Monday, October 5, 2020

Placid fields of Soba Buckwheat flowers

White flowers of soba buckwheat bloom throughout fields mid-to-late September 

at Kasa Mountain, Sakurai City, about one and a half hours drive from my home.

The spreading white and shades of green carpets were punctuated at their margins

with pinks, purples, or yellows under the blue skies dotted with thick clouds.

Cool places at high altitude and arid soil is perfect for growing buckwheat. 

Kasa relatively located in south, People of Kasa have cultivated buckwheat by sowing late in season 

so that flowers bloom in cooler weather.

As they grow and ripen rapidly, the seeds sown in late August bloom in mid-September.

The flowers turn into grain-like-seeds, which are ground into flour early November.

Buckwheat is highly nutritious grains. 

They maintain good health of capillaries and blood vessels, keep our body resistant to infection, 

and prevent oxidation of vitamin C inside our body. 

They are mainly eaten as "soba" noodle and used for crepes, pancakes, or cookies as well.

The gluten-free buckwheat is substitute for those who have allergy to wheat flour.

Mass of white flowers and heart-shaped leaves were swaying in cool, crisp breeze -

isn't it picture-perfect?

 There are also red soba buckwheat flowers. Here.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures !!!! Nature is perfect !
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your country !
    Have a nice week !

  2. Hello,

    The flowers and field of buckwheat look beautiful. I have recently tried buckwheat honey, I use it in my coffee. The last photo of the buckwheat field and sky is gorgeous! Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  3. I've never seen a field of buckwheat before - glorious!

  4. Very beautiful, scenic photos. I have used buckwheat pillows which I like very much, cooked and eaten buckwheat kernels (cooked like barley) and eaten soba noodles. I didn't know how nutritious it is but I like it. I just have to get used to eating it more often.

  5. Amazing pictures as ever, Yoko. #3 especiolly, such harmony of earth and skies! Your October temperatures are what is typical for our August. Now golden autumn is coming to an end, it is time of leaf fall.
    Enjoy warm sunny days, Yoko. Take care!

  6. I never thought about buckwheat flowering but it is very pretty.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  7. Oh my goodness...what beautiful fields of white flowers! Love seeing all of these and enjoying your beautiful blog.

  8. Pięknie kwitnie, uwielbiam kaszę gryczaną. Jednak makaron Soba jest dla mnie numer jeden, prawie cały czas go jemy.

  9. How pretty are those white fields of the soba buckwheat when in bloom. I have never eaten buckwheat myself, but now I would like to try it.

  10. Que contraste más hermoso azul con blanco. El campo blanco se ve maravilloso Yoko. Las fotos me encantan. Por aquí el trigo sarraceno no se ve.
    Te deseo una buena semana amiga.
    Un abrazo.

  11. Yoko - I have early childhood memories of buckwheat pancakes at my uncle's house. They served them with molasses and they were delicious. Your pictures are "picture perfect" in every way. I especially like how you have focused at various points of view and let the other sections of the photo blur - beautiful! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  12. Your last photo is so heavenly I wish I could wade into that scene. Buckwheat is one of nature’s gifts that (compared to other choices) we don’t eat enough of in my part of the world. It is very nutritious, indeed, and perhaps one reason why Japanese people have such a high life expectancy. :)

  13. Dear Yoko!
    Beautiful buckwheat fields. I love her groats. It's delicious.
    Your photos are as stunning as ever. Flowers of wonderful beauty.

  14. The fields of buckwheat are like fields of snow! And I love the pink cosmos and the yellow daisies too. Your photographs are lovely. So important to go outside and enjoy the air and the beauty of the surroundings, especially in this time of staying home due to the pandemic. Best wishes to you!

  15. Great photos! The buckwheat fields are so pretty, just like a painting! :)

  16. I've never seen buckwheat growing before. Quite lovely.

  17. You have a sea of buckwheat! Our buckwheat wildflower grows on south facing rocky slopes in July through August. I love when I come upon it, but I have never seen a field of it. My mother loved buckwheat pancakes. I keep soba noodles on hand for some of my vegetable stir fries.

  18. Oh i want to dive in this stunning ocean of white flowers dear Yoko :)

    your images are are more then just "perfect" i believe ,first you live in such flourishing place and secondly you know how to capture the beauty of nature my friend
    YOU ARE GIFT to blogging land that is what i feel whenever i visit to your place :)
    more shower of blessings to your lovely world !

  19. Hello,
    I had never thought of what a buckwheat plant looks like. Lovely to see, fields of flowers are simply beautiful. Your photos are beautiful. Flowers are long gone as our autumn is already whispering of winter.

  20. 2012年にアップされた溝蕎麦と一緒に楽しませてもらいましたヨ。

  21. Preciosos campos de flores. Saludos.

  22. Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love to see flowers and nature. I did not know how nutritious buckwheat is.

  23. It must be very beautiful, see in person
    these wheat fields;
    Good continuation of the week

  24. Thank you for sharing this wonderful selection of photos. Nature is extraordinary.
    Have a nice Sunday and a great week
    Hugs and all the best for you


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