmos.

My grandson Y, who almost always draws dinosaurs or vehicles, 
got inspired to make a sketch of some cosmoses in a white vase;
pink to magenta flowers, yellow discs, and distinctively feathery, fern-like leaves.
The flowers seem to have made him add butterflies.

What were you inspired by recently?

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  1. お孫さんお、コスモスのスケッチお上手ですね~。シンプルで緑の色合いも抜群。白い花瓶もすきだな~。

  2. Why did I feel the urge to check your blog? Is there a cosmos link between Nara and Blagoveshchensk?:)
    Hi, Yoko,
    happy to read you again! The phots are wonderful, some dramatic, others - romantic, I love them all. The drawing made me smile. I imagined Y with a brush, an inspiring picture! I wonder if our sunny grandson will love painting dinosaurs:)) You should have seen him starting to laugh happily when he saw me, pure joy!
    Enjoy your beautiful autumn, Yoko, and keep safe.
    With love from Russia,

  3. Love this flowers and your pictures are amazing !!!!
    Your grandson is an artist too !
    Have a lovely week !

  4. Dear Yoko - the Cosmos are really lovely especially offset by the evening sun. Are Cosmos a wildflower in Japan or have they been planted there.

  5. Hello,
    The Cosmos is so pretty, gorgeous photos of the flowers and sky. Your grandson did a beautiful job with the sketch! Take care, enjoy your new week!

  6. The flowers are just beautiful! I love the second to last photo with the purple colours!

  7. Hello Yoko,
    Besides all the beauty you shared with us about Cosmos... I love the stars in their centers. Magically beautiful. There are star shapes in so many plants. I love that.

    even though it was not the sunset you dreamed of, your photos are lovely.

  8. Oh your Grandson is very talented and saw a lot of detail in these flowers that he captured well! Maybe he can tell me what is painted on my rock today! lol Love your dreamy Cosmos! Beautiful colors!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. I tried to grow some cosmos but I guess I don't get enough sun in my north facing balcony.

  10. Yoko - I think you are too hard on yourself and the skies -- these are magnificent photos, every one! I have been inspired by the early snow on the mountains - so fresh and clean - if only that could wipe the earth clean of all of its problems! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. Oh, how wonderful is the art. He captured both the fragility and strength of the flower, attracting not only the butterflies but also me. :) Well done!

  12. I think that Y interpreted the beauty of the cosmos flowers perfectly! The butterflies must have been attracted by the scent of the flowers. I think I will have to try growing cosmos next year, really very lovely. I can't imaging a whole field of the pink blossoms.

  13. The pink Cosmos and the dusky sky are perfection, Yoko. Y is a budding artist, his sketch showing the delicacy of the blooms. The butterflies make me smile. I'm happy that there are still beautiful flowers to enjoy near you.

  14. I never really noticed cosmos until I went to Japan. It is a flower sometimes used here in gardens, but I have never seen it grown as a crop or spreading as a wild plant. Now when I see them I always think of Japan, and what a lot of pleasure I had from them there. Both my visits to Japan have been at this time of year! Y is growing into a very talented artist. My goodness! Please congratulate him from me.

  15. Dear Yoko!
    A beautiful picture and fantastic flowers.
    I love them because they are beautiful and romantic.
    Your grandson has talent and has painted a wonderful picture.
    Lots of health! Hugs and greetings.

  16. What wonderful photographs.
    What a wonderful sketch.

    All the best Jan

  17. Macie piękne skarby i jest co zwiedzać, córka wciąż opisuje. Jednak Twoje zdjęcia tonące w kwiatach dodają super oprawy.

  18. What lovely photos of cosmos as a foreground to the temple. Each year I plant the white cosmos, 'Purity'. It is one of my favourite flowers and is still flowering in the garden, in spite of all the storms and lashing rain!

  19. Preciosos campos Yoko. Las dos últimas fotos son bellísimas amiga. Muy lindo el tu nieto.
    Te deseo una buena semana amiga. Cuídate.
    Un abrazo.

  20. Πανέμορφη ανάρτηση. Συγχαρητήρια.

  21. Beautiful flowers. Thank you for this beautiful and colorful sharing. All the photos are wonderful, I especially loved the 5th one, it looks fantastic.
    Have a nice week. Take care and be well
    A big and tight hug

  22. Dear Yoko, I hope you're safe and sound. No time or mood to write? I know this feeling. When you have a minute, I would ask you to read my latest, entitled "shin-shin-to".
    Take care.


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