Monday, October 11, 2021

At the Heijyo Palace Site

It has been like summer days these weeks, too warm with the temperature topping 
32 degrees C despite the early arrival of cool air one month ago.
July, 2021, was the world's hottest month on record.
I wonder how would be October?

I walked around the Heijyo Palace Site last week.
As is introduced in my post Moody weather at Heijyo Palace Site (October, 2014),
the remains of the ancient capital of Japan is a vast fields of wild grasses.
Japanese pampas grasses, ragweeds, reeds and other grasses wave in the breeze.
There are a brook and ditches I'd like to look for reflections.

The sky of the site is as spacious as the eye can reach.
In November, 2016, Blue Impulse, an aerobatic demonstration team of 
Japan Air Self-Defense Force,  flew in the skies of the old palace site.
The flight was one of the events to celebrate and commemorate the 60th year of 
the opening of the Nara Air Base.

Blue Impulse was founded in 1960.
At the opening ceremony of the Summer Tokyo Olympics, 1964,
the team performed drawing five Olympic rings with colored smoke in the sky.
The most recent performance was on the previous day of the Tokyo Olympics, 2021,
following the last year's flying over Tokyo to thank medical care workers
for their tireless efforts to fight against COVID-19.

Blue Impulse and Mt. Fuji from this Website

About one and a half hours before the sunset,
the sky was aglow rose and Japanese pampas grasses were shining.

Shukuro Manabe's Nobel Prize is seen heightened sense of crisis over climate change together with the successive intense abnormal weather worldwide.   His prediction about the future of our home Earth was made half a century ago.  The world cooperative works against the climate change looked starting years later in 1988, but have been disrupted because of the long raged controversy on whether global warming is real and whether human activities are causing the phenomenon.

Using Manabe's method, a certain abnormal climatic incident in decades can be proved that it wasn't happened without climate change. Regarding the long-term prediction, it is easy to cause skepticism with short words in people's mind even for the theory based on scientific data. On the contrary, it requires long time (with more and more evidence in the process of discovery) and elaborate explanation to prove it real.  Anyway, we lost about 30 years to tackle this issue.  It's good for the world to cooperate at last, but the sudden drastic change of policy in short term could cause energy shortage and other type of environmental destruction by random development for alternative energy.  Keep my fingers crossed for the better future guided by the wise policies improving one by one.

Today it's still hot here, 30 degrees C, but is forecasted to become autumnal in a couple of days.

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  1. 先週平城宮跡を歩いたんですね。暑かったでしょう。

  2. Gorgeous pictures ! Japan is indeed a beautiful country.
    Weather is going crazy everywhere...we have 28ºc here...
    Have a lovely week !

  3. How amazing ...seeing the jets with the mountain behind is quite an experience! Enjoy your week my friend. Truly beautiful photos today!

  4. I can see grasses waving in the wind and reflections in the water were a joy to photograph, stardust. The plane formations are remarkable with no room for the slightest error. Pilots work as one the way an ideal world must work as one to fix what we damaged regarding climate change. Congratulations to Shukuro Manabe for never giving up on truth and helping more people understand it.

  5. Dear Yoko - I love that photo of Blue Impulse with Mt Fuji in the background.
    My husband and I attended the 1992 first Earth Summit held in Brazil, he worked for the UN at that time and was really enthusiastic that countries would begin to look in ernest at what was happening in the world re: pollution and climate change. That was 30 years ago, and governments are only now beginning to take the issues seriously - have we left it too late?

  6. Blue Impulse is my age. Hello, Yoko, how are you? Your pictures enable us-readers to follow you among those grasses in the fields. I loved this walk, thank you! The air performance reminded of a similar one that we watched this year on Victory day from the windows of our hotel room in Moscow.
    As for your October, I wonder if you have autumn temperatures at all. Nara is on my phone weather list, and I keep wondering why +27 is possible at your place. This is not Caribbean region, I mean. But it makes perfect weather for walking. Have a relaxing October, Yoko, keep safe.

  7. Hello and happy October Yoko! Beautiful photos from your walk. I love the grasses, reflections and the pretty sky. The air show is an amazing sight to see. I hope it is not too late to reverse damaged done to our earth and climate. Take care, have a great week!

  8. Yoko - the Pampas Grasses are so pretty. I enjoyed the artistry of the Blue Impulse photos! I agree with you that we must urgently address climate change. It will take our governments to make appropriate policies, and as individuals we can raise our voices loudly to make sure they know we want it to happen. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. I enjoyed the stunning photos from your walk.

    Awesome post, Yoko!

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Gorgeous pictures as always. I never really understood why we had to prove that climate change was real. Even if it didn't exist it couldn't be sensible to keep using oil, gas and coal at present rates - they must surely run out one day. Neither can it be wise to keep polluting the land, air and sea with chemicals. That's just common sense; it doesn't need to be proved by science.

    1. Common sense! I can’t agree with you more. I wonder why common sense didn't/doesn't work not only about climate change but also about various things recently?

  11. O cambiamos las costumbre, o la Madre tierra dirá Basta. Empezemos antes de que sea demasiado tarde. Y que prevalezca en Todos en sentido común.
    Increible Yoko, por aquí cuando salimos a caminar estamos viendo nacer flores que salen en primavera.
    Me encanta la tercera foto, los aviones sobre el Fuji y la puesta de sol.
    Te deseo un buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo

  12. Loved that pic of Mount Fuji, so clear and pretty. Yes, I know that climate change is hard. We've had hot weather this summer and very cold winter. Your sunset pics and grasses are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Always A Peaceful Post With Wonderful Photos - All The Best My Friend - Stay Strong



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